Planting a Kitchen Garden in Containers🌱

hi everyone well today I’m doing some
real quick garden cleanup on the deck right here I thought I would just start
with the whole replanting process after the wind with the area right here on my
deck and kind of plant a little kitchen garden to start so to me that seems a
lot less overwhelming than starting with the whole entire garden down below so
let me show you what I’m gonna plant today now as you guys saw on last week’s
video this whole area was just completely torn up so I’ve already
cleaned it up pulled out some of the dead plants kind of swept it up picked
up the umbrella here and just kind of arranged the pots and smart pots here
how I wanted them but what I’m gonna do is start some all-america selections
varieties I mentioned that on last week’s video but if you’re not familiar
with all-america selections basically what they are is they are a trialing
organization that test varieties of seeds in gardens all across the country
and in Canada and then they’re judged upon certain qualities of being very
productive disease resistant that type of thing and the varieties that win are
called all-america selections winner so I’m working with them to plant a lot of
their varieties I wanted some really good producers and things that would be
really sure bets for my garden here so the first thing I’m going to plan is the
patio pride peas and these are a nice compact variety I’m gonna plant them
here in this green smart pots they’re gonna really look pretty up this trellis
and a lot of you guys might recognize this area from the small space garden
series and it’s really fun just to step outside and be able to pick some
vegetables for four quick little meals so I am really looking forward to having
some veggies in the garden again pretty much everything got taken out the past
couple of weeks so I don’t really have a whole lot going right now
except for maybe some peppers and a bunch of flowers and hopefully the
weather stays cool and these peas which are cool water vegetables will do really
well um here in this little smart pots so I’m just gonna pop a couple in next
to the base of these trellis here and this is a nice container variety so it’s
not gonna get super super large it’s especially meant for containers and it’s
gonna be a good producer so I can’t wait it’s easy to plant it you just push them
in and putting them right next to the drip irrigation hose here kind of pat
him down and let him grow so now I’m just gonna throw some mizuna bread
kingdom in the middle of the pot here I think it’s gonna look so pretty this is
a really pretty red mustard green and it’s gonna be fun to come out and pick
the peas pick the mustard greens the color splash is gonna be great and the
taste is gonna be amazing next I’m gonna get this eight-foot-long smart pots bed
planted up with some greens now I’ve grown both of these before this is the
all-america selections Bo pack bok choy a really nice delicious Asian green
grows very very easily and this one is the prism kale which I absolutely love I
have some in the garden down below that’s been growing for about three
years it’s a very hearty of kale kale is great in the winter time great in the
summer time and it will definitely do really well in our California winters so
let’s throw in these poxy just gonna sprinkle them right down the
middle here right next to my soaker hose and this man is just spreading out all
over the place so it’s a good thing I grew out here in a container so it
doesn’t invade the rest of my garden but I may end up having to pull a lot of
this out we’re gonna plant half this container with the Pok choy and half
with the kale and you can see how similar they seas
look next and I am so excited about these
next I’m gonna plant the baby Rose mr. shim now this is actually a 2019
all-america selections winner so it’s brand-new and you guys know how I love
nasturtiums and I’m so excited about this one this is a rose colored mr. shim
especially for containers it’s a much more compact plant so you’re not going
to have the long trailing vines now this is an edible flower beautiful rose
colored flowers beautiful dark green foliage and they grow fast in a cool
weather so hopefully they’ll stay cool enough here in California and I’m really
looking forward to these flopping over the edge of my container here so if you
want some really beautiful container flowers I would definitely recommend
these baby Rose nasturtiums next up is the purple CaliKim smart pots and we
are gonna plan to the some sweet baby radishes I think this is probably about
the third time we’ve planted this container with radishes between the heat
and the wind the radishes just haven’t been too well now they’re sweet baby
radish is a beautiful variety it’s kind of an elongated purple radish and it’s
got purple violet streaks on the inside it’s crispy and crunchy and slightly
spicy and an absolutely gorgeous radish this will be a fun one to grow in the
purple container here so we’ll plant half with the sweet baby better get my
little sign in here before I forget which app I planted and we’re gonna
plant half with the Easter Egg radishes from the Kids Garden Seed collection the
Easter Egg radishes are a lot of fun because they’re multicolored I think
we’ve got some white ones some pink ones and some purple ones in there so it’s a
fun project to plant with your kids radishes are really fun because they go
from seed to harvest with as long as a temperature is cool in about three to
four weeks I’m just dropping seeds in every three to four inches here as long
as the weather stays cool is it gonna be ready to harvest before we know it as I
mentioned in a previous radish video you’re not having good luck with
radishes it could be because your weather is too warm when the weather is
warm the radishes don’t bulb up they pretty much just grow the greens as long
as the weather is under 75 degrees they are gonna grow beautifully we’ve got our
peas and our green smart pots our greens and our nasturtiums and the long ones
their radishes and the purple ones now it’s time for some lettuce in the black
Cali Kim 5-gallon smart pots I love lettuce and I cannot wait to have my own
fresh salads in the garden again we’re gonna plant these seeds from the CaliKim Lettuce Seed Collection five varieties in here so I think I’m just
gonna pick a couple of my favorites to put in here the red romaine is a
favorite of mine and the prize head and I think that’s gonna make a nice little
color splash in the container here as well as add some really nice beautiful
color and texture to my salads so this is the prizeheaad lettuce it
needs light to germinate so what you want to do when you plant lettuce is
just sprinkle the seeds lightly over the soil and you can see I’ve got my drip
irrigation in my container here just super easy to install but you can
definitely grow in containers without drip irrigation just sprinkle it with
the hose so we’ll plant half with the price head and half with the red romaine
I’m trying to sprinkle the seat as lightly as I can but don’t worry about
it if you get seeds kind of close together you can go and fit it out later
if you want to and then just eat the thinnings in a salad
lettuce is one of the easiest things you can start with it grows fast and you
could be harvesting the first salad in about six weeks as long as the weather
stays under seventy-five degrees and that seems to be our challenge here in
California right now we’ve got some hot days and some cool days so here’s hoping
keeping my fingers crossed for this one I’m just gonna press it down just so the
seeds have good contact with the soil and there’s not a lot of air pockets I’m
just gonna water everything down here if you live in a mild winter climate I
want to challenge you grow a kitchen garden along with me grab yourself a
couple of containers you can pick up the CaliKim smart pots and the seeds at and you can check out the all-america selections
winners over at comment below and let me know if
you’re up for the challenge thanks for watching we’ll see

23 thoughts on “Planting a Kitchen Garden in Containers🌱

  1. Thank you for the great video again. Q: where is the water source for your drip system? How many zones do you have? Maybe you could do a video on your watering system.

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  3. hey kim great videos hope the garden is doing well. thanks for posting so many helpful videos to your gardening coumunity

  4. Hey Kim so me and my mom (I’m 12) are gonna start a garden next year but I’m doing all the research and most the stuff. She’s just there if I need help and I tell her what I’m doing anyways, can I start seeds in 4 inch clay pots then move then outside in the dirt? I assume you haven’t used clay pots to start seeds but from what you know (a lot more than me) do you think it will be ok? Or should i get some smaller 2 inch pots to start them then move them to bigger containers? Then outside I don’t know can you please help me?

  5. Love a kitchen garden to grab things when I'm making dinner. Spring onions are good to have on hand nearby as well. Hope the weather cooperates with you now. Is that normal still for your area, the dryness, wind, and fires or do you think it's worse this year? So sorry for what everyone there has been going through.

  6. Look at you all sitting out on a nice sunny day Kim. Weather just a tad different up this way, after being out all afternoon. Light snow, wind NE5, and not a Santa Ana wind either, temperature currently 18. Have a bunch of Baby Pak Choy sprouting and soon to be transferred over to some simple VanDuzee hydro boxes. Also have snuck in a few pepper seeds for the 2020 growing season. Happy Gardening. -Bob…

  7. It's too cold here. I thought I would be able to grow radishes; but, something is wrong. There are leaves; but, no radish globes. Now, I think it is way too cold. We've already had several frosts. I think lettuce or any of the greens would turn to ice. Have you ever had kale-sicles?

  8. Hey Calikim 🤗
    What a great kitchen garden that going to be when there up and ready to eat ..
    just planted some lettuce 🥬.. I don’t know anything about lettuce..
    Like how long they last or do I keep Trimming the lettuce until the lettuce died.. .. I’m new to lettuce garlic and radish… your been my teacher for long time .. so I just watch your old videos… trying to learn how to plant a winter garden .
    In Texas .. my purple smart pots look great on my huge back porch..
    next on our list is to watch your videos on how to put drip lines in pots .. I’m trying .. haaaa
    By the way we can’t wait until next month when we get your new gardening book… 5 books coming to our address.. and lots of fun learning to redo my garden ..
    with your help thanks you so much .. can’t have done it without your help and kindness…. wow also your time and patients.. thanks also Mr cameraman.. super job .. well done .. now we moving slowly up to planting more vegetables..
    will be ordering some of your spring seeds .. and more smart pots .. purple of course..😃
    Thanks for your videos
    Take care 🥰

  9. Thanks for mentioning weather temps for growing … nasturtiums … I had no idea they were cooler growing, and the good temps for radishes … very helpful!

  10. Omgosh I love how you're doing AAS Selections👍🏼 Gary from rusted garden has me hooked. So many varieties and so little space. Awesome video! Always informative!

  11. We are also planting a kitchen garden. We have peas, red Romaine lettuce, just started some arugula. Question: where can I get more info on companion planting? I saw you add the lettuce to the pea container and it never occurred to me to do this. Growing herbs indoors, next is a Tiny Tim.

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