Planting a Vegetable Garden for Spring : Fertilizer for Vegetable Garden

Hello everybody I am David Rodriquez, horticulturist
with Texas Agri-life Extension service on behalf of Expert Village and we are going
to show you some gardening steps in preparing your vegetable garden for the spring planting.
Plants are like you and me, they have to eat, more than I do probably, but you need those
nutrients to get good yields on these plants, remember vegetables are very short-term plants.
I like to incorporate good amounts of organic fertilizer at the initial planting. Now the
three numbers on a fertilizer is nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, organic fertilizers
tend to not be as high as inorganic chemical fertilizers but at initial planting incorporate
two to three pounds to very one hundred square feet of a good organic analysis, incorporate
it into that compost at the initial planting but once those vegetables get going they get
hungry. So you have to use a high accelerated nitrogen like an 18-6-12, 19-5-9 or 21-7-14,
every two to three weeks throughout the growing season, just put it on the side of the plant
and water it in real well.

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