Planting and containing bamboo in the garden

Bamboo quickly turns invasive. Keep this in mind
when selecting its location. Dig a hole 24 inches deep, and wide
enough to accommodate all your bamboo. Place your rhizome barrier along the
bottom to check the depth. It must extend up out of the ground
by 2 inches. Set up the rhizome barrier, ensuring that it overlaps well, to completely close the loop. Fill, and keep space for the clump. Remove the bamboo from its pot,
and center it in the hole. Backfill your hole with the excavated
soil. Proceed carefully, so as not to
damage the rhizome barrier. Press down,
and water abundantly. Bamboo requires a lot of water
to settle in, so water regularly during
the first year after planting, and then again,
whenever the soil is very dry.

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