Planting Perfect Pansies In Early Spring

Hi I’m meteorologist Dave Epstein and today we’re talking spring flowering things that you may be seeing in your local garden center So what are you looking for in early spring? You know, already, once you get into late April and early May you can put out a lot of leaf plants which do well in the cooler weather, especially cool nights. One of the first things we like to talk about are pansies. Pansies are an annual favorite that we love to put in the garden. There’s lots of different colors, the scent is wonderful. Their cousins the violas are also great. Now, things that I like to look for. Let me give you a couple of tips. Number one: I tend to look for the plants which have more buds than flowers on them. Because if you have a lot of flowers and not a lot of buds within a week or so, all the flowers will
sort of be spent, and then you’ll have to wait for the next flush of bloom. So by
buying plants which have buds on them you’ll get the blooms to come out and
they’re actually gonna last a little bit longer. The other thing I like to do is, once you get them home is to be sure that you pinch off the blossoms which have died back, and this will help to promote thicker plants. It will also help to promote more growth of new flower buds. So, is all that you do is go right
down the stem. Take your thumb and your forefinger, and just break it off. You
could also do this with scissors but it’s very easy to do with your fingers.
And then just discard the blooms and that’s going to really help these new buds to develop and be really full in just a couple of weeks. In terms of colors I like to mix and match all sorts of different colors. You can see we have orange and white, and blues and purples, and there’s multicolored plants. Notice the viola is a lot smaller than the pansy. Both are edible, so, interestingly enough, especially the violas. make a nice addition to any spring salad. So, pansies and violas great for the spring. Once you get into mid-June and early July a lot of times they’ll kind of just start to fade off. They don’t like the heat. They
may come back in the fall and flower again, but enjoy them in the spring. They
are just definitely something to add color to your garden. For WBUR I’m meteorologist Dave Epstein.

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