Planting Vegetables in Your Flower Garden

You have vegetables; you have flowers. Do they have to be in separate gardens? No, actually there are some great vegetables that are beautiful and look wonderful in flower gardens. We have Bull’s Blood Beets. Great plant, purple foliage. It also beets. You can actually eat the greens as well as the beets themselves. We also have things like basil. Many of the herbs are quite attractive and work very well in flower gardens. We have a wonderful variegated one called Pesto Perpetuo. What a great plant with variegated foliage that never seems to go to flower. We like that about basil. And you can certainly eat it. It’s beautiful. How about Swiss chard? There is one called Magenta Sunset here. It has many many colors in it and it looks fabulous. It adds a wonderful texture, as well as color in the garden. So there’s lots of opportunities to add some vegetables in with your flowers, and you can have taste as well as great looks.

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