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KiaOra it’s Ruth here in my backyard in
Christchurch and I’ve got a lovely guest with me this is my mum Kiaora and
otherwise goes by Nina butt she is definitely mum now mum has come down
from Auckland for the weekend and she saw my last video about flowers
and my garden and there I was growing some white ones and so thought out today
to buy me away alstroemeria so quite excited we’re going to pretty much and
the garden we’re just gotta decide where to put and it’s flower garden and you
had a good idea about the white flowers because we kind of break so it makes it
boil the other now is pop bridge would be great because it definitely is a lot
of love so let’s have a go putting it in so what we’ve decided is to go with this
kind of Mexican please our stream areas can grow to about 40 centimeters tall so
they’re not quite the dwarf ones but not quite the dried ones and Headroom in
here means Oh breakups and flowers a little bit and it’ll be a nice place to
still be honest a little irises a bit normally I just to get them out of hot
just squeeze a little bit will loosen it this three squeeze squeeze deeply put
your hands here and do a bit of that bit of a pull here we go see how the roots a
little bit bound so I’m just going to break it up a little bit so that bros
rather than going into a big tight circle it’ll grow out of it even a BEC thorn Alison lovely do it and
I’ll put those worms back in fantastic nice rich soil so now what I’m going to do is finish
mums wonderful planting jobs by putting some back around I used back a lot in
this garden here and some other ones because what it does is it doesn’t only
suppress weeds but it also retains moisture which is great we hit some
crazy wind already and it’s only just getting into summer so you’re more water
retention the better there’s a lovely bumblebee so before you’re finished with us we’ll
give it a really good drink a really good water because it’s just been
transplanted it’ll be a little bit of a fright but it should be okay and what I
really love about a stream areas is that the gross from its root so and some of
this is going to flower and look beautiful but in what I can do over
winter I can actually dig up some other sections and then I can transplant it
around my garden so end up getting more and more and more of this beautiful
alstroemeria and if I take you over here to the South Stream area this is another
dwarf one and this one has been growing for a little while and my plan is I
wanted to do the same as two once it dies down as to get some of its roots
and move it around some is other paint areas just to brighten up some other
areas on the garden as well and as I said in another video
these are great to bring inside so I might cut some of these really straight
and make it okay in sight because they will last for ages well I’m out here
I’ll give you a quick little update than what else we’ve done so I finally got my
zucchinis in the ground as well with my zucchinis underneath them I planted some
my rotted sheep manure and a little bit of and other compost and then I put them
on top and this garden here I’ve got two goldrush ones there’s one and two very
soon all of this kale is going to be coming out I’m gonna be getting the
seeds from that so that will be gone soon I’ll be planting more in there and
the other three I have planted down this end of the garden I put one down here
with the kind of blackberry flower patch and then two more I’ve had a go at
putting them straight and to where the Barkers now they’ve only just gone in
and they’re looking pretty okay so far sometimes they wilt straight away we’ll
see how it goes planting straight in the back area I know that that can be a bit
aesthetic and I’m not too sure what zucchini likes so is with a lot of
things in this garden it’s an experiment we’ll see how we go so thank you so much
for watching mum and myself and our backyard today
it’s great hearing help from someone else makes plunder your whole lot easier
remember to subscribe if you’d like to see more and I’ll catch you next time

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