Plastic straws with liquid fertilizer

Duo Click is a product of the company Chromosome Group and represents plastic straws with liquid fertilizer
for potted house plants feeding. This product has more advantages than other
existing products, such as the easy of use and because it is adapted
for all types and sizes of the plants. Our innovative product is used in following way. We take a straw and with the thing which you can find
in in the package, we drill with it one side of the straw. Then we stab a straw near root system of the plant and then we drill the other side. Fertilizer starts to run out and provides nutrition for the plant for one month. This product has three advantages compared to
the competition. First advantage is the easy of use and user
doesn’t need to learn about it. Second advantage is that with it we can’t dammage the plant and it is suitable for all plants
regardless of the pot size and plant size. Third thing is that user
can’t come in contact with fertilizer, which may cause allergic and other unwanted reactions. My name is Marko Kostic, I work for the company
Chromosome group and I am a creator of this patent. Our invention Duo Click is a tube hermetically closed
with membranes, so in this way the reservoir is formed. This solution comes directly from the nature, inspired
by the way how snail form a membrane that protects him our membrane work the same way This solution, where you can store a liquid fertilizer
is the cheapest package on the market. Duo Click is patented in 39 countries,
including Europe and America. This product has been recognized as an interesting
and innovative product by the experts of the World Bank who has coordinated resources of the Innovation Fund,
which financed the European Union. Based on that expertise, resources are obtained
for developing a machine that should provide automated production of this product. For the purposes of large production , we managed
to develop the machine which produces 500 000 of packages in one month, that is 5 000 000 of straws,
which allows us to think about larger market . Market research that we did in 2012,
gave us interesting information. Every household in Serbia has 4 potted house plants 30% of which is treated with some nutrition for the plants. In the first year, because the price of our product is lower
than the price of the competitive products and because of the easy of use our product should achieve sale
of 50000 packages in one month. In the fifth year, we planned to expand
into the European market, which is worth 2 billion euro in 2013. This market refers to a hobby program of the cultivation
and potted house plants feeding.

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