Plot Check Up I Foodie Gardening Y2E32

Hi guys, welcome to another week of foodie
gardening. I’m down at the plot watering the tomatoes
at the moment, It’s really windy but it’s ever so humid.
It feels like it needs a good thunder. Umm I have got blight on my outdoor tomatoes
which I know Aaron from Aaron’s Allotment kept warning me about.
I’ve been keeping a close eye on them though. So the first thing that happened was that
they collapsed as you can kind of see here
and then I started to spot it on the leaves you can just see the edges are a little bit
darker but what I’ve done is stripped most of the
leaves off now and it does seem to have really slowed it down.
So I’m hoping that i can get these tomatoes umm ripened before it properly takes a hold.
if it looks like they’re going to go brown instead of red then I will strip the whole
lot off and I’m ready to do a green chutney with it.
In the green house is looking quite good. the only tomatoes that I haven’t had any yet
are off these Roma ones they just seem to be a lit slower than the others.
The other ones again I’ve striped the leaves off
more to kind of hurry these ones along really. And I’ve been taking home a few tomatoes everyday
so it’s nice that they’re not all ready straight away.
The sweetcorn outside is coming along too but it’s just not quite ready yet.
It has been quite rainy this week but back up at home I’ve been working on digging
out the buddliea roots and those roots are really deep they’ve taken
a lot of digging out. I’ve been surprised at the size of the roots,
you can see why people have trouble with foundations and paths and things being lifted by the roots.
They’ve really spread out across most of that plot.
So hopefully if the weather stays nice I’ll get more of that done this week.And that’s
it for my little update thanks for watching guys.
Bye bye. [music]

12 thoughts on “Plot Check Up I Foodie Gardening Y2E32

  1. You are doing all the right things with the tomatoes Laura. Well done on all the work at the home garden. You are really getting stuck into that. All the best.

  2. Nice tomatoes. I've left way too many leaves on, but also have cucamelons running up them which makes it worse. However, lots of ripe tomatoes coming through now. Not sure what varieties, labels wore off…

  3. If you end up having to make green chutney, I'd love to see how you do it. We had tons of green tomatoes last year but didn't know what to do with all of them.

  4. Hello Laura, good to see you are getting on top of your new garden.

    😆 Happy growing,

  5. Our back garden was in a bit of a mess when we first moved into our house. When we started digging we found loads of house bricks! They were put to good use as our veg plot took shape! Keep going Laura. It's a great feeling when the work is finished!

  6. your tomatoes look great, this lively sunny weather will do the trick. I fell foul of budleah, it lifted my patio. Keep on keeping on 🙂

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