Polysulphate – from polyhalite to fertilizer and mine to fields

This is ICL Boulby. We are the first and
only polyhalite operation in the world. At our mine, we mine process and
manufacture products of Polysulphate. We provide this unique natural fertilizer
to farmers here in the UK and all over the world. This is the Polysulphate story. This is my part in the Polysulphate
story. We map out areas of the highest quality polyhalite which the mining
team can then extract. This and this is polyhaylite. A hard
rock found here at ICL UK. This is then crushed and screened and
turned into this, Polysulphate. Each skip tips into a holding bin which
is then transferred via the tube conveyor up to the polysulphate plant. Inside the
polysulphate plant, after crushing and screening, we produce three grades of Polysulphate.
We have the standard, the minis and, the granular. Here in the lab we work 24/7 testing
Polysulphate, ensuring every shipment is top quality. Every granule of Polysulphate has a very
important job to do somewhere in the world. Each wagon holds 59 tonnes. We can
load approximately 600 tonnes an hour. This is the next part of the Polysulphate story. Here at ICL Teesport we distribute Polysulphate by road and by
sea. We load ships which go to UK, Europe and other parts of the world. Today we
have got the Tian Lu which is loading Polysulphate standard, Polysulphate
granular and Polysulphate minis for China This is our part of the Polysulphate story. We are Origin Fertilizers, a manufacturer and distributor of crop
nutrition products. Here on site today we have Polysulphate that has arrived
straight from the mine, it’s gone through our blending plant, we’ve packed it and
now it’s dispatching to local farmers. We’re seeing a tremendous increase in
Polysulphate demand as farmers recognize that balanced precise fertilization is
vital for their future. We use Polysulphate on our winter wheat and our winter oilseed rape. At harvest we see the results of prolonged nutrient release from Polysulphate. Yield is higher than with other fertilizers. Polysulphate is very dense and uniform spreading up to 36 meters. With the application of Polysulphate, most of our coffee plants are taller. Here you can see a healthier plant and excellent root growth. They have lots of new growth, and importantly to us coffee growers there is higher yield. By using Polysulphate we have increased our turnover by 15%. And that is good The four nutrients in Polysulphate enables us to have a good establishment of the
plant, a good crop a better yield. Try it. Try it for yourself. And that’s the Polysulphate story.

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