Popularity of S. Korean fertilizer increasing in Southeast Asia

now there has been an explosion in
interest in Korean fertilizer in Southeast Asia with its popularity also
gradually increasing further afield to Australia and also to Japan our park
seon with more Thailand is the biggest importer of Korean fertilizers based on
solid trust the two countries have been doing business for more than 40 years
nam here understand the market in Thailand this is the most important part
and they produce very good product fertilizer from now here is outstanding
Vietnam is the second biggest importer of Korean fertilizers last year Vietnam
imported about 100,000 tons of Korean made fertilizers the most popular are
black VAP fertilizer products which make up half of the total shipments not only
rdap fertilizers suitable for the increasingly popular fruit and vegetable
farming in Vietnam the fertilizers black color has been customized to meet the
preference of Vietnamese farmers as a result Korean fertilizers are being sold
for around 520 US dollars per ton which is more than 100 dollars more expensive
than Chinese made fertilizers Korean fertilizers are gaining popularity in
the Philippines Cambodia and Myanmar and exports have also reached Australia and
Japan to meet the rising demand from importers fertilizer maker nam hay is
looking to increase its export volume to as much as 90,000 tons our black DEP
meets the world’s highest quality standards and its number 1 therefore our
supply is not able to meet the high demand we’re looking to increase the
volume produced by adding fertilizer factories because nama chemical is an
affiliate of the National Agricultural cooperative Federation its earnings from
exports of about 200 million US dollars a year are used to subsidize fertilizer
so locally the Korean farmers can buy fertilizer for cheap park se-young
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