Potting Mix – Best Soil for Plants – Gardening | Best Seed starting mix for Seed Germination

There is a lot of debate and researches on
deciding what is the best ingredients for making the best potting mix or soil mix for
gardening. We shall discuss this shortly, and at the
end of the video, will show you A Special Formula For making Seed Starting Mix. Stay tuned.. You need Different Soil Mixtures For Different
Situations, And this Depends on certain factors like:
1. What you want to grow, that is The Type of
Plant: For example, certain plants require a different level of soil pH from that preferred
by other plants (like for example, blueberries need an acidic soil mix). 2. Secondly, depending on your local climate,
you may need to prepare a different type of soil. 3. You cannot expect to have healthy high yielding
plants from a poorly prepared soil. Specially in Kitchen Gardening, Preparing
a healthy soil is very important for great results. There are many such successful formulae for
Vegetable Gardening is : 1/3 fine Sand or peat moss (or cocopeat) +
1/3 Nice Garden Soil + 1/3 blended compost Basically you need a well draining and nutrient
rich soil. Compost can be vermicompost or even decomposed
cowdung or horse dung powder. One more point here is: All these ingredients
have to be thoroughly mixed and not just layered on to one another. Another Formula is Mel�s Mix : 1/3 coarse
vermiculite ( or perlite), 1/3 peat moss, and 1/3 blended compost. Rule of Thumb for Garden Soil: �One should
always be able to sink their forefinger all the way to the knuckle into their garden soil�. Meaning the soil should be a very well draining
soil. Soil Amendments: (further additions and changes)
The above mixes recommended by the experts are said to contain the basic �building
blocks� of a good soil mixture. There are certainly a number of other popular
soil amendments that could be added to your mix, depending on your needs. So, the other possible amendments can be like
adding: � Fine sand , Perlite, soybean meal, wood
ash, Epsom salt , blood meal, bone meal, seaweed extract, shredded bark, wood chips and sawdust. � And Also One more useful ingredient you
can always use is Coconut Husk. Coco husk block is available online as a compressed
brick or block of 1 kilogram or even upto 5 kilograms. If you have any of the above ingredients then
of course you should think about adding them! A Special Soil Mixture Formula For Starting
Seeds If you are performing direct sowing of seeds,
you might want to consider topping your soil mix with something more suitable for sprouting
seeds. Such a medium should have a fine texture quality
than your regular soil mix and it has to be moist and spongy � meaning loose and highly
drainable. A perfect recipe would be Mel�s Mix without
the compost (just the vermiculite and the peat moss), an inch or so deep, on top of
your raised bed. Once your seedlings are up, you could then
layer some compost on top of your bed. Another mix is one part fine sand and one
part of cocopeat or peat moss. This is what is use for most of my seed germinations
in seedling trays or small containers and then shift the seedling after 2 � 3 weeks
into larger containers. Finally, If you have some more tips to share
on this topic, Do Let us know below in the comments section! And If you like the video, Please give a thumbs
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30 thoughts on “Potting Mix – Best Soil for Plants – Gardening | Best Seed starting mix for Seed Germination

  1. Ammendment materials as mentioned in the description can all be added to the soil mix or any one material be added pl.

  2. Dr Sahib much thanks for an informative reply and hope you will shortly publish the information on such important materials.Thanks again.

  3. I have question about mixing. Its is good if i mix soil 70% and sand 30%? And how about mix soil 70% and cocopeat? Or i can mix them all for better result maybe? I only have 2 type for now.. Good soil and sand. Cocopeat i still dont have. Just wondering if i can get nutrition for mixing with only 2 type. I also have lot of tea bag and leaves also. So any suggestions? I just start my little garden in front of my house.. So i need someone expert to teach me how to combine it. Your reply will help me alot. Ths

  4. Sir in Mel's formula no soil is used. Can plant get proper support: /nutrition without any soil.pls enlighten me. I am a new gardener.

  5. Hi can you please help me with potting mix for red aglonema.. I hav two and scared to plant in soil as they always rot plz help

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