POTTING MIX FOR SUCCULENTS AND CACTI | DIY Soil Mixture for Succulents Indoor, Outdoor Universal Mix

Hello Friends! Today we will look into How to make your own
DIY (Do It Yourself) Potting Mix for Succulents. Firstly the concept behind making a successful
Succulent Soil mixture and the Different formulae or compositions for Indoor Succulent or Cacti
Mix, Outdoor succulent soil mix and finally the Universal Soil Mix for succulents and
Cacti. Coming up.. Let�s start by talking about what you should
be looking for in a succulent soil. As I already discussed by referring to succulents
we always mean Succulents + Cacti. Hence Succulent soil also refers to Cactus
Mix. Well, Now lets look into the basic concept
for making our own DIY succulent mixture or soil. Succulents need to be planted in a soil that
holds enough water for them to absorb what they need, but still one that dries out quickly
so the roots won�t rot. That�s because succulents absorb water from
the air around them, not through direct contact. Constantly sitting in a wet soil, causes their
roots to rot and eventually the plant dies. Hence Soil with good drainage is crucial for
succulents. The main benefits of making your own DIY succulent
soil mix are that it�s cheaper, and you control the ingredients and you can modify
this succulent soil recipe to get the perfect soil mix that your succulents will love. And more thing to note is Several environmental
factors can cause the soil to dry out, so different types of soil will be best-suited
for different growing areas that is the area where you live, as well as the location where
you keep your succulents, will play a role in determining what type of soil your succulents
need. Hence we shall classify the Succulent Soil
Mix into Indoor Succulent Mix and Outdoor Succulent or Cactus Mix and lastly universal
potting mix for succulents. The Indoor Succulent Soil Mix:
Since indoor environments do not provide much air circulation around indoor pots, we need
to wisely plan the perfect succulent soil for the health of indoor succulents. The Formula for indoor potting mix for succulents:
Soil with a large particle size is preferred, roughly a Quarter inch or 6mm. This succulent soil recipe works extremely
well for indoor succulents: � 1 Part Pine Bark Fines � bonsai bark
pines (If you do not have or do not want to buy this you can use peat moss or even cocopeat).If
you are using cocopeat, watering frequency should be lesser. � 1 Part Perlite (You can also use Vermiculite,
but for indoor mix better use perlite, because vermiculite retains lot of water within it)
� 1 Part Crushed Granite or Marble Chips or even you can use Coarse sand particles. Let�s talk a little about why this mix works
for succulents. The pine bark provides an organic element
and holds water�but it has air pockets for ventilation and also, it takes a long time
to break down. The Perlite or vermiculite absorbs some of
the water and slowly releases it. I have discussed in detail about Perlite and
Vermiculite differences in a separate video. You can find the link in video description. Well, lastly, The granite or marble chips
allows the water to flow among all the particles in the pot. Since the mix is very porous, water flows
or drains out easily, Plus there�s plenty of air, which means the roots are never left
sitting in water. Outdoor Succulent Soil Recipe for Potted Succulents:
If you want to use the same indoor potting mix recipe for succulents, then you might
need to water them on a daily basis. So the formula you can use is:
1 Part Coconut Coir or cocopeat or peat moss or even sand or a mix of these. � 1 Part Perlite or Vermiculite or Even
Crushed Granite or Marble Chips or a mix of all these as 1 Part. The coconut coir absorbs water easily and
holds little longer and also drains out very well. Plus, it�s lightweight, so your succulent
pots will be a bit lighter. Universal Potting Mixture for Succulents:
You can use it both indoors or outdoors. 1 part Good quality Potting Soil
1 part perlite or vermiculite 1 part Gravel or crushed granite or marble
chips or coarse sand. You can also consider adding 10 percent Vermicompost
or Cow dung powder to this mix, but its optional. Well the Conclusion is, There is no one way
to prepare a succulent soil mix and any mix that drains well should support healthy succulent
growth. By experimenting you can find the one that
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