Potting mix soil – Why STERILIZE it? || Reasons why PROS do so || Succulents for Beginners

Many beginners think that media or soil
sterilization is not useful I found lots of negative comments about this process
in the internet so I made this video and judge for yourselves here’s a visual of the reasons to sterilize your soil could be purchased or just from the back yard or from your old potted plants you can reuse that soil by simply sterilizing Ants – known to form colony under the roots in farm fungi and protect mealy bugs Root Aphids – known to infest your roots and take away plants nutrients and cause roots to rot most likely they’ll be present in your potting mix
especially when you use rice hulls most of the insects are not good for
your plants though some other insects might be good but you don’t want them in your potted plants because it looks grose here’s how to sterilize add the soil in a pot place it in a bucketm so when we put the
boiling water it will not drain bring water to boil and pour it into soil mix it thoroughly to ensure insects, eggs
and other stuff gets cooked drain it and let dry you can either expose it to direct sunlight or filter it to dry you may place it in pots so it dries faster whichever works for you when dry, you can mix it again
with other media, like pumice, sand, rice hulls, peat moss, coco peat, perlite and others do you think the insects threats here are for real? should you use this process in the future? let us know in the comments hope this video helped please subscribe, like and share this video to your friends

17 thoughts on “Potting mix soil – Why STERILIZE it? || Reasons why PROS do so || Succulents for Beginners

  1. I feel like dumping boiling water into a plastic pot is not the safest way to go about this. I would imagine the hot water will weaken the plastic and leech chemicals into the soil?

  2. Honestly, I find this a sorta peculiar thing to promote. Sure, we consider certain insects as pests but others are good for the soil. Even pests are necessary for ecosystems to properly thrive. Insect populations are globally in decline, this is alarming as insects are considered to be the cornerstone of all other ecosystems. I'm sure that you aren't single handedly trying to decimate the creepy crawly population of the world but maybe it might be a good idea to reassess this? Especially if "grossness" is a motivating factor.

  3. i wish i would have seen this first ! threw 2 pots of soil because the ants were so bad when i picked the plants ants started running up my arms i immediately dumped that in the large trash . second one same problem got them to the trash with dish soap in it ! went in the house took a shower with my clothes '' ON '' the ants were unbelievable as they came off of me and my clothes i even had them in my hair ! i went back outside there were what looked like a million ants left there ,, i got a spray bottle and filled it up with VINEGAR '' the hell with the water '' BY TIME I WAS DONE THERE WERE NO ANTS WALKING ! i swept them up put them in a plastic bag added dish soap just to make sure they were not moving …. Well ladies would you rather do it '' HER WAY '' or my way .. i ''WOULD RATHER DO IT HER WAY '' My way is to 'TO LONG FIGHTING ANTS AND THEY WERE WINNING !! '' BUT I MUST SAY I AM THE CLEANEST WOMAN ON THE BLOCK !! lol

  4. this helps with the fungus gnats too…I will bake the dirt in the over at 250 for 30 tp 45 minutes and let cool..when I plant I wrap it in an unbreachable clear plastic bag for the greenhouse effect and to not let anything in….

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