Potting mix vs Potting soil – EZ & Cheap DIY Potting Mix Recipe

hello friends in today’s episode we look
at a cheap and easy to make potting mix for all your planting needs
you will need peat moss some compost you will need either perlite or vermiculite
and you will need manure or worm castings and some containers to measure now what you’re going to do is take
three parts of the peat moss what you’re seeing here is called sphagnum peat moss
and it’ll form the base of our potting mix and we’re going to be taking three
parts of this peat moss now the measuring container that I’ve
used is a two gallon measuring container and that should give you a little bit of
idea on how much peat moss you need for this potting mix I usually like to break
down the pieces of the peat moss once it’s in the garden cart and that way the
peat moss pieces are broken up and they’re a lot easier to mix when the
pieces are broken now peat moss is a little acidic so if you’re using this
potting mix to plant tomatoes and eggplants or any other vegetables add
some garden lime to neutralize the effect you can also use coco coir in
place of peat moss and they are available as these bricks which you can
expand to whatever size you want I have reviewed this in one of my previous
videos and it’s a great substitute to peat moss coco coir is a renewable
resource and it’s available in plenty and these coco bricks are good for small
quantities for larger quantities you can buy bagged coco coir mixes the next
ingredient we’re gonna add to our potting mix is compost you are going to be
adding one part of compost using the same two gallon measuring
container that we used and you can either buy bagged compost or make your
own we will be now adding one small part of perlite for the small
container I’ve used something like a coffee can sized container and you can
get these at Target and to this we add one small part of manure or
worm castings and that would give enough nutrients for the plants to grow now as
we are mixing up this potting mix let me tell you that potting mixes are
different from potting soils this is a soilless potting mix and it’s a great
quality potting mix that is much cheaper if you make your own so I highly
recommend that you try making your own potting mix and you’re going to be
growing great plants the planting medium is a very important part of growing so
you will see that by using a good potting mix you couldn’t be growing some
awesome plants like you see here and this kind of a potting mix is very well
draining once you water your plants you will see that they will drain quickly
and give the best growing medium for your plants so this recipe of creating a
potting mix is very cheap one of the cheapest that you can find and it gives
you great results so there we have it folks that was our episode on creating a
cheap and easy DIY potting mix if you have your own recipe to share do put
them in the comments below and we’ll see you again soon happy gardening

100 thoughts on “Potting mix vs Potting soil – EZ & Cheap DIY Potting Mix Recipe

  1. Very good information. I used horse manua this past spring. Also worm castings. Does the manua have to be chicken? When I was young I had a rabbit, my dad used it's manua in his garden. It was always so full of vegtables & fruit garden?

  2. First off, amazing channel and videos – the blend of theory and practice with such detail is very well done. Couple questions:

    How do you compare this to the 30/30/30/10 moss/compost/perlite/manure mix that you've made in other cases?

    If you don't mind, would love your input on 1. leaf miner, 2. Leaf cupping and/or curling and 3. leaf burn problems I'm facing. Have gone thru your great video on addressing leaf miner issues. Want to be sure it's leaf miner alone or if these three issues need different solutions.

    I purchased an owari satsuma dwarf mandarin plant a few weeks ago, have it in a pot and looks like I have a heavy leaf miner infestation. In addition there seems to be tip browning and curling. I live in the Bay Area. Have started a cycle of spinosad every two weeks, alternating with neem oil on the off weeks. Been about 3 weeks and the curling only seems to be getting worse. Plant is south facing with full sun. Have posted pics at Pinterest https://pin.it/t4X73-W – if you could take a look and provide any inputs on what else I should doing will be very much appreciated.

    At the same link, have also pics of a couple little banana trees that also seem to be suffering from leaf burn. Wondering if the cause is that I didn't sufficiently acclimatize the banana plants in shade after getting it via mail from the nursery. They are potted and placed south facing in full sun.

    This is my very first time trying to grow fruit trees (or any trees for that matter) – Thank you for lending a helping hand to aspiring backyard gardeners.

  3. what do you think about substituting used coffee grounds for coco coir? coffee grounds can be free from local coffee house.

  4. Is it possible to replace the peatmoss with coconut fibre? I've heard it's more environmentally friendly because wetlands are being destroyed due to collecting peatmoss.

  5. I appreciate how you list the ingredients and the options, and quantities. It would be very helpful if you put them in the description. It also might help other people like me — if there is another one around, that is — who need the parts to be measured with the same sized container.

  6. Lol I just made this same mix minus the worm manure a bale of peat moss is 12 bucks at home Depot that same bag of perlite is 16 dollars plus compost is super cheap in my area

  7. Hello,how long will this manure feed the plant? and does have all important elements I do have cow manure, what is compost used for?

  8. Thnaks for sharing very well done thumbs up! Here is one recipe that works for me as a general purpouse potting mix.

    3 parts peat moss 1 Part coir. 1 cup of dolomite. 2 parts worm castings. Get an empty 1 gal milk jug. Cut of the top and fill with perlite. Add the perlite to the mix.

  9. Summary formula:

    1. Peat – 3 parts of 2 gallon
    2. Compost – 1 part of 2 gallon
    3. Perlite – 1 coffee can
    4. Worm castings or manure – 1 coffee can
    5. Garden lime – small handful

  10. Love ur videos very helpful and informative keep up the great work💪🏆quick question can I leave the lime out? Or it will affect my plants? Thanks for replaying 😉

  11. Can i use cocopeat? Whats ghe difference of peat moss and cocopeat? And are there any substitute for perlite?

  12. do u know any good ways to start seeds? i bought a seed starting tray ad wallworld and i just relised i have no idea to even use it.. xD (nor the right soil )

  13. Thank you for the tips! Is there any time you would use the dirt on your property for your containers? I have an area with rich soil and plenty of earthworms. I would like to have the worms in my containers but fear I would be adding many weed seeds as well as destructive insect eggs. Please share your thoughts and experience! I live in SoCal, too.

  14. I see that the water pressure is quiet big yet your plants are erect,mine fall when i shower them,why

  15. Great video Straight to the mix I just made this minus the compost, I added cow manure Im using for top layering of my in ground vegetable garden

  16. Substituting coco coir has less acidity and is a sustainable product than peat moss. Peat moss…once gone is gone forever. It holds water as good as peat.

  17. Your gardening videos are the best on YouTube. This mix is working perfectly on my tomatoes so far. I have added Azomite, Epsom Salt and pure calcium tablets to the mix. Thank you for your help!

  18. Hi I am from hyderabad India and I have farm with 8 months old red lady Papaya plantation. Before the rains start I want to know the recipe for my soil mix for applying to my soil. I have got farm yard manure. Please tell the rest what is to be added. Thanks akbar

  19. I've also seen this formula altered like this:
    2 parts peat
    2 parts top soil (purchased inexpensive)
    1 part compost
    1 part manure
    1/4 – 1/2 part perlite or vermiculite
    1-2 handfuls lime
    optional handful fertilizer

  20. Where do you buy bagged compost? I see you mentioned Home Depot or Lowes? Which specific compost do you buy? I only see 1 brand.. nature gro.. thanks

  21. Potting mix for suculents and cactus.
    1. Compos or potting soil..
    2. Coarse sand with tiny stone mix.
    3. Perlite.
    4. Osmocote
    Mix compos soil with coarse sand, sieve to clear any leaf or big stone, wood chips, plastic….
    Add perlite and osmocote.
    Mix all well…make sure it is porous for succulents and cactus.
    1kg soil to 1 medium size container of coarse sand mix. 1 container perlite and 1 tbs osmocote..mix well.
    When you squeeze in your palm, make sure soil break loose and does not stick in clump.
    My country, soil here got too much cocopeat, so i seive them out..add more coarse sand.

  22. Will definitely be using this older my winter garden!! Thanks! However with the "coffee can" measurement…how many cups would you say it is? I'm not sure what a coffe can is…sorry🤷🏾‍♀️

  23. Hey, this mix is also known as Mel's Mix — invented by a guy called Mel Bartholomew who came up with square foot gardening.

  24. Can you give a recipe for indoor potting mix using coco coir? Is there any alternate to compost in potting mix? I’m afraid that compost might invite gnats indoors. This is for my tropical plants that are brought indoors for winter. I love in Massachusetts in USDA zone 5a. So the indoor time period for my plants is long.

  25. sir, actually i didn't find any difference in manure and compost. can you please explain me difference between them. please

  26. Hello, great information. Can I revitalize this mix after end of season or should it be thrown away? Also would this be a good mix for a new raised bed garden? Thank you.

  27. Cheap very cheap cheap u repeat so many times ? But never really gave us the cost workout to see what is the benefit in terms of cost we can achieve? If all ingredients needed to be purchased then cheap is Not cheap . I totally agree with u on making diy own potting morning mix. Appreciate if you could give us ur definition of cheap to make this soil ? Cheap ? How cheap is cheap ? I say very cheap? Lol

  28. acha ye sab mere pass Hy i think u r Indian right btw i have all these materials but can i mix alll and keep in tight jar or in zipper oocu it can be save mean not will loose the power of fertiliser oint of view

  29. I use Miracle-Grow, and others good dirt, peat moss, fertilizer, perlite . Coffee grounds. Powder egg shells, I look for Mark down bags that's been torn. So to keep the cost down.

  30. Perlite is ok but I prefer course vermiculite grade 3. I usually add too much verm. though and the container drains too quickly, need to adjust that some.

  31. How you call this diy if you are buying everything in this ingredient list ???!!!!! This is the opposite of diy purpose!

  32. is there any1 in thpast or present known distant remote universe can make potting soil without buying anything?
    what did people use in the past???

  33. What can I use instead of compost as I have never made compost. I have taken a lot of great advice from your channel

  34. Peat Moss: is there a substitute? It isn't a renewable or sustainable resource. Wetlands are a threatened and much needed habitat. They also retain greenhouse gases. @t

  35. what is the weight of perlite in a small bucket please tell? i want to buy but have no idea how much should i buy.

  36. After making Potting Mix it was added to a Fabric Container Pot with a Daylily then Watered. I thought I soaked with water several times but when I checked Poting Mix it appeared dry. After 2nd day while watering I put hose spout end into a Fabric Pot with Potting Mix & Daylily then worked hose spout end into mix to make wet for the Plant Roots. ((((( Is my watering Right? ))))) It appeared to me during watering from the top the water was running off the pot top & down the inside & not to the roots.

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