Power and Magic of Words

So today I want to talk about the power
and magic of words. I’m gonna kind of go maybe a lot of different places
depending on what happens in the moment, but yeah you know we have to do that, a pre-qualification on it all. But anywa, just the power and magic
of words. Our words are already affirming what’s happening inside. Our
actions do too, mind you, but the consciousness is the most important
thing. I just did a talk on Friday about boundaries explaining to people because
boundaries are not just you know learn to say no and they’re not just walls
boundaries have to come from your consciousness there it can’t be just
behavioral modifications they have to be in through and through like I know what
works for me and what doesn’t work for me that is a true boundary as opposed to
a defense no no this is me this works for me this doesn’t work for me and it’s
real amazing and it changes a little each moment given on you know how I’m
feeling based on my consciousness my sense of
value my sense of safety for some of us but you know my sense of self and the
same goes for the use of words if people really know who they are they won’t
betray themselves you won’t speak or act in a way that is contrary to the real
you the problem is we forget who we are then we have to hyper defend to make up
for not valuing ourselves and then we go overboard offensively and defensively
and then people are tense you know they’re just reactive the more we know
who we are it’s an incredible thing to really like just be in such a Center I
am that I am so Moses God you know who are you who do I tell the people you I
am that I am and Moses is going that ain’t gonna go over you mean what does
that mean you know what are you allowed to give me
a give me something that makes sense to people you know and gods like ok I’ll
try it again I am that I am humans just don’t get it and we go ok well there’s
you know analyze that and and and play with the wording and try to deal with
the the translations from this language to that it means perfection is love is
wholeness is know exactly what do you mean by love that’s humans God knows
humans guess God is humans juggle it all trying to figure it out so it’s it’s
really got it you know it’s about getting to a place of yeah we we modify
our words here and there that’s fine but it really comes back to a place of Who
am I where are my words coming from my human self my working developing
evolving soul or the I am that I am now I feel like I do pretty good in my life
with all this but I’m not gonna claim that I’ve got the I am all the time I
just make it my goal to try that’s all when I slip oops I was just in the I am
NOT you know you’ll find out one of the DVDs has a video just a talk just on I
am versus I am NOT the ego the the divine I am and the ego I am NOT and
everybody’s got those two and when you’re coming from defense reaction
whatever else it’s the ego I am NOT and it’s amazing because if you see that
then it’s kind of like oops I’m gonna first of all I think I’m gonna lower my
voice not sound so overly competent or II you know getting loud and and pushing
and oops and you kind of you you know you just make some adapt a adoptions and
and you realize you know that was not the divine I am not that not that the
divine I am can’t be loud or firm absolutely sometimes you know Jesus
turning over the tables the money changers tables in the temple
people get confused by that Oh some people will say well he was um justly
divinely angry no such thing others will say well he must have
slipped into his ego right then no it’s just that humans don’t know how to be
loud and centered at the same time it’s kind of cool hey knock it off and you’re
like and I love you but you don’t say that but you don’t say that
because they might go oh then I can get away with no knock it off it’s kind of
cool so Jesus is like what what is up with you people
what are you doing this is a temple sacred space knock it off they could
have been anything they were doing from ego and he could have still said it and
he needed to be firm and he chose to be firm humans would record such a thing
and the Lord earth was ticked off it you know because they don’t know how to be
that so they project their stuff onto him now now if one of us were writing
that today it would be written differently it would have been like and
he demonstrated clarity and firmness yet love at the same time he said this Yin
yet there was no tone of judgment or hatred for them yet he was educating
them that’s enough and it’s like and we heard it at first our egos reacted and
then we heard it like a loving parent that was meaning well for us and that’s
how it be recorded differently today you know so in ancient times people
understood the power of words so it’s kind of cool when you look back at these
things and you realize you know one of the many things that you know advances
or advantages of ancient cultures is they understood the power of words
almost to an excessive superstitious level I think it’s cool though I am be
careful when you say I am you know the Ten Commandments thou shalt not use
careful with this thou shalt not use the Lord’s name in vain and I was
brought up you know at whatever age it meant don’t cuss
don’t say damn with God’s name in it because that’s using the Lord’s you know
so we got to be careful it’s like you can say every other vulgarity but not
the Lord’s name in vain it’s like you know wow this is kind of
weird like a weird science of you know behavior and language and punishments
and all not using the Lord’s name in vain meant don’t use it worthlessly
don’t don’t misuse abuse then the name of God but okay which is God mean God
and then a cuss word now I am don’t waste the power of I am don’t use it in
vain vain would be reappear going from A Course in Miracles for example vain
would be it means not vanity it means worthlessness and vanity is worthless
but using God’s name in vain not to use it
worthlessly neglectfully when you say I am and you put a negative to it I am so
mad at you I am angry I hate you or whatever this this I it’s the divine eye
but I slipped into that worthless ego I am not so be careful because when you
say I am but you’re coming from your ego you’ve used God’s name in vain there’s
no punishment other than on yourself because when you came from the ego it
brings its own karmic responses because I as soon as I am here as soon as I am
here showing up speaking I even before am I am is powerful but even the concept
of I Here I am I’m showing up I am sad I am angry with or without em I it means
here now a power shows up when we say I or I am the whole universe that’s just
kind of this casual waves you know if you really get to the deep understanding
when you’re in the ego I am NOT or from the divine I am the universe are just
it’s waves and it waits for somebody to show up when you say aye they all get an
attention get prepared everybody holds up the whole universe says hold it
incoming and then you say I am awake like Buddha said the universe says and
so it is nice job what can we do for you today when you say I am hating you the
universe still has to respond but it’s faking it because you didn’t use divine
consciousness you came from ego and ego is not actually a creative power but it
is a manipulative power so the universe still has to say well don’t send in the
real forces send in the ones that disguise themselves as things that
people believe in and so the world still the universe still appeases us it still
shows up in some form but when you see things with your senses that the Yogi’s
forever have been warning you not to pay attention to when you see things with
your senses your seeing with the ego I am NOT universe manifested for me and
when you come from the I am there’s a wave of love that is beyond senses that
comes to bring you a new life it still manifests as material things might maybe
a raise at work or whatever it happens to be but people that try to change the
life by only manifesting cool stuff they’re still based on the senses which
means they’re still coming from the ego I am not even though they call it cool
powerful creative energy you know these things go viral and all they are is
viral ego they call it New Thought empowerment
what are you empowering the ego I am the god I am or the ego I am NOT which one
isn’t you’ll know if you’re stubborn you won’t know until it manifests and then
you can use you know the the obvious if it’s dense if it’s hate or in fear
oriented if it’s about getting and getting and getting if it’s sense
oriented it’s probably coming from the ego I am
NOT but before you have to have things manifest to show you you’ve messed up
all you have to do is ask where it was coming from in the first place but
people don’t have a relationship with themselves they don’t say wait wait a
minute pause no and nip that in the bud they wait until it blows up and then
start wondering if they got that right as we grow people are more and more
going to start being aware of what they’re actually feeling before they
called something in the manifestation so this whole concept you know the whole
universe we started when God said let there be light
it didn’t say I am it knows I am I am the light so before you hear God speak
let there be light it’s already saying I am the light then it says and since I am
the light I’ll create more light just like if I am fear I’m gonna create
fearfully God says I am light I am love therefore let there be light it means
and what I am I want to see more right now and we are now we create we’re
created in God’s image so the very beginning of creation comes
from a being God knowing what it is and then simply expanding from itself and
making more of itself that’s how creation took place real creation we’re
made in God’s image and that’s what we’re supposed to do wait wait wow I am
and then what is it I am I I am feeling alive today
bring your aliveness how does it look I’m an artist so it’s coming through and
it starts becoming art it comes through as a song it can come through parents
into creating children it could but people instead go Hoops and they have a
child that’s that was your that was your powerful word that would probably not be the god I am
chant you know that’s not exactly the the God chant okay that’s the ego I am
NOT if any of us could think right now if we were on the other side and we
wanted to be birthed and we could choose to come through conscious parents that
would say it’s time that our love expand into the form of a birthing of a part of
our love called a child or one that unconscious parents that have no clue
and then oops I think anybody with consciousness would prefer that first
one I want somebody that wants me I want somebody that did that it’s an expansion
of the love that makes total sense that’s what we’re supposed to be doing
in this universe now that makes sense right
can I hear an Amen all right great then why do we look on Monday like this going
to work what happened to the my job is supposed to be a birth of myself I feel
so cool I feel so great that a job should feel like this and a date and
your house everything’s supposed to be congruent you know instead of I feel so
alive but everything else stinks why are you not birthing it into manifestation
that weren’t you not why are you not bringing the god I am to the world well
I would but everybody else is so seeing God can’t look at that God can’t say
well I wanted to create a really wonderful universe but humans came along
and ruined everything I just I have to go take some medication now because
you know to cope with humans gotta go take my human you know meds you know
there take the divine 12-step from human you know group support group his his God
and himself you know it doesn’t even have any other members of the group
because he’s one so so instead if I’m made in God’s image what I wear should
feel like me the colors the fabric the feeling my car is not something that I
have it too can be an extension of myself and even if I don’t have a lot of
money yet I’m gonna hang a dang prism from the broken mirror of my broken car
you know and if you’re still writing Ashwin instead of a card hang it dang
prism just bring some light just say this is what I’m about wherever I go
God is you know to be able to say where I am the light of the world and wherever
I go I will bring the light of the world and it could be in the most challenging
cities or places it could be you could be military in a dugout you know like
other guys you know just praying for survival and can you make a difference
can you can you bring the light even to the most challenging places well if I
weren’t in such challenging places I probably could
the truth is wherever you are at that moment it’s perfect I’m not saying you
are fated to stay there because as you change the consciousness you’ll find
there are new doors that open but wherever you are in that moment you
decided to wake up bring the light there instead of wishing you were somewhere
else God does not wish it were anywhere else
it doesn’t make any sense other to then to disempowered beings wishing
constantly so we’ve got this this idea let there be light
is God and it has no doubt about that even though the Bible will tell you
later and God repented that he made man because man was a pain in the divine but
you know or whatever you know it tells but that is not written by God that’s
man’s interpretation going I bet God repented that he made man and they write
that God cannot first of all because God doesn’t see us the way we see ourselves
it said let there be lightning goes wow cool like beautiful and we’re like we
decided to become something else something less than liked and God just
waits for us to remember that we are only light and decide to become that
thing that we always have been and so on from there the acts of forgiveness you
know and wakening and so on and so on and growth but God never changed its
opinion of us but when God said let there be light God spoken words let
there be light there it doesn’t have a mouth or vocal cords then how was it
done consciousness could have been written and God thought let there be
light and that would even be more accurate God thought the thought let
there be light so we are thoughts of God we are a
divine thought of God and we’ve just forgotten and one way to remember who we
are is start acting like it one way to act like it is start exercising your
divine thoughts which are also practiced in bodies with divine words creative
powerful words prayer decrees affirmations those help but it also
helps to watch out for the opposite man I’m never gonna get out of this mess all
of this is too much for me I’m not saying you should shame yourself a don’t
you know be careful I’m not the type that if I’m in the room with you and you
say I’m so depressed don’t you to say words I’m not gonna
shame me for that I’m gonna just say what’s going on I’m gonna meet you at
that level come on but the whole time I will be looking for
little places that I can plant other thoughts and if you’re not wanting
to hear any other thoughts I’ll be doing it in here and since you and I are one
it’ll be downloaded to you on some level anyway so I’m gonna get you you know and
it’s not just me personally any of us when we hold presence we’re not just
like better than them when we hold presence we are the part of them that
also wants to hold presence but it’s not a part of them they’re wanting to own
completely yet so we’re just representing what their higher self so
you know you have words you can use powerful words I am you can invoke that
presence things are kind of disrupted right now I am going to and there’s
people I I mean for since all through history but there are people that you
that I know that are 80 years old 90 years old that know how to do this and
there’s people that are young people that are getting it and stuff can be
going on and you can have all kinds of really well-trained spiritual people I
go I’ve studied everything I read everything and they’re standing in all
the negativity and you’ll have some 99 year old all you know woman go you know
what this is getting to be too much I command the power of God right here and
now I bring in the I am presence and I deny the power any of this has over me
or this room and you go oh that that is somebody who says despite the temptation
to be asleep I choose to be awake and they represent us and you should be
saying man I want to be like them when that grow up that that’s good to think
that how do they do that and when they do you can feel it it’s it’s in the
ethers you can feel it it’s visceral right it’s not like just words it’s like
you get chills and you should be feeling chills because something just quickened
through the room and it’s a vibration and it’s a frequency and you’re feeling
it as a chill but that’s just your body’s interpretation of jeez Louise
what just happened and it’s really cool stuff but now do you do that you know I
don’t think you should set it necessarily at the kid
table slam your hand down on the table and the children are like you know you
know they’re gonna have to have counseling 20 years later because you
know I invoke the power of the Lord you know and they’re like oh my god I don’t
want to believe in God now you know cuz I’m shaken but but to see someone who
chooses to believe and remember who they are you have Buddhist chants the words are
just words guys it’s consciousness that makes them powerful you have Buddhist
chants you have you know in Hebrew you have Aramaic you have Arabic great I
personally say to you use words you understand I believed in the power
Sanskrit and all these different languages Latin whatever you want to use
fine but it also helps for you to know what you said if you say own money padmi
you know who great boom Shakalaka boom great but if you don’t know what it
means I don’t think it’s going to help you as much as you stepping up using
your language and your choice of words but it’s still affirmation now there are
words that are in other languages they will carry a vibration one reason
because consciousness has put power into a generation after generation so it
still works but sometimes you’re gonna go well I used this one prayer and it
didn’t work as much as this other one which was in you know Hindu it’s not
always just the words having power that affected you that worked for you a lot
of times you don’t realize some of your own past lives in that language is being
remembered cellularly so when you use that other language the
other language is not special and better than other languages it’s your belief in
it does that make sense yeah but Buddhist chant Latin chant it
doesn’t matter you know as long as you feel this is right for me
there they’re just words and they’re part of the three-dimensional universe
but in the 3d universe you still have some things that will seem to be more
powerful than others and I’ll talk about that in just a sec however one of the
most common we hear and we actually think it’s kind of fable fairy tale
abracadabra you know abracadabra in Hebrew Arabic
Aramaic the a rough translation is I create with my words it’s like and so it
is now if people would realize like in the old days when you said such and such
people would be like and they would all like wait because they knew you just
spoke powerful words whether it was naughty words or power empowering words
people in the old days they understood it then it got taken for granted because
everybody just kept descending into three-dimensional consciousness and then
you lose the magic meaning you lose the belief in it and therefore everything be
it all becomes kind of worthless abracadabra abracadabra starts ABBA
what’s Abba another name for God so abracadabra is not just cool Genie words
abracadabra means by the power of God I affirm this to be so in the old days you
might have said such and such and abracadabra meaning open this doorway
you know a genie story right or our Arabian Nights and things like that or
to our a more common flavor it’s and so it is but when I teach
people how to heal I’d say typically five stages of healing the fifth one is
gratitude why because abracadabra and so it is
it’s not just like and so it is thanks peace out Aloha it means now I’ve already said it
it’s done I mean it really do your best to feel it to know it
this is absolutely happening how could it not
oh because I said advocates because I said not because what I said it’s that I
believe that by saying and so it is it’s gonna be well how do you know and is
that that superstition no God is I am we are and so it is abracadabra
amen BAM is in the different language you say BAM you know just mmm
so the word even abra-cadaver comes from ABBA it’s like yes okay then then it
also comes from besides ABBA Abraxas spelled a couple different ways
but Abraxas besides being a Carlos Santana album second a second album
Abraxas uh uh it’s true AB Raxus is is an ancient kind of a
deity magical word god of some kind that you call upon but it’s really just the
holy spirit but there are variations of what this thing called a breakfast was
abra-cadaver is the spoken like there’s Abba God up here there’s abracadabra
down here for me to affirm to make things happen but in between the two
there’s somebody kind of making the Abba manifest through the abracadabra z’ of
life that thing that bridge is in to some people’s cultures it was a praxis
so Abraxas was thought to be like let’s say like the Holy Spirit it was thought
to be like a God that is in charge of all the mysteries to kind of bring into
manifestation you know magic so you would call upon this being know you know
there’s Heroku and there’s all kinds of other Tibetan Buddhism and Native
American traditions and shamanism they typically have a deity that
call upon to be the worker of the magic and Abraxas is sort of one of those
except for each of the letters of Abraxas you have all kinds of
interesting things like the primary planets that the stralla Jers honored at
the time Abraxas so it was like it was
multi-leveled you know it symbolized the presence of God in the material world it
was I call it the Holy Spirit because the Holy Spirit’s job is to bridge pure
spirit into the material world so this concept of a praxis even like I said
Carlos you know the Ben Santana they did an album called Abraxas and in the back
of the album he credits a quote from Hermann Hesse but he actually was
quoting Hermann Hesse but it was a book called Damian and when he wrote the book
at first he didn’t credit himself Hermann Hesse he actually used a
different name the last name was Sinclair and there’s there’s a website
you could check out Christian st. Claire Sinclair com
she has an amazing article all about you know abracadabra and all that on that
but pretty cool so there’s this he’s crediting you know um
Abraxas and yet uh practices mentioned in this book Damian and Damian is the
written by a you know pseudonym which is like pseudo name a pseudonym of Hermann
Hesse but it’s this guy who last name Sinclair then it was eventually outed
that was actually has that wrote the book but Sinclair and then this gal you
know Christensen Clair has this article about Abraxas sent about abracadabra so
a bizarre little like connections but at the end of the day once upon a time all
these cultures whether it was the witches and pagans using familiar
spirits they could speak it and make it into something the familiar spirits like
cats that’s why they do all the weird legends about witches and cats those
were actually thought to be extensions of the witches or masters of sorts that
would use parts of themselves selves and extend
and they would do so with with you could say incantations but their power words
but in in Arabia they would have what they were called harm Uncas which would
be an entity that was an offspring of that magician and in Hebrew they had
something called a golem The Golem which is kind of funny because it’s been used
in stories since Lord of the Rings right golem is like a creature that they could
empower whether it was a a written let’s call it a incantation of sorts or the
spoken words the rabbi’s could actually and you think that that would never be
happening in certain cultures all the major cultures have their way of using
the power word to create an extension of themselves however is it coming from the
god I am or the ego I am NOT God created us as an extension then all these other
people in history of magicians of various types would in their own right
create extensions of themselves but the main extension was not supposed to be
creatures and things it was love that’s how we were supposed to be really
extending and even if it becomes a thought-form
I’m gonna send you a thought form of love and healing cuz you’re sick I send
it to you a long distance you wake up having had a dream that I was there
sharing a blessing with you and you’re healed that’s how it was supposed to
look then some people started becoming annoying and and thinking you know I
don’t want to send you love I don’t like you I’m gonna send you a curse and
that’s where that came from what do you think the word curse comes from cause
I’m gonna curse you I’m gonna cause you to feel bad today because I’m cursing
you and we think well that you know curses that stuff’s not it all is
founded on belief and consciousness all of which we have belief and
consciousness but in the third dimensional world you know it became so
dense people don’t believe in anything but curses and cures also still filter
through a modern-day example it can sound kind of corny but New England
Patriots the best football team of all time it
only cheap they went undefeated longer than anybody
wiping everybody out they were just perfect they went to the Super Bowl and
they lost to a lesser team there was no reason they should have lost but a
really weird catch by the other team allowed them to win a catch that was
never duplicated censer yeah it was just too bizarre
they played him another couple years later and it happened again a bizarre
catch that shouldn’t have happened by the other team because there were people
cursing the Patriots not wanting them to win anymore because they were supposedly
just too perfect for some but you think that’s maybe just an opinion but then it
happened a third time they were playing the Seahawks in the Super Bowl and it
was happening a third time in a row when the Patriots went to the Super Bowl
where the game was done and with only seconds left the other team the Seahawks
they go up marching up the field and they’re just not gonna make it but one
lat you know seconds before the end I think is like 10 15 seconds the guy just
throws this bomb and just a few you know yards from the endzone this guy the ball
hits his hand bounces off of everything in the stadium and he’s laying on his
back and it falls back in his stomach he picks it up turns and tries to go in
then they tackle him and the Patriots win the Super Bowl the guys name was
cursed spelled different but it was his name was curse and that at that moment
that curse was broken I’m just saying it’s a true story now you’re all like I’m never watching
the football it’s it’s you know it’s true and and
Abraxas is an interesting thing because it R axis is this power there’s there’s
an MIT computer program at MIT Apple program uh that they deal with it’s
called the the praxis and it’s referring to programs that are running without you
knowing it because the these programs they’re related just like just like our
power words they’re related to things you don’t know that are happening but if
they’re let me change it it’s not Abraxas it’s Damon and they use the term
a Damon program or demon program so just like a demon or Damon program these
these are MIT Apple people saying there are programs that are running in your
mind that you don’t know about and that’s what the Damon is so Socrates
said I hear a voice of a Damon now it’s gotten twisted from Greek to mean demon
but it meant a spirit is talking to me we call that channeling so Socrates is
affirming that he’s channeling wisdom that he had you and I have a Damon to
you the ultimate guide would be the holy spirit but AB Raxus plays a role by some
cultures to be one of those voices Abraxas is like another name for the
Christ or the Holy Spirit it’s also another name for you could say a god a
form of like God consciousness in the material realm
Damon’s would be like expressions of Abraxas so in other words the praxis is
for everyone Damon’s would be I have one you have on you know so on you could
some people think they’re angels or are guiding them and they are but in some
cultures they would have called that a demon does that make sense
but again twisted to mean always demon to some extra you know narrow-minded
people it’s not a demon you might have a demon that’s an evolved being an
ascended master it’s my voice it’s my my amuse
would be called a daemon by some people but the wording gets all kind of twisted
around so these daemon programs their programs that are running without you
knowing about it and you also have voices of angels and demons also
speaking to you without realizing it that’s why one apostle says this is not
a war of just humans this is a war of principalities and powers there are
beings this is a whole unknown there are more things in heaven and earth than
dreamt of in all your philosophies there are so many layers and dimensions not
only of the universe but of consciousness and that which wants to be
hateful fearful and destructive does nothing but that that which wants to be
loving and healing and supportive wants nothing but that and humans more than
any other entities are in the middle hearing from both of these and you’re
told choose whom you will serve another way
to say it choose whom you will believe the voices of love or the voices of fear
you don’t have to name them all you don’t have to identify which angel which
demon and so you don’t have to worry about all that the bottom line is love
and fear and just do your best to align with love but also watch the power of
your words speak speak healthy speak true and it’s not like I have to
actually try when I say such-and-such I can just tell the truth which is even in
my thoughts you can say I’m really struggling all I need to do is focus on
it is impossible for you to be less than anyone else on this planet all I have to
do is to hear that in my mind that’s impossible even if I don’t say that to
you yeah I’m really bummed everything’s you
know gone wrong for my life I’m sorry to hear that like ho oponopono prayer I’m
sorry to hear that I love you thanks for playing that role
and let’s let it go now you see some form of sorry to hear that let’s change
that instead of the the what prayers had
descended into which is sorry to hear you have a problem I’ll say a prayer
that God might find you know that make a decision to be merciful to you poor you
and fix you real prayer we’re starting to understand is we’re all in this
together you’re the one that seems to be struggling today I’m the one who seems
to be with feet on solid ground this just seems to be because tomorrow the
roles could change I might need your prayers tomorrow there’s times when I’ve
had you know fundamental Christians you know oh you know you’re one of those New
Agers whoa I’m gonna pray for you excellent thank you
and there go they’re like no I’m gonna pray for you
excellent thank you I mean that’s great every bit helps they just don’t know you
know you know it’s like they don’t know how to like get whatever they’re trying
to get out of me because I’m like that’s great you know they appreciate that
they’re like no you’re supposed to hate me you know for praying for you know you
know it’s like just just see and affirm everything is okay there’s love there’s
light there’s God and when you’re doing it you’re not like I hope this is true
when you really understand then you know there’s hoping there’s that kind of
faith where you hope something’s true that’s not true faith there’s faith that
you hope something’s true there’s faith that you believe it’s true which is
higher and then there’s faith that you know when you know then you know and
some of us go yeah you know knowing is like faith and believing no it’s a
different level humanly speaking it would be like it would be like me saying
to you know a person with clearly you know black hair and saying do you bleach
your hair you know cuz you don’t look good as a blonde
that person would go because she knows she’s not a blonde and I’m saying you
know that black you know your blonde here it doesn’t look good on you and
you’re thinking but I clearly have black hair you should be at least that
when you say you know something of God when people are acting like they treat
you like you’re blond meaning just metaphorically whether it’s your wit
your race your religion your culture your whatever when someone’s mistreating
you they’re trying to tell you you have a different color hair than you actually
have when people are being mean to you and they tell you’re going to hell or
you’re not evolve you’re not smart enough you’re not pretty enough you’re
not nearly as good-looking as your sister or whatever they’re always wrong
and in Sedona people don’t like that we’re wrong they’re wrong too
when you’re not God you’re wrong you were mistaken now religion called that
your sinning but sinning doesn’t mean worthless hopeless it just means a
mistake and you heal it with a chant called oops and that’s it just chant it
oops you know like let it go like it’s okay
now you’re lying when you say oops I made a mistake and then you continue
doing it now you’re lying to yourself if you truly meant it when you said my bad
got it if you really mean that you mean God it switched it now a month back on
board the bottom line guys is everyone in this universe not just the world
every being in the universe every creature is waiting for you and I to
slip back step back into knowing who we are when I don’t know who I am I take it
out on the universe the whole universe I will make to suffer I know that doesn’t
sound very empowering a new thought ish but the whole universe is suffering when
I have forgotten Who I am how can I prove that very easy the whole
universe even in quantum physics is understood to be one connected wave and
the wave will say and so it is by my thinking when I think I’m not valuable
I’m not very lovable I’m the sinner I’m flawed you’re flawed I’m great you’re
bad and so on a judgment of any kind the whole universe is like and so it is but it’s suffering because
that’s not what it wants to be doing it doesn’t want to freeze into particles of
limitation it wants to be released into being waves that it is waves means a
we’re just being whole universes like whoo this is so cool because that’s the
closest thing we understand in quantum physics to love being as soon as there’s
a slipping of the mind out of the knowing of who we are the universe then
we’ll likely now shift into particles that become something solid and that’s
not being at all now we have a universe of doing you know we notice that we want
more of certain plants to grow in an area so what we’ll do is spray death on
everything else so that these things can grow now you do that and there’s some
species of bug that’s like you know we know dig this and that bug ate some
other bug before and now that other bug is in eaten so it comes and wipes out
your crops now you got to spray it with something else to kill what you sprayed
to kill before that’s called the world of doing the whole kingdom of doing
constantly trying to react and fight and fix what are we fixing not just
chemicals or trying to fix our Mis creations of our thoughts when we get
back to love we stop doing and if we stop doing we stop ruining because if
I’m in who I really am believe it or not this being that stance any one of us the
being that stands and says I choose to remember the whole universe comes to
honor that voice as well and so it is and A Course in Miracles has these
lovely poetic ways of describing it just as it describes Buddha’s life in his
moment of saying I got it it says trees will bow over your head to
keep the Sun off of you you could be standing out in a hot space and all of a
sudden somehow water will percolate up from the ground and come and cool your
feet that’s how the Garden of Eden was and
is it’s just not seen anymore because people shifted into the world of doing
in the Garden of Eden you had everything you could possibly imagine all needs met
and you didn’t have to kill anything to eat all needs were met but as soon as
you killed your brother every or as soon as one being you know the false
temptation prayed to eat the apple it’s not an apple you know that’s like it’s
not an apple it’s a concept we bit from the tree of illusion
meaning the illusion of who we are we went from the tree of knowing the tree
of knowledge who we are and instead we ate from the tree of good and evil my
opinions of who I am you see the difference when I ate from a tree
I fell from grace and now I shift into the world of doing outcomes the children
one kills the other terrible and it just continues pretty soon there’s you know
one of them’s marked for life forever you will struggle in this way in that
way Adam and you’re gonna struggle Eve you’re gonna stroke because everybody
fell from being in to doing and when we do that our actions of murder the one
brother murders another and it’s the same thing we do verbally when you
gossip you’re murdering people verbally even when you talk low about yourself
and I don’t mean to you know if you say to me like you’re doing some work and
you say God I don’t know if I’m ever gonna get this I’m not gonna be like
don’t speak such negatives from the ego I am NOT or lalalalalala you know trying
to like prevent yourself from hearing such it’s okay you know one way you can
help them is not by cursing them for Speaking that way you can also just
change it by making it light laughing yeah I know that’s kind of hard
sometimes isn’t it well and maybe it make a suggestion on how to make it
easier or you give it an example of yeah you know I was struggling with how to do
something once and here’s what I did you give them examples in that sometimes is
how a person can shift back to knowing rather than just corrective or
does that make sense so we have to remember the the the ego has created a
buffer so that we’re not aware that every time you ever have thought or
spoken and you can’t speak it without thinking it you can’t think it without
believing it it’s all really rooted in our Mis beliefs but every time you think
or say or believe something and in a way that’s off it would be great if
instantly something would happen man I just sometimes I’m so mad at myself out
okay got it that would be great but that’s not the
way it’s designed the whole ego system it buffers it it says three lifetimes
from now and this one next week and this one so that you can never connect the
dots and recognize only you are affecting your life for good or ill I
should say it’s you and it’s us because we also can help or and support or we
can also continue the problem any of us any one or more of us can help bring a
change to somebody’s consciousness however keep this in mind there’s a
buffer that’s why some cultures there’s an you know Arab concept you know that
that says you know you’re you know you got a watch because you say believe that
there’s like a recording angel like you’re a Kasich record angel but they
believe in some cultures that it takes several days before it records your
deeds why so you have time to negate it before
it gets locked in locked in doesn’t mean fate from God but it’s the way we set
things up so we set it up to where cause has an effect you reap what you sow the
word karma you think of as having a negative connotation the word Sanskrit
words karma means cause and effect both it’s a complete word so karma doesn’t
mean oh you got negative car because there’s good karma but because it’s not
it’s neutral it’s that every cause has an effect simple as that so every
thought it will have an effect I I have to
recognize that even my words and my thoughts are actually known in some
places as prayers even when you say man I hate that person it’s a prayer it’s
actually a prayer and I’m always praying one is spelled PRA Y and one is PR e Y
you know but I’m always praying and you look in the mirror and you know oh I’m
not cute enough or I’m not this is enough for that enough affirmation
affirmation affirmation now you’re just gonna age quicker because you’re worried
about how you look I have all these stress lines over to know where they
came from maybe 50 years of I’m not pretty enough stop stressing you don’t
have a body it’s an illusion and when you realize that and you let go of that
notion you start having the opportunity to own I am NOT a body I am free I am as
angelic as anyone and if I want to know how angelic I am I’m not gonna want to
you know compare myself to say Hitler what I want to do at first is compare
myself to someone I love and respect and imagine I have a child it’s five years
old if it god forbid were to die or something what I want a picture that
it’s broken in some way on the other side no I would picture oh she would be
so beautiful she would be so lovely and so are you use an image like that to
even remotely understand how beautiful you are
one day you’ll also be able to say the same thing about even the most
horrendously behaving person underneath that hurtful rude behavior why do you
think anybody acts like a Hitler because more than you or me they forgot who they
are and they’re miserable that’s how it is the lion that constantly roars and
scares everybody it takes one courageous person to go over and pull the thorn out
of its paw and then it’s like friends forever people are annoying
absolutely the good news is it’s not the God in them that’s annoying bad news is
they’re still annoying so what are we going to do about that
all I know is that I absolutely have it within me to evoke that other part
that’s not visible right now what if it doesn’t work it will not always work the
way you and your senses your eyes and ears want it to happen it will not but
remember there’s a buffer not only is there a buffer that things I do and
karmically come back you know and I can’t see the negatives all the time
it’s true with positives do you think the ego wants you to see that as soon as
you have a lovely thought you start to feel immune to all things no it doesn’t
want you to put that together because you’ll do it more often it keeps
everything disconnected separated dissociated so that you have
disempowered people so what are we going to do let’s start making everything
happen right when it should so that we’ll see it you can’t not in a world
that is an illusion based upon time and space the world took everything that is
now and blew it into then it’s always some other it disconnected it all when
we thought we could be separate it all happened like that so you’re not gonna
be able to fix it by forcing it back together it can’t what you can do is
despite the way things look I affirm the truth what we’re really feeling is and I
wish I could feel a little more truth you know that’s how you really feel and
I’d really like some of that right now you know I affirm that that the universe
is abundant and that I am abundant and because God is abundant I too AM
abundant and all of my bills can be paid and I feel great and I have enough to
share and tithe and give great that’s the truth but there’s a part of us it’s
like AHA man if only you know that that slips back into that fear and doubt
don’t pretend that’s not there instead start with that Wow isn’t it amazing
that I still feel like I struggle with this health issue or money issues or
what because the truth is BAM and go to town on that go
ahead and bring your doubts to the altar if you try to pretend they’re not there
because they’re not spiritual to speak those or think those you know your stuff
amigo no everything’s just peachy here you know it’s not real and it will
undermine your altar you stuff those things under the altar they will start
to like a rust dissolve and eat the surface of your altar and everything you
tried to put on it that was nice and loving little flowers representing your
goddess self in whatever the holes from the rust and the altar just gonna open
up and all that stuff will drop a wing you’ll think after all the work I’ve
been doing spiritually why isn’t it happening because you built your house
on quicksand get used to knowing the truth of God then believing the truth of
God then feeling the truth of God then speaking as well speaking and acting the
truth of God through and through don’t be all broken and pretend to just affirm
truth because you not part of you that won’t believe it at all it’s you know to
be in physical pain and go no really everything’s just great you know there’s
my informational piece it you know you’re in pain you’re distracted let’s
own that but learn to say isn’t this funny that despite the fact that I don’t
even have a body and therefore cannot feel pain and I cannot age and I cannot
be sick that’s a fact so isn’t it kind of funny that I still am playing the
game isn’t this kind of funny this is my egos way of saying you’re not going
today now ascension for you today you know
that’s just the ego trying to you know trying to shame me be able to see it the
truth that’s what’s happening and be able to laugh at it but come back to yet
the truth is because now you’re showing you’re a master you’re not in denial
you’re not pretending you’re showing up and you’re saying I get that I’m in pain
but despite the pain boom here we go and you bring in the truth of God that
goal please take a few centering breaths the power of thought beliefs knowing the
power of words Abba father mother God Holy Spirit abracadabra the power of
words and so it is amen and so on and so on the power of words but the most
powerful we may not want to or believe or like to hear this but the most
powerful word now out of all of them is Christ because when you and I used the
name the word Christ we’re returning to our divinity and you cannot affirm
anything from a higher place than your divinity and our divinity and the name
Jesus Christ of course in miracles’ says is the most powerful name in the
universe why simply because it’s not just magic or a religion we’re talking
we’re talking because that’s a person who first completely remembered his true
identity he’s a symbol of us awakening gradually slipping into a place of quiet
and peace the core of our being inside when you say Christ you are actually
saying the I M of God when you say Holy Spirit it’s the I M of God so just
choose one the father the mother or the Christ which is the child of God which
you are part of but use something that that’s symbolizing the presence of God
don’t settle on lesser beings don’t call in the the power of your deceased aunts
and uncles call in the presence of God in its most sublime form powerful form
know that it’s created everything and can help us uncreate illusions and then
we manifest the truth of God even Jesus he’s messing with you when he says
things and you don’t realize what he’s saying when they say are you the Son of
God he says I am why did he say I am because he’s bringing in the powerful
presence of God in that moment another thing he calls himself the Lamb of God
check this out just think feel this inside I am the Lamb of God taking away
the sins of the world what does lamb mean just break the L
into an eye when he said I am the lamb he’s saying I am the I am the lamb I am
it’s a secret a way to slip in through symbols that people understood the lambs
would be slaughtered so that people could be pure and cleared of mistakes
and sins but it’s not really the lamb and it’s not really sacrifice of animals
it’s not a lamb it’s an I am so in this moment become vividly aware of you your
life your daily stuff limitations an ache in a joint
a pain in the head a frustration in your checkbook a job you struggle with be
honest and open with it all here’s the life I seem to have and just bring it
all don’t leave anything no stone unturned put everything on there gray
hair aging wrinkles frustrations sibling rivalry everything of life the car
doesn’t get enough mileage war politics and instead of just the things that most
irritate you what you should put on the altar anything that is not perfect pure
light and love the slightest inhibitions of pure light put everything before you
on the altar figuratively this is the life I seem to have I have in here the words I have this in
this I have a headache I so go ahead and in your mind quietly say it it’s not
going to hurt you right now just or you can also add and I’m struggling with go
ahead and talk about struggles get yourself identified with them for a
moment these are expressions of your current life and then hear these words like they come
from your own soul this is how my life looks this is how my life seems but if
it’s not the life that God has created for me one of perfect light and love
then it can’t actually be real and it can’t actually have any power over me
so I’m actually living and I’ve been living technically a make-believe world
a make-believe life it’s impossible for me to have a job I don’t like I’m not
saying I don’t have it it’s just that I’m noticing a contrast there is an
anomaly of some kind it’s impossible for me to fall out of love or into a false
love it’s impossible for a holy child of God to ever have been betrayed or abused
or neglected I’m not saying it didn’t seem to happen I’m saying something’s
wrong with this picture God is only love peace joy and abundance
my life has not been that all the time which means my life has not always been
a god life a good life and if it wasn’t an expression of God then how could it
have ever been it wasn’t but at the very least it has no power so I see myself
just waving my hand to my life just waving it across the universe across the
world abracadabra be gone be still and know the I am presence of God stop
begone and imagine it all just turns to
sparkles and drops to the to the floor to the ground just away that world
created by that which I am not the eagle I am not has bowed into nothingness now
simply by its creator being me by its creator being honest enough responsible
enough and humble enough to say oops what was I thinking I didn’t need to
have any of that stuff I no such thing come on karma debt flaw
it’s impossible be gone but now my world is empty and that causes fear for some I
don’t want to have nothing I’d rather have my old patterns and limitations
back than to have nothing no no no hang in with the nothing for a moment
it’s called peace see it not as emptiness and loneliness see it as
stillness be still and know I am God it’s not the stillness purely that’s God
it’s on the other side of the stillness so by being courageous enough to release
the old and endure the quiet moment in between the old and the new has to be
that courage we drop into that space forgive us ourselves we choose to
forgive ourselves for all limiting beliefs why would we ever even try to
imagine that we were lesser than God created us to be and then why would we
even bother taking it out on each other and projecting our lacks and limitations
onto each other release the politicians
for symbolizing your power they have none release religious figures and stop
blaming them for ruining people with excessive superstitions guilts and
shames they only had power people thought they needed to give them release
people that seem to abuse or neglect you let them be rendered powerless you don’t
have to totally get it just a foot in the door is enough and now we can say I
am prepared for you father mother god I am an embodiment of the Divine Feminine
prepared to be impregnated so to speak with the presence of God come back to me
now and rise inside of me father mother God rise in me so viscerally so
thoroughly when everybody sees me they see God not in a boasting egotistical
sense in a gentle loving peaceful forgiving sense help me to be your
presence on a day-to-day basis help me to be the one that extends a prayer to
everyone I see struggling not just the ones I think deserve my prayers everyone
equally to send love to people I find attractive unattractive nice and not so
nice to be the presence of love and then I choose to have this so viscerally in
me my words start to become more and more words of clarity it doesn’t mean I
have to stand on a hilltop and say I am and shout it’s more of an expression
even more often than not gently hey look this is the way it is or speaking to
ourselves when we hear voices of doubt to be able to say hold it be still Eco
so I may know the presence of God right here and now manifesting this presence
for all people then I can say with absolute certainty
which I begin saying now when you see me you see the father something Jesus said
I am an expression of the Divine Mother I choose to be this I walk in the light
of God the light of God is also known as the Christ so I walk in the light of
Christ nothing to do with a religion Christianity per se it’s the
consciousness now not the religion there is Christ to my right Christ to my left
Christ before me Christ behind me Christ above Christ below Christ within Christ
all around I see an affirm Christ in me and Christ in all people I ever see I
choose to see the Christ in the eyes of others thus evoking it in the eyes of my
self I affirm Christ in the mouth spoken words of others and in my own Christ in
my ears Christ in my hands my feet my actions my thoughts my feelings Christ
in my knowingness Christ in my studies Christ in my parenting Christ at work
Christ as I Drive a car Christ when I receive a ticket Christ when I’m healthy
Christ when I’m sick nothing matters other than I am as God created me and
everything that doesn’t feel like that is merely a test slash temptation to
believe otherwise that’s all it is and I refuse to succumb to that and when I do
oops and I bounce back that’s my spiritual path I am as God created to
meet me to be when I slip oops and I bounce back I am as God created me
to be but so are you if I can’t see that you are as Christ that God created you
to be then I’m instantly cursing myself
because as I judge others I am judged so I affirm also God created everyone
in its image and you remain as God created you to be even if your behaviors
don’t catch up to that reality yet I affirm to the worst of human beings your
day shall come not I hope I absolutely know it it’s impossible for anyone to
not make it back into the remembrance remembering means to take the members
that were separated and remember them rejoin them how can we be one in God
with a few of us missing everyone home I affirm here and now this is not a hope
to be a one day it might happen this is an absolute I’m affirming the truth of
what is from the beginning is in the end and ever shall be
the only time I’ve missed that is when I’ve allowed myself to forget fear and
hate is forgetting love is forgiving and in this moment I affirm the presence of
love and forgiving which then allows a remembering of all beings home in God as
God and so it is very hot all right let’s stretch out a little bit
take your time kind of let that integrate into your
body mind and soul how’s it feel yeah yeah you know it’s it’s next to
impossible to know the truth of God and then kind of remain stuck in the same
old feelings we always feel you know and that’s a good thing you know I want to
wake up I want to be a live one I want to remember and that’s a good thing

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  1. Amen ! Show up and move through life with an authentic heart . There is no greater act of love than authenticity 🙏🏻💜🙏🏻

  2. it can also be defined as spiritual warfare. I said, Satan, Saturn, whoever the hell you are, get the F outta my house, just the other day. I followed with a lofty and generous Lavender bonfire, and Peace and Love Rest again… Calling my Angels is always a benefit, though they have no names, well one does, but I will never share it.

  3. I just bought your book, the 12 principles of a course in miracles. Thank you for your teachings and the way you express them. Namate 🙏

  4. The story of Abraxis is CAPTIVATING! I actually know someone who inhabits such an essence…i have been calling him my "wizard". Now I have a nick name for him!

    And it's amazing that you're discussing curses because I was intuitively shown something about a curse yesterday (regarding my ancestry and our hometown)

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