Praktikal Pupuk Orgnik Cair (Organic Liquid Fertilizer)

What is needed in the making of organic liquid fertilizer?
The first is urine from livestock. The truth is that all urine can be processed into
liquid organic fertilizer with this one principle: add sugar 2% from the amount of urine used,
or carbohydrate, after that,
the important thing is we give oxidation. Oxidation is like this, we provide oxygen in the process,
resulting in the combustion process. What is the result from this oxidation?
It will produce a higher level of ammonia.
And when ammonia coupled with sugar, it will produce protein. This protein is very beneficial for all living creatures,
including plants, fish, and all livestock. But there is one rule that should not be violated,
you can’t use livestock’s for livestock. Meaning, for example:
a goat, we can’t use goat’s urine for goat,
we might be able to replace it with rabbit urine or cow urine. Goat’s urine can’t be use for goats,
but can be used for chickens, plants, or fish,
but I recommend the goat’s urine for plants and fish. The process that we need to do will be min 3-5 days,
until it smells sour and become frothy. When it becomes frothy,
this means that the content of microorganism
in organic liquid fertilizer is very high.

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