Prepare Khaad /Compost from Kitchen Waste | रसोई के कचरे से खाद तैयार करें (HINDI VIDEO)

Hey guys, from a very long time I have been getting a request to make videos in Hindi So, I thought of taking a poll
I asked ‘how many of you would like me to make videos in Hindi as well’ Surprisingly, a majority of you said that I must try making Hindi videos. So, finally we have decided.. to make at least one Hindi video every month now onwards and in today’s video I will talk to about ‘how to prepare compost at home’ The concept behind preparing compost at home is very simple We need a big terracotta pot to collect the kitchen waste This is a ‘Khamba’. Its a proper home composter In case it is not accessible to you You can also a use a clay water pot / matka/ ghadda There are two major differences between a khamba and a matka/ clay water pot: First, a khamba has holes for aeration Aeration is extremely important for the functioning of the microbes The second difference among them is.. the diameter of their opening Khamba has a wider opening adding food is easier in this one Matka has a narrower opening Since, matka does not have any aeration holes therefore, we are going to make some holes in it this is very easy You can use any thing sharp such as a knife or a screw driver and try to hammer that in Its better to make small holes otherwise the water from the kitchen waste.. will start seeping out I have made about 5-6 holes in this If you like you can make more Don’t make more than 10 holes for this size of matka Now, we also need some holes at the bottom These will be bigger in size from the previous ones These bottom holes will help in.. the water from the kitchen waste to come out This water can be collected in a utensil like this one So, the water from the compost will collect in it In the absence of such holes the water will start collecting in the matka itself resulting in a slurry this will hinder the process of decomposition So, the bottom holes are very important And the compost water that will collect in here is very nutritious You can use it as a fertiliser It is referred to as ‘compost tea’ and we will cover this on top For people who are just beginners at composting This is a very good idea You can use any old matka for it Now, I am going to add kitchen waste While adding kitchen watste.. remember not to put anything acidic such as lemons or anything having vinegar This will slow down the process Also avoid non-vegetarian food that won’t decompose In this you can add both.. cooked as well as uncooked food Some people add paper as well You can.. But I avoid newspaper as it contains lots of dyes The other thing we will add are dried leaves and grass I collect all the dried foliage in a paper bag If you stay in a building.. and you don’t have dry leaves to add you can ask the gardener to.. dried leaves from the lawn for you Now we will just add them The reason for adding this dry matter is to maintain a certain C:N ratio Remember in school, we were taught something about C: N ratio and its importance So, the fresh waste i.e. kitchen waste is rich in Nitrogen but the decomposing microbes like a certain amount of Carbon as well So, the kitchen waste will bring Nitrogen And dry matter will bring in Carbon Now, the relative amount of dry matter and kitchen waste should be 1 : 2 Maintaining this ratio very important Actually, my entire Ph.D. was.. all about C:N and decomposition in forest systems Talking about Carbon and Nitrogen really excites me But for you this much information is enough that we have maintain a ratio of 1:2 for dry leaf matter (browns) : kitchen waste (greens) Now our composter is ready I am going to add curd to this If you like you can buy a special media for this But you really don’t need it I will also add some soil For composting.. I keep a separate wooden spatula Its from our kitchen Its better than the metal ones Now we will mix them I have been using this khamba from before You can see fungus has started growing If this starts smelling.. then you must sir it a little for aeration Anaerobic respiration results in a foul smell One more thing If you keep adding kitchen waste It causes in concentration of Nitrogen to go up And less carbon This can also result in foul smell So, adding carbon sources in form of dry leaf matter is very important to maintain the C : N Always add dry leaves and grass to your compost mixture It will take a month or two for the compost to be ready So, I collect my kitchen waste for every 3-4 days in a dustbin and then I add it to the matka or khamba To fill this matka, it will take me 3-4 weeks But if this isn’t enough for you You can add more matkas’s on top The waste I have added today will take a month or two to decompose The process totally depends on.. the temperature and humidity A lot of people suggest plastic buckets as well but for me that has never worked out I think the reason is.. The plastic bucket makes it difficult to maintain the suitable environment for decomposition In a terracotta pot Maintaining suitable environment is easier This process likes a little warm and moist environment which is difficult to maintain in a plastic bucket Also the plastic is impermeable Even if you drill some holes in it it is not as effective as terracotta Terracotta pots for composting are my personal favourite And if you don’t want to buy a khamba.. you can start with a matka If you would like us to make more such simple Hindi videos then do let us know down below in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe The best part of composting is not only that you will get organic home-made compost If you have realised that the 50% of our daily domestic waste turns out to be kitchen waste and since in most parts of our country segregation is not followed All of this waste gets dumped in the landfills Landfills are these huge mountains that you might have noticed and smelled outside ever big city So, if we start segregating and composting kitchen waste which is very simple to do You just need an earthen pot, some curd and soil This small and simple process can considerably reduce the amount of waste getting dumped in the landfills And if you don’t need so much of compost You can distribute it to friends and family You must try this once.

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  1. I have already installed compost plant but I am not getting proper compost every day I am adding kitchen waste , then also I am not getting good compost.pls tell me how to maintain .

  2. A small suggestion Whichever language you are making a video just add English subtitle will be useful for someone like me who doesn't know the languages. I like really like ur videos and just a drawback I don't understand the language

  3. Hi mam, its nice ki aapne recycling pe video dikhaya. But i want to add that cowdung is the starter of every decomposition process. Since the growth of microbes starts from cowdung as it will increase the microbial activity becoz of its high temperature. To maintain the C:N it is very important that conpost is well decomposed. If we add cowdung then it will take 2 months for decomposition otherwise it will need 4-5 months for bringing down C:N ratio upto 10-20:1 which is recommended for nutrient availability. If cowdung is not available in city areas, cow urine in form of gaumutra can also be used.

  4. I was shocked when you start in Hindi. Whatever language you use the way you speak and your voice is very nice. I really love to listen.

  5. For me no matter english or hindi but every body can easily undersand hindi rather than english so pls make a video in hindi if its suitable for u or apke samjhane ka tareeka bahut acha hai thanku dear

  6. It was quite informative walk through the process of compost. Can we see the final product. Is it water or semi-solid?

  7. 2 questions!
    1) What if the ratio is 1:1? Will that be harmful?
    I have a park in front, so getting leaves won't be much of an issue!
    2) Will it be an issue if this compost is made on the terrace?

  8. Hi mam
    can i add used tea leafs( chai patti) add suger as we used to make tea by adding sugar
    can i add those tea leafs directly in compost making
    please reply..

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  11. Thanks a lot, ma'am for giving us the knowledge about aerobic composting, you said your PhD was on composting, mam I'm also an Environmental engineer and very curious and enthusiasm on that part of our study because in present days solid waste only harming our society with there smell and view but also causing groundwater contamination and methane generation, but in our society no one wants to see on that side of that upcoming problems, mam here no one listen to me because today I have no power but in future maybe I will contribute my small efforts to my Nation, mam I would like to say that if you have any work-related in this regards please tell me.

  12. mam you said, the wastewater percolated from this organic waste useful for the plants, how? can we use this leachate for irrigation purpose?

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  16. Hi Ekta, after watching this video, I tried it at home, but in compost there is so much mosquito or insects born…. Can you suggest how to remove them, because it's bit impossible to keep that compost matka in balcony… Please suggest…

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