Preparing Organic Compost – By Dr Nammalvar

Soil should contain 5% of organic carbon but
the indian soil does not even have 0.5% So we need to compost to change the state of the soil Like this the cow dung or goat dung is spread. Create a sandwich of cow dung, leaves and straw. So with the little cow dung we have we can create a lot of manure. A little bit of staw is okay not more than
that, so that water can seep in and not clog. What are the leaves that should not be added?
Coconut leaves and Palm leaves should not be added as they dont decompose soon and will clog the water. So do not add anything that will not decompose. Evening time sprinkle little bit of water In 15 days it will come to a half decomposed
state.During that time dig 3 or 4 holes and add some earthworm to it. The worms will try
to move to the place where there is less heat. Set this bed under a shady place. In 2 months
the compost will be ready.

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