Preparing your compost toilet for first use

Welcome to the “compost toilet” series
of videos from the Little House Company. In this video, we’ll show you how to prepare
your compost toilet for use by placing a carbon-rich ‘soak material’ in the solids container. We’re demonstrating this on our own compost toilet
which has a smaller than normal solids bucket and a built-in urine container which was designed
and made this specifically to fit a very small space in our shed, but it’s exactly the
same if you have a larger compost toilet. This particular one has a built-in urine
container and I’ve got to take that out first of all and then we take out the solids bucket We recommend a soak material in the solids
bucket even if your toilet uses a fan for odour control as it will act as a soak in
case any liquid gets in the solids container and will help to trap air in the base of the
container, promoting the first stages of composting. In this case, we are using fine wood shavings,
sold as ‘pet bedding’, but you could use almost any relatively dry organic material
such as sawdust from a chainsaw, chopped straw or flax, coir etc. We prefer to line the bucket with a compostable
liner – it’s entirely optional, but it does keep the bucket clean and makes the whole
emptying process easier. These particular liners remain largely intact for a few weeks
and are not too expensive. Firstly if you are using a liner, place it
in the solids container. Now add your soak material – in this case
– wood shavings to a depth of around 2.5 – 4 cm – an inch or so. You might find the liner
doesn’t stay against the side of the bucket, so try to smooth it out, although as it fills
during day-to-day use, this will be less of an issue. Having done that, we can now place the bucket back inside the toilet. In this case, we’ve got to put the urine container back in as well. Then we can close the lid and we are
literally good to go! With this particular ‘Eco-Loo Capture’
toilet, there’s no fan, so it’s entirely self-contained. We use the same soak material
– fine wood shavings – as a cover as well to suppress odours. So after each ‘deposit’, we cover it with
a handful of shavings and that will sort out all the odours. So that’s it. Nice and simple and only takes
a few minutes!

12 thoughts on “Preparing your compost toilet for first use

  1. This is the exact type of compost I would like to have for my RV. I am having a difficult time finding the style of separating toilet seat that you have. Can this be purchased in Canada?

  2. Love the background music!
    And thank you for posting the artist Information as well.
    I wish to know where to order this composting toilet???

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