Prevent & Reverse Disease with Life Changing Organic Fertilizer

Alright! This is John Kohler with
! Today we have another exciting episode for you. I’m here coming at you from my backyard
garden, and it’s a beautiful day. I’ve been working on the garden all day, like cutting
down tomatoes and getting ready and preparing my beds for the new season that I’ll be planting
some fall crops. And the reason for this episode today is because I’m going to share with you
guys a brand new fertilizer product that you guys never heard of before. And this is like
the next generation in fertilizers, which I believe everybody, people that grow produce
for their home use but even like, you know, for commercial applications, this is a fertilizer
that they really need to use. It’s an organic fertilizer and it’s a lot different than any
other. So, you know, that’s what this episode is about.
But before we get into that, what I want to talk to you guys about is something that is
very important to me, right. What’s really important to me are trace minerals and getting
them in to my soil and that’s why this new fertilizer that’s never been shown before
anywhere is very important. And for that actually I want to reference this Senate document.
It’s from like 1936. It’s called Modern Miracle Men, and this is a senate document, you can
look it up, it’s actually at or whatever. It’s document 264. And back in the
1930s they knew how important trace minerals were. And I want to read a few things off
this little document here. So, “Modern miracle men, Dr Charles Northern, who built health
from the ground up,”. So it starts off, “Do you know that most of us today are suffering
from certain dangers, dietary deficiencies which cannot be remedied until the depleted
soils from which our foods come are brought into proper mineral balance”, right. And for
those of you guys that are new viewers of mine, if you haven’t seen any of my videos
before, you know, as you guys know I’m really into the trace minerals. And this whole document
summarises from back in 1936, that’s what, 80 years ago or so, like a long time ago,
that we knew about this stuff then. And, you know, I’m not going to read this whole little
booklet thing for you. But I do want to read, you know, the last section of it for you guys.
And it ends off like this, right, to summarise, it says “The public can help. It can hasten
the change. How? By demanding quality in its food by insisting that doctors and our health
departments establish scientific standards of nutritional value that growers will quickly
respond. They can put back these minerals almost overnight, and by doing so they can
actually make money through bigger and better crops. Is it simpler to cure sick soils than
sick people? Which one shall we choose?”. I mean this came out in the 1930s and, you
know, nowadays there’s a lot of sick people. And, in my opinion, one of the main reasons
for this is, besides all the processed foods, junk foods and animal foods being eaten in
over abundance, and all those foods don’t contain the trace minerals. And that’s why,
as home gardeners, you guys can play a direct role in growing trace mineral rich foods.
And for those of you guys that watch me, you guys know that I advocate things like the
rock dust and like the sea solids, like the ocean solutions or sea 90, which is basically
minerals, trace minerals that you can foliar feed or put in to your soil so that your plants
can uptake these minerals. And so one of which is right here. This is actually the CBD rock
dust that I like to use at California that’s the best salt deposit. So with the rock dust
and the sea minerals, right, you’re just providing your plants the minerals and what nature would
provide naturally, and you hope and pray and you cross your fingers that if all the systems
are working, you got good beneficial microbes and bacteria and all this stuff in your soil,
they’re going to break down something like the rock dust in to a form that the plants
could absorb, so that they’ll have the trace minerals in them. So that when you eat the
plants you can now get them in you. And you could be healthier than the average American
that’s just eating produce out of the store. Whether it’s conventional or organic, right,
it’s not a whole lot different. The mainstream agriculture is concerned with
3 main minerals- the N P K, that’s what’s on the fertilizer bags. And that’s why I don’t
recommend you guys buy, you know, synthetic chemical fertilizers, one of the many reasons,
because they only have 3 main minerals and sometimes they have up to 16 to 18 minerals
that they pay attention to. But on the periodic table of the elements, you know, there’s over
a 100 different minerals and I believe they all play an important part. And that’s why
I like to add the rock dust, right. And so that’s my approach to gardening. And that’s
what I have enriched my soils with 5 different kinds of rock dusts and used different ocean
solids to get these trace minerals in. And I just hope that it’s all working properly
like it should. And so, you know, and the growth in my garden is a tell-tale soil that
things grow a lot better in my garden than to other people’s gardens in my area growing
the same exact crops. My plants are bigger, more vigorous, more disease resistant, and
more importantly they taste better. Because once something tastes better it’s usually
better for you, right. So we all know that tomatoes from the grocery store tastes like
crap and the one that you grew yourself, oh my god they’re amazing!. But what if your
tomato could even taste better? Because it’s some of these trace minerals that really play
a role in, you know, the plants creating different compounds within it.
So as you guys just heard, the way that I’m doing it, I’m just kind of giving it the shot
layer approach and putting everything in there, and hopefully if nature and biology work out
I’m going to get more nutritious crops. But it’s not guaranteed, you know, that it’s going
to work or the uptake is going to be great, or you know, than not. And some videos online
maybe even say that rock dust doesn’t work because there wasn’t any big major uptake.
Now I have an upcoming episode coming out where I interview a rock dust expert and explain
how rock dust may not work sometimes and how testing may show that it’s not working. And
there’s ways you could design it or test so that you could show this. So as much as I
wish every farmer and even, you know, corporations that are growing food for people out of the
rock dust which is really important, I think that something even more important than just
kind of like, you know, throwing out the shot and it’s getting like a direct shot and being
more precise with the trace minerals in our food. And that’s what I want to share with
you guys today. I’m going to introduce to you guys next actually, the formulator of
a new fertilizer product that you guys never heard of because it’s something totally new
and different and not available anywhere else only on his website for now. And I met this
gentleman about a month ago at a health trade show, because I’m in to that industry. And
this is probably the biggest thing that I discovered at that trade show was, you know,
growing crops with specific trace minerals that may be beneficial for certain disease
conditions, you know. Because I believe that many disease conditions may be partly due
to a mineral deficiency. So who I want to introduce you guys next to
is Robert Van Risseghem, who is the inventor of this new fertilizer that can not quite
guarantee but ensure high levels of uptake of certain trace minerals in to your plants.
Now Robert he’s been into gardening and growing food now for maybe the last 6 years. But before
that, you know, for a large spell of 20 years or so he was in to this stuff. And this is
his book he wrote, it’s called “Table of the money changers” and this is all like back
in the olden days how they would extract precious metals or minerals from different things such
as animals, for example. Because he worked in the industry of basically refining alks
and taking waste products from different industries and refining it down and extracting precious
metals from it , that he could sell for a lot of money. And so, you know, because he
was involved in that industry he really understands minerals, how to absorb certain things and
attach certain things and how it could be separated from things using different kind
of ways. And due to an unfortunate series of events, you know, he found out that he
really wanted to get out of that industry on just refining precious metals but learn
how to utilise these precious metals and other trace minerals you know for the good of human
health. And so actually let’s go over and interview him and ask him why specifically
he got in to, you know, making a fertilizer product from refining heavy metals and let’s
learn more about this unique and new and different and life changing fertilizer product that
he’s offering. So now we’re here with Robert and before we
get into talking about the soil solution GTF or Glucose Tolerance Factor Soil Conditioner
a.k.a. fertilizer, you know, I really want to get in to, you know, sharing his story
with you guys on how he got in to this because he didn’t just start making fertilizers because
he wanted to. He knew all about the precious metals, the trace minerals and how important
they were. John: And Robert why did you get in to making
a fertilizer from, you know, refining precious metals because that’s probably a pretty lucrative
industry? Robert: When I finished writing the book,
The tables of money changers, and I had refined, my father had come down with pancreatic cancer.
And during the finishing up of the books and some of the claims that I was making, I wanted
to ensure that I wasn’t plagiarising anybody’s work. And so I bought a few books. I bought
Robert R Brooks’ book- Noble metals and biological systems. Where he talks about precious metals
in the environment and marine sludges, how we use them in chemo therapy, how they are
used in medicines, just the entire array and I was fascinated by it. But one of the problems
that was discovered back in the 70s when Platinum was first discovered was that it was effective
on chemotherapy and reduction of tumors and how it worked. It was all explained in this
book. I realised that I could take and solve a problem that they had back in the 70s and
that was to put platinum into food. If you look at the world health organisation’s
information on platinum, there’s actually experiments on how they tried hydroponically
to put platinum into food with the intention of the delivery system of platinum mineral
into our diet for the benefit of reducing or, hopefully preventing or reducing tumor
size. And so from that I was fascinated, I understood I could do that, and with my dad’s
cancer I was disappointed that I hadn’t done it. Anyway, after he passed away I started
doing it and two other people in our family had come down with cancer 5 months later.
They’ve used our product, they used traditional medicine also. But they’re both cancer free.
And whether that’s from our product or doctor’s treatments, who knows. But we were successful
from that time of delivering platinum, which is a precious metal, into plants and from
there we started switching from refining metals to actually putting metals back into dirt.
And it was a big change. John: Cool, so what he started to do is actually
he started to grow foods with minerals in them. So instead of taking like a mineral
supplement that it might say you have, you know, a 100% of your US RDA or 500% or a 1000%
of your US RDA and you take the supplement, you know while it may be in there doesn’t
mean your body is going to absorb it all. So he learned, like I have also, that we can
absorb things through plants. And our bodies will only take up as much as it needs and
the rest will be washed away. I mean a simple example is iron. If you eat an animal based
source of iron, you know, it’s highly absorbable and your body will keep uptaking it. Even
to the point where it’s not good, because iron causes oxidation, it causes oxidative
damage, right. And if you eat iron in plants, in spinach or kale or other leafy greens,
our bodies are only going to absorb what it needs and the rest is going to just pass out
of us. And so now he has this bio available platinum, which is not any kind of supplement,
it’s just literally powdered lettuce that’s rich in platinum. So, Robert, how do you do
this? Robert: It’s a natural uptake. We take the,
I use a bio mask for manufacturing the soils. Our soils are 100% organic in nature. We control
everything that goes into it and when we have a bio mass large enough we then manipulate
the platinum into a bio degradable form and we feed it to the microbes. So, you know,
everything, all the platinum numbers that’s in that plant are from a green life testing
through a certified lab. Our numbers in lettuce receive a maximum uptake of 2500 to 2600 parts
per billion as a maximum. If we enrich the soils larger, that’s the maximum lettuce can
take. There are other plants that hyper accumulate to a higher level. We’ve chosen lettuce as
our base for the simple fact that you harvest the entire plant. In certain plants the roots
will take up more, certain plants the stems will have all the food. Lettuce is pretty
consistent and it’s a great test medium and it’s a good food.
John: Yeah, I mean I tasted some of this stuff. It tastes kind of like butter lettuce to me.
So yes this platinum one, this germanium one, and this ruthenium one. So why did you choose
these specific minerals? Robert: These three minerals are associated
in the delivery system of chemotherapy, which in the radioactive form has in themselves
can cause damage to our bodies, even you know hair loss, you know, chemofog from over exposure
to radiation and chemotherapy . But the intention of those is to deliver these minerals associated
with the medicines that I found in Robert R Brooks’ book on chemotherapy, and to deliver
them in the food form. Our intention isn’t to treat cancer. Our intention is to supplement
our bodies to prevent cancer. Platinum is found, all of these minerals are found in
our food system. I use Walmart lettuce as a control sample, and by doing so I’m showing
that I’m not introducing new mineral to our diet but just in a higher amount. Walmart
lettuce has about 6 parts per billion of platinum. John: And how much is yours?
Robert: 2500 parts per billion. We have a reason for doing such work and this was to
see the need on how we lose platinum in our diet. Robert R Brooks’ book has one section
in there on minerals and precious mineral and biological sludges or marine sludges.
The highest levels of these precious metals in marine sludges are at the outfalls of US
sewage treatment plants. You can actually mine these minerals. One of the tests that
I did when I worked as a sewage treatment plant operator was to do a fire assay on human
waste. Actually recovered a precious metal vein. You know, this goes back to some of
crazier things that I did with refining and how I realised how our lives are so intertwined.
In nature these noble metals are completely part of our system. And they should be part
of our diet. But the point is, is the food preservatives. If I were an oncologist and
I gave you chemotherapy that uses platinum, the antidote for that is ethyl sulphate. Ethyl
sulphate is an oxidised sulphur compound. All of our, most of our food preservatives
except citric acid and a few other ones, are sulphur based compounds. These sulphur based
compounds not only strip platinum, they’ll strip gold, silver, copper, molybdenum from
our liver, they will strip lithium out of our systems. Just those minerals, those trace
minerals alone affect so much of our aspect of a good quality life and when we’re running
deficient they’ll show up as symptoms. And then you’re going to the doctor and the doctor
is treating the symptoms. So the reality is all those symptoms started from the lack of
trace minerals. And there’s enough evidence in so many case studies from naturopaths,
I’m not qualified to make those studies but I’m qualified to pick up the book and read
it for myself just like anybody else is, that these minerals play an important role in our
health. John: Wow! So I mean when you guys are eating
processed foods with preservatives, it’s pulling the, it’s leeching the minerals out of you.
I mean you guys got to get off the processed foods, if you don’t do anything else. I mean,
we’re going to keep going on this, but processed foods I got rid of that 20 years ago in my
diet. And I want to encourage you guys to get rid of that stuff in your diet because
that’s not healthy. I mean you guys know this, right. So watch out for all those preservatives
in there. Robert: And like I said, we can replenish
by eating Walmart organic lettuce which is a great lettuce. I’m not saying anything bad
about it. But if you’re building it up at 6 parts per billion, by the time you get back
up to what you need, it could take you 2 years to get up to the saturation that you lost
from one exposure to a salad bar where they sprayed sodium metabisulphite on the lettuce
to keep it from turning brown. It just leaves our defence systems naked. This is platinum
and the oncologist books through all of the research on it, they know that platinum bonds
to our DNA at a specific link. When they are administering it, and the oncology books are
actually testing to ensure that they have the saturation. My belief is these minerals
should always be part of our DNA. Without the proper DNA building blocks, DNA collapses.
And it collapses and then shows the symptoms. John: I mean I totally agree. That’s why I’m
really big on the trace minerals. And I’m glad that now he could literally get some
of these trace minerals in food, in form that you could eat. And so yes, he does have these
available. Though actually I don’t really want to even talk about these products today,
we’re here to focus on actually the fertilizer product.
Now before we get in to that, I want to, you know, go over this. This little book here.
And this book actually is actually it’s an online reference that I want you guys to check
out. It’s Doctor Duke’s phytochemical and enthnobotanical database. And what this does,
this goes over different trace minerals. So here’s boron, here’s copper, molybdenum, potassium.
And I want to get to one that’s important to me these days is Selenium. Something that
I believe many people may be deficient in. And on the selenium page there’s a lot of
research here. And this shows some of the different biological activities, you know,
that it’s anti-oxidant, anti-parkinsonian and anti-tumour and anti you know this and
that, anti-depressant. It says it’s a cancer preventer right here. And it talks about the
plants with the highest amounts of selenium. So people know that Brazil nuts have usually
the highest amount of selenium. But this reference also shares how much selenium could be in
Brazil nuts and it could be anywhere from, based on what they’ve tested, three to four
hundred and ninety seven parts per million in there. So imagine if you get that Brazil
nut and have three and you think you’re getting enough of your selenium by eating a couple
of Brazil nuts a day, you’re not, you know. And so, and oh then the next highest one is
catnip. So I’m actually going to start growing some catnip. That’ actually says a hundred
and twenty three parts per million, which is the second highest. And then common garden
thyme, you know, is next, it’s sixteen parts per million.
So Robert, so how did you get in to using Dr Duke’s database and what’s the significance
of this information to you? Robert: The significance of that is I use
that for a road map. It will identify what the biological benefits in the activity are
of these minerals and the compounds that God created these plants to manufacture. But more
importantly, through using this database I’m allowed to specifically match a soil to specific
dirt. And what I bring into the table through doing that is to actually bring a more consistent
and precise, like what we talked about with Brazil nuts. We could have three parts per
million or we could have, you know, almost five to six hundred parts per million. The
difference with what I bring to the table is we can precisely have the specific number.
So when you’re actually consuming a Brazil nut product, and you’re not sure if you
need three or three hundred, based upon that range to get the nutrients and the biological
activities that that food presents to you, by having a precise delivery system we narrow
that margin or that range. So we know that when you’re consuming that product you’re
within that range. And we can do that with just about any mineral that we’re adding
to the soil. When I spoke with Dr James Duke, wonderful man, great research scientist and
has added tremendously to the industry by putting that database on. He was 40 years
with the US Department of Agriculture. And the database shows that well we got our money’s
worth of that gentleman. But what we didn’t have and what I spoke to him was I asked him
what was the soil samples, what was his reference? And his point to me was and his answer was,
it was wherever the plant grew. So his database may not have the range that we’re looking
for either. There might be areas in the world where that Brazil nut is even higher. There
might be areas in the world where the Brazil nut is even less. So, you know, my point is
our soils are everything. By adding trace minerals to our soils we can end up with a
meaningful diet that can actually be a supplemental diet, where we can meet our daily recommended
amounts in small enough amounts, so we’re not walking around with this. We’re walking
around John: with this!
(laughter) Robert: There we go. I am not a nutritional
salesman. But apparently you sell juicers. (laughter)
John: So as you guys just heard that, you know, Brazil nut product may contain various
amounts of selenium in there. But Robert, you know, like if you look at when you pick
up a package of Brazil nuts at the store; like I just bought some Brazil nuts at Trader
Joe’s, you know, for myself to make sure I get my selenium because it’s a very important
mineral; it says on the back how much percentage you get that’s in there. I mean, is that
label truly accurate to what’s in the package or is it or what?
Robert: There’s no labelling requirements, not requirements, there’s no labelling voluntary
requirements that good producers are putting on now. And in fact there’s an association
right now that’s looking at where we can actually scan if a farmer that’s putting
a quality product out there can actually send it in and have the bio available minerals
that he’s testing for on part of his labels. And hopefully we’ll get to that. When you’re
buying from Trader Joe’s or you know, your local grocery store, all of them have a bar
code on it. If you go to my facebook page you will actually see how to read that bar
code for country of origin. Brazil nuts actually have higher selenium levels if they’re grown
in Bolivia. The two areas in the world that have the highest level of selenium bio available
in a plant and that is Senegal, Africa, which has very minimal AIDS, very minimal cancer,
and Bolivia, same thing. And we’ve known that just like we were talking about earlier,
becoming more aware of what we’re lacking in our soils, China where they have the highest
levels of visafa geo cancer. And because China’s people are their commodity, their government
was proactive. And to correct the incidences of visafa geo cancer they added molybdenum
to their soils. And it had a beneficial effect. These trace minerals and when we’re looking
at commercial farming, there isn’t a beneficial effect unless you have a measurable result
and you can put a value added product and the farmer can get a return on the value added
product. So when we’re looking at these minerals and we see a farmer working harder
at supplying a good quality product, be sure to reward that farmer and see what other products
he’s actually putting out there. Because he’s doing it for his health, for your benefit,
not his well being or his profit line. And because it’s just so easy to consider yourself
a good farmer by your profit line. And your profit line doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve
put quality food out there to the market. And so growing your own
John: Yeah Robert: Like we say is ideal
John: Cool. Yeah so basically, you know, on a label it’s like they’re using the averages,
you know, for the most part. So you don’t really know what’s in there, you know, it’s
on the average and if you want to trust averages, you know, to ensure you’re getting the different
nutrients you need, you know, I don’t know, I wouldn’t. So yeah and try and become a
better gardener by incorporating some of these minerals in known amounts in the fertilizer
so that my plants will get the uptake, right. It’s very important, instead of like with
the rock dust where you’re hoping that you’re going to get the uptake and you’re going
to have you know, rich high quality fruits and vegetables that you’re growing at home.
So Robert, if somebody wants to grow a food with high platinum in there, you know, are
you selling a fertilizer now that they can grow a high platinum food?
Robert: If they want to pay the price. We use 999 (three nines) fine platinum in the
production of that. It’s not something you’d want to put on the ground. Everything is in
controlled green houses, controlled environments. And one of the problems with putting something
that expensive, you may be disappointed with the investment if you don’t have the proper
controls. Because these are micronutrients and they do wash out easily. So in our green
house we control our Ts, we control our replenishment as we’re harvesting, we know exactly how
much platinum to replenish over the course of one year to do a supplemental addition
to our soils and through that. I don’t believe anybody would want to buy that other than
buy the product. I think it’s a little cheaper to buy the product than what it would be to
make your own soils. John: Cool. So how much is , if you don’t
mind me asking, how much does the soil that grows this lettuce, like if you had to put
a dollar amount on the soil that’s just growing this lettuce, what is it worth?
Robert: The true value, the platinum levels that we’re putting in to it is 1 gram of
platinum for about every pound of top soil. So when we’re up to one yard, our growth,
the platinum is actually the cheapest about when we’re up to one yard because the amount
of labor and with the research cost and the testing, we’re about $20,000 a yard is what
we’re looking at in our soils right now. John: Wow, and I thought I had some expensive
soil using all the rock dust, you know. I think I’ve put like 10 bags of rock dust,
so it’s like $200. Then like all this, all these beds on this side of my yard, that’s
nothing man, that’s like $20,000 to grow this stuff. So you guys can grow, well if
you’ve got the money you could grow platinum rich produce. But what Robert does have available
is this product. And this one’s actually called the GTF, I mentioned it earlier, the
Glucose Tolerance Factor Soil Conditioner. And this one’s made for a specific purpose
in mind. And so, you know, it says here those with diabetes may have a deficiency in any
of the following minerals – chromium, vanadium, molybdenum, zinc, sulphur, potassium. This
glucose tolerance formula is designed to replenish these minerals into your vegetable garden.
So now instead of taking an isolated supplement that you don’t know the uptake you’re
going to get, you’re going to be able to use this fertilizer to ensure you’re going
to get high values of these trace minerals into the food that you’re growing. And then
consequently when you eat the food you’re going to get those into you.
So Robert, why did you decide to put this GTF soil conditioner together?
Robert: I put it together because of the need. Diabetes is next to cancer. It’s one of
the most, yeah , take the entire family wealth and just throw it right into insulin. It’s
unbelievable that our diet has led us down this road that we can see these diseases from
deficiencies. Truly the glucose tolerance factor we can see a much more measurable result
as we’re using this product. If you’re, you know, most diabetics are keeping track
of their insulin use or their blood sugars every morning. I believe that somebody growing
their own foods will see a result on that. This product’s that new that I don’t have
those results. But because it’s a group of people with a specific illness which they
were self monitoring, I believe they’ll be the first ones to tell me whether the product
works or not, whether my whole idea is completely wrong. But I believe this is based on sound
principles that our certified analysis show that when you’re eating, if you use this
product to grow radish, you can get a 177% higher chromium in that radish you’re using
this product through. You know, we’ve validated that through the product testing. So the difference
is to get to your daily chromium need, from that testing it shows that 4 radishes will
give you the daily recommended amount. Where if you, if we didn’t have it you would be
eating 20 to 24 radishes to receive that level of chromium. You know, most of the time most
diabetic supplements have chromium and vanadium in it. We add the molybdenum to it because
through some of our research, our liver function is important for bonding proteins to both
chromium and vanadium. And without those proteins that the liver will bond to those minerals,
sugar just doesn’t recognise them in the blood stream and you’re ending up with a
higher blood sugar count. And you know, I’m not a doctor, I’m not a dietician, I’m
just using other people’s data to do that. And the supporting data that I have is on
my Facebook page Naturally Noble, facebook. And you can find exactly where I’m finding
this research. I’m just taking the research, funnelling it from that knowledge base into
a product which makes sense. And making claims, that is impossible. But proving the data,
we’ve done that through certified lab. We actually test for 65 different elements plus
a precious metal sweeps on all of our analytical. And they’re certified through certain security
zone exchange certifications. John: Cool. So, do you have any testimonials
from people using this and growing their own food and any changes in, you know, their
Robert: Pretty much, because it’s this new of a product, I don’t have any blood sugar
testimonials. I do have, you know, some results from, you know, our lab analytical just for
the uptake of the minerals in the plants. This product has just come out late in the
growing season, this last spring in 2015, that we’re expecting we’ll see more uses
of it as we educate people more on how to use it. It’s actually that new on the market.
One of the products that we’re putting together on this here, because there’s a lot of home
farmers that just don’t have a backyard like this. This is awesome. Some of the calls
that I’ve had is to take and see if we can do a wheat grass kit using this product and
using the same technology. Before I bring that product to market, we’ll have a complete
testing where we’re just the same way that we did with our radish testing and our other
garden testing. We’ll actually be able to control the supplement by providing the soil
and everything associated with that growing process. And using your juicers we will be
able to measure and have a measurable amount of what these minerals are to be able to tell
you just exactly how much juicing you need to do, how much wheatgrass, to achieve these
daily doses, our supplemental dose. And that’s, it’s a 100% food. But it’s a measurable
result. And I think that’s what we’ve been missing by just saying eat this plant
or eat this food, we’re actually missing the test data to say did we achieve what we’re
looking for in our diet for that specific day. Are we running with a deficiency that
we need to supplement because we don’t have any other choice?
John: Wow, these are like designer fertilizers, man. So he’s got this book here that’s
got he’s got all the testing in there. And I’ve looked through this and basically he
has the different testing for the different minerals. So, for example, the zinc, in the
zinc in our control, our radish, and the radish he used the product on is like over twice
as much. I want to go and just maybe skip to the back here and give you guys a summary.
But in the test results here the 177% increase in uptake of chromium, 62% increase in the
uptake of vanadium, 56% increase in the uptake of molybdenum and a 113% increase in the uptake
of zinc, you know, by simply using this. So this was designed for people that want to
get these trace minerals and it’s says that those with diabetes may have a trace mineral
deficiency. But me for one, I don’t want to even get diabetes. So that’s why I want
to use something like this product, put it in my soil to make sure I get these trace
minerals because if you’re deficient in these minerals, you know, that may be a cause
for getting diabetes as well as other situations. I mean, we wonder where this book and in this
book, you know, they go over each of the different minerals and some of the different problems
that can occur if you don’t have those minerals within you. So you know, I would rather be
safe than sorry, and that’s why I grow my food, and that’s why I use the rock dust
and that’s why I’m going to start using now the GTF, even though I don’t even have
the diabetes. Robert do you have any comments on this?
Robert: You know, it’s one of the first products that we have. We will be doing mixtures
of other minerals just for specific, our next product is actually for, to help people that
are fighting depression. You know, the main problems that we have in our diets today,
you know, once again going back to the amount of preservatives that we use and the sulphur.
But leeching that much lithium and salt out of our bodies, there’s a tremendous need
for putting minerals back into our soils. And we’re seeing, you know, that these needs
are so drastic of a need that we’re seeing massive symptoms, you know. Our grandparents
had never heard of bacteria eating away at our own bodies. And that’s, you know, my
personal belief is it’s the lack of silver that we’re not retaining in our system.
As silver is still in our food, to some level, but we’re just losing it. And yes so it
isn’t always just the depleted soil, a lot of it is how we’re exposed to different
things. There’s a different correlation between eating seafoods of mercury and selenium
to combat the mercury that it works very well. That if we eat a food that’s, seafood that’s
saltwater that has a lot of selenium, you can have the same amount of mercury but the
selenium detoxifies the mercury. I encourage people to do internet searches on that. I
don’t have that information on my database. But that just shows you how it may not be
that we’re not getting the right nutrients, we’re just lacking because of the other
contaminants in our environment. John: Wow. I mean, yeah, trace minerals are
really essential and we can get them all through plants. I also want to encourage you guys
to eat a healthy diet. And the healthiest diet, in my opinion, is one that contains
predominantly plants. So fruits and vegetables, eat lots of them, and especially the ones
that you grow yourself with the trace minerals, including the GTF. I’m looking forward to
using this in my garden, and looking forward to Robert’s new and upcoming products.
Any last words that you want to share with my viewers today, Robert?
Robert: Just one other, you know, a word of caution on using these databases for self
diagnosis. They were never designed for self diagnosis. But how I normally look at these
databases is if you have two or three of those symptoms of a deficiency, you know. I ran
into a gentleman who had a number of copper deficiency symptoms, and it was very apparent
that he had a copper deficiency. So to address things, you know, everybody sits at the same
table in your family. If symptoms, if you’re using these databases to look at possible
symptoms, then always consult your doctor. But I believe that a doctor isn’t going
to recognise the symptom and call it a symptom that the rest of your family has. So by all
means be smarter with your health, take control of your health, don’t self diagnose with
these but use them as guidelines to identify what deficiencies you might need to replenish
in your garden or in your diet. The last thing is the positive and negative charges of minerals
are huge. When a plant takes in a mineral, it does two things for you- it brings it in
a particle size that’s bio available for you and it also surrounds it with negative
charge enzymes or proteins, get those two mixed up, but it surrounds that and gives
the entire molecule or chemical compound a negative charge. The lining of your stomach,
the lining of your small intestine are all positively charged. They draw it right in.
We don’t find these with a lot of our supplements that are chemical compounds or minerals that
just stay in the positive charge form. That’s why they will expel out of your body without
a proper absorption level. John: Wow. Yeah, very important, grow your
own food, that’s what after my twenty years of teaching about health, learning about health,
that’s why this is where I end up about growing food and growing the highest quality
food for you and your family. So you guys could, you know, have the highest level of
health. And once again, for me this is about preventative right. I don’t want to be diagnosed
with anything down the road, and that’s why I am using these things now. So I have
these trace minerals within me. My body is going to absorb what I need and if I have
excess, you know, it’s just going to go right through me, and I’m not going to uptake
them, right. And I want that for you guys also. So, you know, because I was able to
interview Robert here, he’s putting together a special package for you guys. This here
is meant to do one cubic yard. I know since you guys are home gardeners, you guys don’t
deal in yards or mixing up yards and stuff, so we’re going to have a smaller size package
that has the levels on there to add for per square foot or per square foot garden. So
you guys could start using these minerals growing higher quality food, getting those
trace minerals in you. And, you know, so that you could be healthier in the end. And that’s
why I do these videos. So if you’re interested in getting this package deal, only it’s
available through GrowingYourGreens special discount for you guys, check that link, I’ll
put it right down below this video to go to Robert’s website and to order it. If you
guys enjoyed this episode on the trace minerals and the new fertilizer that I think even large
corporations, home gardeners and everybody should use so that we could get higher quality
and more trace minerals in our diets. Because it’s my belief that these do cause issues
and one of the big problems today is mineral deficiencies in my opinion. And this is the
solution, right. This is the solution. So if you liked this episode, hey please give
me a thumbs up, I’ll get Robert on a future episode, maybe I’ll even try to visit his
place one of these days and see the $20,000 soil. And also be sure to click that Subscribe
button right down below to be updated of future and upcoming episodes. And be sure to check
my past episodes. I have over eleven hundred episodes now to teach you guys all aspects
of gardening. And in addition to this, I still recommend you guys to use the rock dust, worm
castings and the compost teas and the other biology and sea solids that I like to use
just to make sure you got the other trace minerals in there as well. So, yeah, once
again this is John Kohler with . We’ll see you next time, and until then
remember – keep on growing!

46 thoughts on “Prevent & Reverse Disease with Life Changing Organic Fertilizer

  1. Have to say this is one of the best videos you have done with having a guest speaker. I have to go and see the website and read all the research he has up. Keep up the good work John and hope you have him back again and I would love to see that expensive yard lol.

  2. I am a novice gardener and I have had good success so far using tips from your videos. This is by far the best and most comprehensive video yet. I hope this product will be available to Australia and I hope backyard gardening will become more common in the world.

  3. Interesting product. Nitrogen is not a mineral, btw, and iron doesn't cause oxidation. Iron jst oxidizes more readily then other metals. I think taking in plants infused with high level of specific mineral has some health risks, as u can overdose, especially metals. Consuming enough variety of organic veg and fruits, provides all the minerals your body needs without the risk of overdose. This product would b useful if a person knows specifically that he is lacking a particular mineral and can benefit, otherwise i see od risk.

  4. hey john i grow medical cannabis and i am currently using advanced nutrients witch is synthetic i would like to take an organic route . whats your recommendations

  5. he should do Silver, i know people that go crazy over the health benefits over silver, eating it, breathing silver vapers in, drinking it, and wearing it

  6. Hi John, thanks for this episode. I'm very curious now to learn more about how Robert converts the metals into a form that is easily absorbed by the microbes and the plants. I hope you can find out more about this in a next episode where you show the $20,000 soil 🙂

  7. Hey John, could you talk about the enzymes that we are not getting with the produce we are buying at grocery stores? Would love to hear more about that, not many talk about it

  8. Let us talk about what is necessary to incorporate in your lives if you really want to lay a foundation for health.

    Many of you really have heard many of these things quite often – they are not really new to you,
    but again many of you may tend to forget when you come across the idea whether it is yourself
    or someone else of a so-called specific disease.

    You tend to forget the idea very often that it requires a very basic understanding to begin with to
    create an environment within your body that will in many cases simply prevent the onset of any kind
    of disease whatsoever.

    These basic requirements again you have all heard them, but let us take a refresher course at this
    time and it is basically as follows.

    It really is in your terms quite a moot point to discuss any specificity about the idea of how to cure this,
    how to get rid of that, how to clear this and that up, unless and until each and every one is fully utilizing
    these simple principles in their life and number one would simply be this.

    #1.Oxygen. – Many of you do not necessarily allow yourselves to get the full requirement of oxygen in
    your system – especially, no offense, in the way that your atmosphere happens to be at this time in
    terms of the fact that it is loaded with pollutants.

    The idea of course is the oxygenation of the system is the primary fundamental key that allows all of
    your cells that capacity to build themselves in the way that they need to be built.

    Oxygenation of the system is the fundamental element to begin with and can to some degree be enhanced
    to the best of your ability by making at least an attempt to find some relatively clean environment, and or
    at least oxygenation of the system through the idea of deep breathing exercises, some kind of yoga practice,
    or at least some kind of restful meditation wherein there are deep, regular breaths or at least the idea of
    relaxation so that you are not in that sense “panic breathing” which is short breaths not allowing the idea
    for oxygenation of the system to fully occur.

    Number one than oxygen – oxygenation of the system.

    #2. Hydration of the System. Do you have enough water? You are as physiological beings mostly water yet
    many of you will ingest many things that will actually divest you of the hydration of your system -dehydrate you.

    And as many of you are beginning to understand many of the so-called symptomatology’s that you might
    begin to attribute to many exotic diseases are actually nothing more than the symptoms of dehydration.

    In the sense then that your body is similar in a sense by analogy to a battery – if you do not have proper
    hydration, not enough water than your cells in that sense can burn out, short out, you can become in that
    sense dry like a battery and cease to function, cease to become electrically conductive.

    And in that sense also lack of hydration – lack of water in the system will not allow your cellular structure to
    flush the toxins in your system from the system and this can cause many forms of build-up that will allow the
    immunological system and many cellular and enzymatic functions to cease.

    Thus again causing many different kinds of symptomatology’s that can then open the door and lead the way to
    opportunistic organisms to bring about more and more complete forms of disease.

    So, the second idea is hydration of the system. Each and every one of you must find that it will be generally
    acceptable to have between one and two quarts of water a day otherwise you will find you may not really readily
    have enough.

    Now of course every single individual is different, but you must understand something very important, when you
    are actually thirsty that is your body’s final signal that you do not have enough water.

    If you had proper hydration you would rarely ever be thirsty so use that as a marker.

    #3. Exercise. You have heard this of course many times and again it is of paramount importance and is not to
    be taken lightly – exercise.

    Movement. Movement is like the ability to pump the body to allow the muscles to function as pumps for the cellular structures.

    To allow the water to flush the toxins from the system to allow there to be energetic revitalization and allow
    there to be strengthening of the muscular and skeletal structures to utilize all the different mineralogical
    elements that are going into the body and to allow them to act as building blocks nutritionally.

    Exercise and movement also in that sense will be representative of being active – of being energetic – of flowing
    energy through you rather than allowing it to sit around and build up and convert itself into mass in that
    sense what you would call “waiting to move”.

    In that sense in your language then the analogy of simply putting on weight because you are “waiting/weighting” to
    do something the idea then is to understand that oxygen and hydration and movement are critical.

    #4. The Reduction of Stress. Also then very important the reduction of stress in the system. Again many
    of the so-called symptoms that many of you attribute to the beginnings of disease are simply nothing
    more than the side effects of undue stress in your lives.

    We would highly and strongly recommend that you find in any way, shape, or form to reduce the stress
    in your lives and if that means letting go of those things such as work situations and so forth that you
    know in your heart of hearts do not serve you – I would recommend that you do so.

    Or at least use your imagination to find a way to convert that situation into something more exciting,
    more enjoyable, more relaxing for you.

    Reduction of stress is of paramount importance in your society.

    #5. Elimination of toxins. The actual attempt at elimination of whatever toxins may already be in the
    system – removal of the toxins from the environment you are in – removal of the toxins – cleansing of
    the system for the buildup of toxins that may already be in the body is also of critical importance.

    And there are many different kinds of cleansing rituals that one can take advantage of to allow the system
    of the body to be cleansed out from the build-up that may have occurred over time, and to allow yourself
    to remove from the body many different kinds of heavy metal poisonings.

    And to allow yourself to pay attention to what it is you put in your body in terms of the pesticides and the
    heavy metal toxicity that may exist side by side with many of your food stuffs.

    So, removal of the toxins from your system is also of paramount importance

    #6. Lightening up your diet. The idea also of lightening up your diet in many ways especially in that in your
    society you have many different kinds of hormone imbalances and toxic substances that have been
    injected and added to many of your food stuffs.

    Lightening up your diet will at the very least assist your body by the ingestion of more and more food stuffs
    that contain higher amounts of water such again as the vegetable food stuffs in that sense that are mostly
    water just like your body, and eaten in raw, fresh, state as organic as possible will also be of great assistance
    in lightening up your energy and allowing for cleansing of the system.

    Some small amounts for certain individuals again where necessary of protein perhaps even in meat form is
    acceptable from time to time, but we would suggest that you do not overdo it.

    Especially in this day and age on your planet where you will find that many of the protein meat substances
    on your planet as we have said are heavily laden with all sorts of toxins, so be very cautious about that idea.

    And also understand that as you do accelerate your energy, as you do accelerate your systems, it will be less
    often that you will need such support and you will find yourself being highly energized by less and less and less.

    And the more natural your food is in that sense – the more capable it is of giving you – of delivering nutrients
    that you need and energizing the system so that you actually need less food.

    So you will find that these things will work hand in hand that as you clarify your system – give it oxygen, give it water,
    reduce the stress, so on and so forth your body will be more receptive to the nutrients that are there in your natural
    foods, and as you then feed it more naturally, you will find that you will be energized and require far less.

    So these ideas are simply the foundation of health and if you will allow yourself to recognize that these are very
    simple things that can be added to your life you will understand that in shall we just say
    for analogy’s sake 99.999 99 99 99 99 99 percent of the cases – these six ideas alone will eliminate
    almost any chance you will ever have of contracting any kind of disease in your life at all.

    So when you talk about the idea of how do we cure Cancer, how do we cure Aids, how do we cure this, how do we
    cure that? That’s how you do it!

    By changing the lifestyle in that way, and making sure your body has the foundational things it needs so that you
    will simply never get these things, because the body in and of itself has the natural intelligence to never bring about
    these kinds of diseases if you simply supply it with the immediate natural fuels that it needs which are oxygen
    and water and lack of stress and lightness of food in that sense.

    Plain and simple that’s really all it will take for most of the things and most of the ailments you find that exist upon your planet.

  9. Would like to see how to buy the Platinum product, but can't find it on the website, only alittle info and a picture, how do you buy the lettuce/platinum product?

  10. I wanted to order from Jim's Naturally Noble, Inc web site but it is just one page without any order information and just has a facebook link of which I am not into social media.
    Do you have an update when he is going to have a phone number and website to order at?

  11. +Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens, Awesome John! I've learned a lot from your videos. I live in Ecuador, so I'm able to grow food all year long. This year I started to grow part of my own food, and so far I think I'm doing good because I've followed your advices ( I have cucumbers, bananas, tomatoes, plantain, lemons, oranges, zucchini, watermelon, gac, etc.. etc.. etc,). I'm doing my own compost, and stopped using chemicals, and my plants are greatfull!!. I’ve seen that some people complain for long videos, but I think they are very informative and if you listen carefully you’ll learn a lot of tips. Keep it up! Thanks!.

  12. Please let us know where to purchase the Platinum Product? Really believe this because my Uncle's and Aunts are all in there 90 (Nineties) and have all been farmers eating from their home grown gardens. Never went to the grocery store. Raise their own cattle for beef and home grown vegetables.

  13. This was a great interview of information that was shared by you and Bob.; thanks John. Bob has returned my call and answered all my concerns.I placed my order for the gallon GTF for 2016. Thanks for the 20% as it was very helpful John. I will be able to start with the wheatgrass and Spring with the raised beds. This is pretty exciting as Bob indicated there are more products on the horizon as this is only the beginning. I use Azomite and will be adding GTF to the soil. Apparently one cannot overdose or it gets to the toxic stage…fantastic product indeed!

  14. If I'm going to use a fertiliser I prefer organic most definitely! Trace elements are very important – my citrus trees are a prime example they won't flourish unless they get proper amounts of minerals and vitamins they need.

  15. nother great vid John..this is highly important data and I think the future of medicinal gardening and our respective health/longevity..appreciate~~~

  16. Yes John they knew in the 1930s that our soil was deficient in minerals. The medical industrial , pharmaceutical , and oil, fertilizer complexes diluted this finding. Look at us now. Processed foods, no vegetables in our diet has led us to the fattest most unhealthy nation on the planet despite spending the most on our disease care system that we have. I have applied your knowledge in my own garden. I grow food all year round have chickens and bees on my urban yard. We juice and eat real food every day. BTW I am a physician and it shocks me how sick young patients are now a days. Chronic systemic diseases that did not exist a generation ago. The corporate system wants us sick to make money. Don't cure disease , prevent them. Love the vids.

  17. Dr, Joel Wallach has impacted wellness with much research and started out with degree in agriculture and then became a research veterinary and found that many of the diseases zoo animals and in agriculture suffered from same human disease. He has written several books and one release a couple of years ago Epigenetics:: The Death of the Genetic Theory of Disease Transmission. He developed a soil revitalizer several years ago, a humate soil conditioner & plant food containing up to 76 Organically bound earth elements here is link: He also develop organic plant derived minerals and in his research found many diseases reversed when certain minerals were added to diet. He always says :We are not what we eat, we are what we absorb". Many are not able to uptake the nutrients because of gut issues. He went on to become a natropathic doctor so he could treat his patients with the organic plant derived minerals and had great results and went on to found a medical nutrition scientifically proven and clinically tested. Dr. Wallach actually sued the FDA with his own money to be able to make the health claims that Selenium has been shown to reduce risk of different cancers. He is also the reason infant formulas now have selenium in it though not enough. and its not just any Selenium. Gerhard Scrauzer did extensive research on Selenium and its necessity. can search on youtube Dr. Joel Wallach Selenium. here is my link to these scientific nutrients of the highest quality. Unfortunately our soils are very lack in nutrients as shown in the Government report in the 1930s

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