Printing and Sharing Your Garden Plan

[Music] The Garden Planner offers many different
options for printing and sharing your garden plans. To see the printing options, open the
garden plan you’d like to print and click the Print Plan button on the toolbar. You can see that the default option is
to print the plan on a single page. This scales the plan so that it just fits on one sheet of paper without distorting. So, if it’s a particularly wide plan it will
scale to fit the width, as shown here, whereas if it’s a particularly tall plan it will scale to fit the height of the paper. Printing your plan on a single page is ideal if your garden plan is not much larger
than 30 feet (10m) in either direction. For any of the printing options, you can choose the Landscape paper orientation, which is good when printing wider plans. For example, there’s little difference in
the size of this printout because the garden plan is not much wider than it is tall. For plans much larger than 30 feet in either direction, shrinking them to fit
one page can make the detail on the printout too small. That’s when you’ll want to use these other
options, as they enable you to print your plan
over several sheets of paper. Here are a couple of examples. This plan is very wide but not very high. If we just use the default option of Fit-to-Page, the resulting printout looks like this. But as you can see, it’s quite small when shrunken down to fit a single page To improve this, we can select the Landscape paper orientation option here. When you click OK, the Garden Planner will give you
instructions for selecting Landscape orientation. The method varies depending on the type
of computer you have. If you have a Mac, the orientation option appears in the
first print box that comes up. On a PC, the landscape setting will be somewhere
in your printer’s preferences, and you may need to look under the
different tabs. Each printer has a slightly different printer preferences box on a PC, so this is just an example. The resulting printout in landscape orientation looks like this. Selecting Landscape has improved the
size, but because it’s such a large plan the
objects are still quite small when shrunken to fit a single page. To increase the size further we can select the Fit to 1 Page High option which will fill the height of each sheet of paper. This will allow room for your plan to span
across several pages along the plan’s width, like this. The plan is now printed on 6
sheets of paper. By combining this option with Landscape orientation, we can achieve something in between. The resulting printout is a good-sized fit of 3 printed pages, which is probably the best option in this case. Here’s an example if the opposite type of plan – tall, but not very wide. In this situation
the best option would be Fit to 1 Page Wide, which will fill the width of the paper and allow it to spill over onto several sheets downwards. In this case, Landscape paper orientation
will also work well. The resulting printout fits the width of the page and fills 2 sheets of paper, which is a
good size. Along with the various options for printing your plans, the Garden Planner can publish a plan to
its very own webpage which can be shared using email, Facebook, Twitter, or any other online service you use that
allows you to share links. This is also the ideal way to view your
plan and plant list from any mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet while you
are in your garden. To do this, click the Publish Plan to Web button on
the toolbar. The first step is to add information about your garden. You can add as much or as little as
you’d like. In just a few clicks, your garden type can be specified by selecting from the available options. The more information you include, the easier it is for people to find your plan if you have selected to let others see your plans in your Account Settings. When you publish your plan to the web,
the Garden Planner will convert it to an image. You can choose the quality of this image
here. You’ll want to use a smaller size if you plan to view it on a mobile device, or a larger size if you want to copy the image into a
document. Once you’ve included all of the information that you would like to appear on your webpage and adjusted your settings, click the
Publish Plan button. Converting and uploading your plan will
take a few seconds and you can see the progress here. As soon as it’s been published, the link to your plan’s own web page will appear here. Click it to be taken to the page. Because this is a permanent link to
your garden plan, you can now easily copy it into an email, or you can click the buttons at the top
to share your plan with friends and family online. By clicking the link to view the plan
full-size, you can download your plan as an image
or print it directly from your browser. If you selected to include your
plant list and notes they will be available below the plan. Each plan you publish will have its own separate web page. If you make changes to your plan, just
re-publish it in the same way to update the image.

4 thoughts on “Printing and Sharing Your Garden Plan

  1. How about an option to buy the software rather than pay a yearly subscription? I'd like to know that in a few years I can still use the software and the plans I've made in case you guys go out of business. This is the one thing holding me back.

  2. If Garden Planner is a scaled down version of the growveg subscription version then is it possible to see which features are not supported in the Garden Planner app? Also is it possible to print out the planned raised beds to a hard copy since it’s too hard to see the cell phone/app screen outdoors due to glare/sun?

  3. Some thoughts having now watched all the series (bar this one). As previously mentioned, I seriously think you need to get some input from Charles Dowding to improve it (growing indoors and multi sowing for example) and to help promote it; and I think suggesting companion planting and intercroppers should be included for more effeciant cropping or are they already there on the individual plant details? Either way, I think they need to be on the plan if planed/used. Please note I have NOT used the software yet, just watched this set of videos.

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