PRO-MIX PG ORGANIK for Organic Growing

if you’re an organic grower it’s looking
for a certified organic mix for starting seeds we have a solution for you
PRO-MIX PG ORGANIK. PRO-MIX PG ORGANIK is designed not only for seed germination
but also for plug production in which you start seeds as well the PRO-MIX PG ORGANIK is an ideal mix for basically different types of crops including edibles so your
vegetables your herbs small fruit and also you can use it for flowers it is
listed with different organizations such as OMRI so you know that it is in fact
certified organic growing media the ingredients in PRO-MIX PG ORGANIK
includes the following the mix contains mostly basically a fine sphagnum peat
moss about 60 to 70 percent by volume which is designed to help with water
retention and introduction a little bit aeration to this we also add coir a coir
fiber which unlike peat moss which is that hydrophobic coir will absorb water
and help with water absorption in the product we also add fine vermiculite
again to help a little bit of water retention it has some minor nutrient
retention but not real high and we also add an organic wetting agent derived
from yucca which helps the peat moss to absorb water after all peat is as I
mentioned before hydrophobic also to this we add calcitic lime stone the
calcitic lime is designed to adjust the pH to about 5.5 to 6.0 by keep in mind
the product is less than a month old it could be a little bit lower than that
because the water in it or the moisture inside the mix hasn’t activated the lime
and last we add in a starter fertilizer charge which is consists of an organic
poultry manure product with a seaweed based product by blending these together
we produce a product that has both macro micronutrients which lasts about two to
three weeks we do recommend however starting fertilization within two weeks
so that it gives an opportunity for natural biological population in the
product to build up so it can start breaking down the fertilizer charges one of the unique features about the
PRO-MIX PG ORGANIK is it does not include any compost now compost is a
great product for mixing in outdoor soil it adds nutrients but the problem of
compost is it tends to be heavy weight it tends to plug your air space in the
growing media which could make you know make the plants grow kind of slowly and
it can also increase the opportunity for root disease issues our product on the
other hand since it doesn’t have that in there it’s more lightweight so it’s
easier to move around it has better air space so your root system tends to grow
healthier and faster so you can actually get a faster transplant coming from the
PRO-MIX PG ORGANIK. well as I mentioned there’s basically
two reasons or two differences one is a nutrient charge with conventional mixes
you have water soluble fertilizers that are instantly available for plant uptake
however with organic production those fertilizers are we do need some
microbial breakdown in order to make them available so you generally need to
look at a little bit of a delay in fertilizer being available to the plant
second also the organic wetting agents different the organic wetting agent will
last basically about four months in the product again it’s due to the fact that
organic wetting agents like candy to microorganisms they enjoy chewing on it
and you break it down rather quickly so again if you can use the product within
four months doesn’t mean the product is bad it just simply means the wettability
might be starting to decline in that case you can always apply an organic
wetting agent so PRO-MIX PG ORGANIK is again an ideal seed germination mix for
organic growing as I mentioned it’s lightweight product so it’s easy to move
around you get faster production of your crops because of the fact that there’s
not that sluggish growth through the compost in there and it is a quality
product that you can rely on consistently from year to year bail to

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