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like this is this is weird like look at this whoa mutant I’m turning into an old man that’s what happens to old men really yeah yeah you’re good okay okay all right hey guys how’s it going Aaron and Benjamin are joining me for this Q&A video today I convinced Aaron to be in this video because we’ve been getting lots of questions from you guys about what kind of setup we have in terms of drone video equipment editing software software is that the right word see that’s why I don’t answer these questions No and like where we get our music for videos and stuff like that so he is much better answering those types of questions and all Benjamin’s with us tonight because you know what we just didn’t get a lot done today because it’s a lot harder to do videos super hard when you have a baby in the house I laugh at myself now because I thought before we had and I’m like oh it’s not gonna be a big deal I’m good at multitasking like I can I can have a baby and do videos and take care of the garden in the house all by myself yeah it’s so much more work than we anticipated yeah we get like nothing done or next to nothing we’re trying to keep up on videos work I’m not doing as good of a job as we were doing but I think it’ll get easier and easier and I wouldn’t have it honestly any other way because being able to spend time with him is the most important and the best thing ever so I put out a thing on Facebook and Twitter today asking you guys to ask us questions about all the things so what I did is I scream took a bunch of screenshots and we are just going to go through and answer as many questions as we can sounds good okay so these first ones are from Twitter how do you care for air plants I have three air plants at different times but just can’t seem to keep them alive so I had kind of a hard time with air plants in the beginning in fact I think we’re gonna dedicate an entire video to air plant care here really soon so I’m just gonna kind of skip answering that question but stay tuned for that video next one is do terrariums need air holes so we just did a video like last week we did a terrarium that had some succulents in it and it was kind of misleading because in the fast version of that project you could not see that there were air holes in that and the terrarium it’s not necessary for all plants like if you do moss and ferns and those kind of hue humidity loving plants they can take it fully enclosed Arum terrarium but if you’re doing things don’t like it humid you know like more of a dry climate like cactus and succulents you do want to make sure there’s air holes and there are two air holes in that terrarium did not show up in the fast version I explained it in the long version probably more of an editing mistake on my part I mean it’s just always a good idea to watch the long version if we include it because I do explain a lot of things way more in depth like care and those types of things so that terrarium did have air holes so those plants will be just fine so I get spin shot a bunch of personal questions too because you guys asked a bunch of good ones I think so the first one is how did the two of you meet it was at church my dad’s a pastor and we met at church yeah like when I was a teenager yeah we started going to your church when I was like 17 I think so anyway we didn’t really start hanging out though until early twenties mmm so hey Elaine asked could you talk a bit more about starting plants from seeds and greenhouses and does it matter what type of seeds you purchase I see seed packets from 10 cents apiece to $5 apiece does it make a difference um honestly I would just check the packaging I think for most credible seed sources there needs to be a purity and germination rate included on the seed package somewhere there’s usually like a stamp or a sticker oh hey buddy you okay so yeah I would just check the back of the seed packet look for that information and I honestly don’t think it matters what the cost of the seed is as long as the germination rate is high and then the purity of course you don’t want weed seeds included in there and because I see seeds like I mean we sell seeds bulk seeds at a minimum of a $2.00 packet which you get a ton in the bulk area for two dollars all the way up to like $6.99 $7.99 $8.99 for some of the prepackaged ones and there’s really no difference in like the quality of seed it’s just usually a difference of a variety like if something is harder to grow so there’s not as much seed out there etc okay so this was an excellent question but misses a ontwitter what’s a project you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t had the chance to tackle yet do you have one you thought about that well okay so my room is very different I want like thirty thousand dollar camera well that’s a recession for you then so that’s what that’s the project that’s the project good luck yeah my it’s kind of well okay so I’ll give you Mike my fantasy project and then my reality project so my fantasy project is to be able to tackle like without a budget to be able to go through all of our gardens and almost to start look with like a blank slate like tear all of the stuff out that is misshapen or diseased or like it’s starting it’s old because you know plants have a lifecycle to and start completely over and do it all like English estate style with hardscape and statuary and beautiful mature plants and you can buy hedging that’s almost like a hedge already I would do that if I could afford it so that’s my fantasy project that I would love to tackle as far as a reality project I would love to dedicate a huge space like a vegetable garden sized space for cut flowers I would like to just do row crops just to row crops of flowers so that I could cut them and not feel bad about bringing them into the house because as it is now I love to do cut flowers for the house but I feel like I plant the flowers in my garden I like in my flowerbeds to look pretty in my flowerbeds like I plant things in layers so that you can see all those colors together so if you’re cutting them to bring them inside you’re kind of taking them like out of that garden element and kind of taking away from what your plans were for if that makes sense for you feel better so anyway I would love to do a big big cut garden but in row style so I don’t feel bad about cutting them that’s that okay so next one is my question is when shopping at the nursery do you pay for the plants and trees get a discount or are they given to you you’re very lucky to have the choices that you do have I know when I worked for some companies it was gratis at times is that gratis gratis gratis I don’t know I don’t know so that you could talk about it Thanks so various different things many of you know that my parents owned a garden center and I have worked there for many many years so I do get a discount I cover definitely cover cost and shipping and all that stuff but I do get a discounted price on plants I hardly ever get any free plants unless I’m taking stuff like that with samples that were given to us by a grower or something they sometimes drop off like loads of sample play not very often or my parents they will occasionally like I’ll go into my office and they’ll be a plant that I’ve been eyeballing and my mom knows I really want it and she’ll put it in my office with a note or something in there it’s really sweet but I usually do pay I pay something for the plants however we do work with quite a few companies like you guys know we work with proven winners so it often times we will get a shipment in of plants specifically for projects for them that we’re working on and those we don’t have to pay for so that is a very good question I’m sure a lot of you guys wanted to know that so okay this question is actually for Erin I’m having a problem with weeds and bugs on my lawn which is st. Augustine grass are there any products you could recommend I would say you should follow the lawn care nut on YouTube he’s pretty large he’s got a hundred over hundred thousand subscribers and he lives in Florida and he has st. Augustine grass we don’t so I don’t think I could really give you any tips or pointers there but I’ll bet you he could I got his channel I got on this channel tonight oh yeah like before we started just to see what kind of stuff that he’s got lots of stuff on sale yeah yeah the lawn care net check him out yeah it’s garden answer a hobby or a real job with him income well it depends on what you call real job it started out a hobby June of 2014 was when we uploaded our first video and it was a hobby like we were doing it all weekends and evenings and stuff yeah two years before it became kind of a real job for us it’s a real job we we do create an income off of it if you watch our videos on YouTube there are advertisements that play ahead of the video like a pre-roll ad we make a little bit off of that now watch the whole ad yeah yeah subscribe on YouTube and watch the video twice and watch the ad yeah we also work with companies to do videos and stuff like that so yeah it’s a real job I do work a little bit like I said at the garden center like I help out that’s kind of my status I help out at this point yeah ever since I got pregnant and then had Benjamin definitely don’t have the time to spread myself that then so we you know something had to give how do you keep Russell away from your plants my cat eats all my plants oh that is so hard so Dexter was like the model cat he never bugged anything in our house never got into my like the dirt in my that’s never ate my plants never and sniffed my plants rustle this was kind of a naughty kitty he is in his teenage years right now and I will tell him to not like it’ll be in the middle of the night and i feeding Benjamin and I can see him over there messing with my plant and I’m telling him like rest because I can’t be really loud because I don’t want to like wake him up Foley and so in wrestling just looks at me and keeps on doing it oh it’s so frustrating I know I mean like the only thing that works is a spray bottle that works for him and he’s not doing it quite as much as you also used clear tape on the windowsills when you didn’t want him to stuff they don’t like sticky stuff at all yeah that works for a little while yeah that was when we had the Christmas tree up I put sticky tape I’m like packing tape upside down on all my windows cells cuz you jump up on the windowsills and then jump into the tree and he never bugs my tree after that it did peel some of my paint up but on the way he’s like on the ends you know I folded it over so it stuck down and it peeled paint up right there what is a good editing program for videos and what do you use to record the videos so I got started I bought a Mac MacBook Pro like right before we started making videos and it comes with iMovie that’s what I started with after about a year and a half I upgraded to Final Cut Pro which is like the step up step up from that I guess it’s they’re both made by Apple that’s all I have experience with it works for me I tried to use Adobe Premiere which is another program that a lot of people use couldn’t figure it out they just didn’t click with me so Final Cut Pro I think is the best that’s what I use now but I movie is great so now I’m gonna move on to a few Facebook questions and the first one is kind of funny because it’s something I never thought anybody would ever ask me ever and it was the most liked question of the whole bunch and Rebecca asks hair and makeup tips I know you once told us you use the cheap products on your hair but do you blow-dry flat iron etc I never fancied myself one for like beauty questions hair and makeup and stuff like that because I don’t I don’t feel like I do it well in fact you guys have probably noticed only wear my hair one way but that’s because that’s the only way I know how to wear it so let’s do want some of this yes I’ve really curly hair naturally curly hair and it’s kind of a pain so I actually do blow-dry it and usually I goes up like wet at night and then I blow-dry at half wet hair in the morning and then I use a flatiron and sometimes a curling iron on the bottom and it stays relatively tame depends on the humidity you should make a get ready with me yeah we’ve had a lot of you guys asked and I don’t know if it’s just allowed minority minority of you guys asked me to do it like a hair tutorial I just don’t feel like that would be very well-received on a gardening Channel and so it makes me kind of nervous maybe one day we’ll do it but I do use Chi silk infusion I do use the shampoo and conditioner if I feel like spending the money on it but typically I just use cheap shampoo and conditioner cheap hairspray but the cheese silk infusion is probably it’s like the only thing that I use like consistently makeup tips I use all like departments not department store like box store like Walmart makeup I do wear lots of sunscreen though so I don’t know if that makes a difference oh okay and this was a really good question I thought because I’ve been asked this before and I always forget to talk about it I was wondering what you what do you do with your drip system in winter how do you get rid of water and pipes and if you don’t doesn’t damage the pipes when it freezes so we have both in-ground sprinkler system and then above ground both pop-up sprinkler like riser here some risers and then brown drip tubing and they’re all on the same kind of irrigation system we just have it blown out so compressor yeah although we we have a guy that comes and does it for us I’m cuz he’s setup and he can come and just you know do it we don’t have an air compressor so we yeah that wouldn’t work but yeah anyway so all the water’s out of it so the brown drip tubing and stuff it lays on the ground in the winter snow hits it whatever you usually I hope that most of it’s covered with some kind of a mulch so you’re not seeing the tubing but it still is it’s more exposed but there’s no water in it so there’s no harm to it I’m very curious about your video process from equipment how you use the equipment to pull off such a casual yet polished look to how you edit maybe Aaron needs his own his own episode I wish he would do his own episode I think that it would be really interesting like to show all the gear and I could I could film it for you you could film it I can go over the gear really quick there’s not that much actually the camera I use for 90% of the filming is a Canon a DD and the reason I like that is because it has an articulating screen it also has really good autofocus which is really nice for the videos where I’m following you around the garden it’ll just autofocus on your face I like that feature I use Sigma 18 to 35 millimeter F 1 point 8 lens like you get all that yeah and I use that for about 90% of what we film in fact that’s what I’m using right now oh if you go to our website yeah if you go to garden answer comm there’s a gear tab and I keep it fairly updated as far as all the gear that we use like tripods drone drone and type everything so and I recommend everything on that list so hello from Michigan I’m considering a green house what are the benefits of having a cold frame versus a heated greenhouse which do you recommend for bitter cold winters do cold frames provide enough warmth for plants or seed starting so a cold frame in a greenhouse are definitely two very different things we have a cold frame which we’re not trying to do in any seed starting it’s definitely not good for seed starting because it only keeps it like 20-25 well a cold frame is non heated writing house right so it only keeps it like 20 25 degrees warmer maybe maybe more on hot days it gets blistering in there we’re making fans going but it’s yeah definitely not suited for seed starting and heated greenhouse would be lovely that’s that’s on my hike well we just don’t know anything about it to be completely honest we kind of wanted to set up a greenhouse but we didn’t know you know where to get one from exactly how to set it up temperatures double double whining like double wrong you can get double walled heated like poly greenhouses so something like ours but it’s got two layers of plastic and there’s air that blows in between the layers and it keeps it way more into the insulation layer yeah we just don’t really know so if anybody wants to take a trip out to Ontario or again set one up for us and set up a greenhouse and teach us how it works we will do an episode I would love like it’s on my wish list one day along with a baby grand piano to have a heated greenhouse that has electricity and plumbing like a real floor with dreams that’d be nice yeah you know I when we go to England I’ve been in a couple of greenhouses that I absolutely love I don’t know if you guys have seen those they’ve got either brick or stone like you know a few feet up the wall and then it’s metal with glass they’re so beautiful and it’s one of my dreams and my mom’s too we both would love to have one of those types of greenhouses it would be and then you know get so cold here in winter typically it’s not this is like a a typical winter for us but it gets so cold that it would be a nice reprieve in an area where we could grow some things like this I’m so thankful we have an extra bedroom where I can put these row lights and have plants in here where it’s warm but you know you always want more no it’s not the same quite how are you balancing the baby and having time to shoot videos like this yeah so if he does not sleep for very long he I think it might have to do with how he grazes so he doesn’t eat a huge amount or like a full bottle hardly ever he’ll just have a little bit and then go to sleep and we do try to stimulate him and keep him up as long as possible so he’ll eat as much as possible but he just kept naps all the time like all day and all night it’s getting better he is I’m eating a little bit more of going longer stretches so I think it’ll get using it easier but for the first few weeks it was super hard to do videos in fact one of the grandmas would come over and watch him when we get some video stuff done but now I think he he’s staying up longer and or sleeping a little longer so either have him in videos with us or he’ll be sleeping probably like right off camera we did that once I took him out to the greenhouse it was 70 some degrees in there one day and so he brought out his little bassinet and we just said set him up in there he slept the whole time it was lovely it’s just a new normal you know you just have to be able to roll with it and I’ve tried to be good with that thankfully I haven’t dealt with any postpartum depression or anything like that so thankful for that and it’s been a fairly smooth transition smooth ish I mean honestly I’m being married for over eleven years I kind of expected it to be a little bit harder and I’ve always been fairly independent both of us have so I wasn’t really sure how it would be but I don’t know when you have them it’s just like it’s the best yeah like I don’t want it to be any different way so you’re the best you’re so cute okay guys so I think we’re gonna wrap it up at that I think we hit some gardening stuff some equipment stuff and some Benjamin’s – yeah and so we kind of did the full circle yeah sorry if we did not answer your questions we just tried to like randomly select a bunch of questions and we’ll do this again here probably pretty soon maybe like once a month or something yeah we always say that we always say we’re gonna do things more often we’ll see anyway thank you guys so much for hanging out with us and we will see you in the next video bye bye

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