Q&A – How often do I need to fertilize vegetables?

How often do I need to
fertilize my vegetables, Walt? And we’re going to let
Jo Jo add on to that, too. Well, I will say at
a minimum, twice. I do like to
fertilize at planting. I like to put down 6-12-12. That just kind of gets
things kicked off pretty good. And then at some point
in the growing season, you’ll have to come
back and side dress. And that’s when
you just, you know, side dress your sweet corn and
your tomatoes and whatever to keep the yields up. Now one thing I do want to
warn, when you side dress, it’s usually with nitrogen. Do not get it on the leaves
because it will burn those plants. But at a minimum, twice
you should fertilize. Okay, Jo Anne? Well, I agree with Walt. But I like to side dress my
plants or vegetables after I get my first crop off
of their season. So, I got to get my first crop. That’s when I side dress. And you use nitrogen, as well? Ok. Ok.

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