Q&A – I put too much fertilizer on my plant. Can I save it?

“I put too much
fertilizer on my new plants. Is there anything I
can do to save them?” Miss Mary, what do
you think about that? – I don’t think
you’re going to save them. – You don’t think
you’re going to save them? – I don’t. – Too much
fertilizer on the new plants. – Did it just burn
them up, I assume? Or? – Too much
fertilizer can do that. Yeah, but is there anything
that you can do to save them. – Dig ’em up. – Dig them up, ok. [Chuckling]
– That’s a thought, I’ve done that with blueberries before, dig them up
and replant them. I wonder what kind of
new plants they are. The only thing
that’s going to… I wonder which fertilizer,
he put too much– – (Chris)
That’s what I wondered. – If it’s nitrogen,
nitrogen stays out there from four to six weeks. And water will take it out,
and so if you’re over nitrated you’ve got an immediate burn,
and if they’re still alive, probably going to be ok. If you put too much
phosphorus out there, then he’s got years
to worry about that. – (Chris)
Right. – Put too much
pot ash out there, it’s just this year, you know,
next year he doesn’t need to add any pot ash. – (Chris)
That’s a good point. – If I were him
I’d get a soil test, and find out exactly how
much too much is– – (Chris)
Fertilizer, right. – But as far as moving
the plants is an option. – (Chris)
Moving the plants is an option. – You can’t take, we have no way
of sucking lime, or– – (Chris)
You can’t take it out. – fertilizer out of the soil. Mother Nature will take it out
eventually through leaching. – (Chris)
That’s what I thought. – It’s not a good thing to do
because it costs you money, you waste money when you
put too much fertilizer out, and then you also potentially
contaminate groundwater. And you don’t want to do that. That’s why we always
say– – (Chris)
Don’t guess, soil test. – Don’t guess, soil test. And just put out what you need. – Put out what you need. – Save you some trouble. – Yeah, you’re exactly right,
’cause waiting on it to leach out, or trying to flood
that area to force it down, you just don’t know
how much is in there, and you can’t get it out. That’s going to be the deal.

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