Q&A – What is making dirt mounds in my yard?

“What is this and what do I need to do “to
take care of the problem?” What do you think that is, Joellen? – It looks like moles to me, because the dirt
is disturbed like it’s been pushed up, rather than dug a hole, so I would think it would
be moles. – I would think so, yeah, they pretty much
just pushed it up, just tunneling through, probably looking for food somewhere. – I don’t know about you, but we’re getting
a lot of calls about moles and how to control them right now. And it’s the same thing, a trap, those traps
where you put them over the main run, you find the main run, and you set the trap over it and it catches them or
kills them.

3 thoughts on “Q&A – What is making dirt mounds in my yard?

  1. I thought she said mould first. We don’t have moles. So what else could cause this. My whole back garden is now hills and valleys.

  2. My yard has this going on. I don't have mole tunnels..It looks like blow holes. We have a lot of clay here..What ever is coming up on these his is a different kind of dirt. I am off the New Madrid. Missouri has a dormant volcano. Any thoughts?

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