Queer Eye’s Fab Five’s Most Embarrassing Hair and Fashion Mistakes

-Clearly, you have to feel
the love from this crowd. [ Cheers and applause ]
-We do. -We love you all! -Guys, welcome to the show. Thank you so much
for being here. And I want to say, first of all, congrats on
the Emmy nominations. -Thank you.
-Six. Well done. -Seven.
-Seven. He’s got one on his own. -You got one on your own,
as well. Look at you. Wow. [ Cheers and applause ] -Thank you.
-It’s just a great show. And I want to say before we even
go on to the interview — But what you do for the people
on your show and kind of making
their lives over, it’s one thing,
and it’s beautiful. And if you haven’t seen
the show, you should watch. But, also, I just want to say it also affects everyone
watching the show. -Yeah.
-Thank you. -And really, I —
I’ll go, “Oh, my gosh.” Everybody’s like,
“You’re gonna cry.” I put it on,
and I’m just, like, weeping. I’m like — I’m just so —
‘Cause you’re just so positive, and you just go — it just —
it comes through. And it’s really genuine
and just — It’s smart,
and it’s good television. -Thank you.
-It’s really great. -Thank you.
[ Cheers and applause ] -I want to just go back
a little bit and just see if there’s any hair
or fashion or style choices that you’ve made mistakes
in the past. I have some photos I want
to show you, just so… -Oh, yes.
-Oh, please be Bieber. Please be the Bieber look.
Oh, no. -Tan. You had a haircut
that you tried out. -I did. I will —
-This works for you. -Thank you. And so I wasn’t
always known for my hair. -I think you were, though.
-Leave me alone. That is so mean.
You are so vile. So vile. Here’s the thing. Like, I — I like to believe that
I started a certain trend and then this megastar
decided to copy me. -You’re telling me —
-You’ll see what I mean. -You’re telling me that you had
a Bieber cut before Bieber? -He didn’t realize it was me
who inspired him. -Early Bieber.
-Early Bieber. -Early Bieber.
-Yeah. -He was giving that —
-Oh, yes! [ Cheers and applause ]
Yes! -Tan, that is
the worst thing ever! -What you don’t see
is the white leather belt that he was wearing
with that look. -Oh, really?
-And the fist pump. And the fist pump.
-Wait. No. Wait, wait, wait. -I like the fist pump.
-Look how pretty I look! -Oh, my God.
-Beautiful. -Bobby —
-Adorable. You are adorable. -Bobby, your regrettable… [ Laughter ] …fashion faux pas
was from actually –. -Yeah, it was just like
a year ago, I think. -Walk me through it.
-Um, well — -That was before
I got to your color. That was before
I got to your color. -You know, there was
a very specific look, I think, that producers in the beginning
had in mind for me. I think — They’re like —
Lies! -…”He’s the blonde one. He should dress like Carson
dressed in the original.” It worked for Carson.
-You liked — You liked wearing clothes that were the same color
as your skin. It was lovely.
-You know, and in my defense, it was also like 108 in the
summer in Georgia on that day. -I don’t think it’s —
-Can I just say? Can I just say? -Yes.
-Like, Bobby, our journey together and hair color
has been amazing, I feel. Because wow. The most improved.
-This is natural. -I know. Most improved look.
So beautiful. -Yeah.
[ Cheers and applause ] -“Our journey together.” Karamo.
-Yeah? -You think you’re —
You had a — You wore — -Yeah.
-Oversized clothes? -Oversized clothes.
I mean, anybody who’s a product of the early 2000s,
listened to hip-hop, your clothes were like
three times oversized. And so —
-Let me see. -Yes! -It’s not bad.
-It’s back in style. -I want that, honey.
-I don’t mind it. -I’m into it.
-That’s a good photo. That’s, like, legit,
a good photo. That’s, like,
a really bad humble brag. -Shiver my timbers. Gorgeous. -“Shiver my timbers.”
Oh, my God. Antoni, you had — you had
an interesting hairstyle. I had a lot of hair.
[ Laughter ] I’m growing it out now again,
but it was — anyway, yeah. -No, it looks great.
But here’s — here’s an old — a nice photo of you.
-Aww! -Wow.
-Oh, no! -My face was a circle. [ Laughter ] -You couldn’t even see anything. -Yeah, I was very round. I partied a lot in my early 20s. -Oh, you look good.
-Yeah. -Who’s that girl? -It starts with the floppy hair.
It was really cute. -It’s really
Ashton Kutcher-esque. -Yeah. Definitely.
-There you go. -Yeah.
-Johnathan. Any — Any mistakes?
-I — You know, I just — I’ve literally just been this,
like, beacon of personal style and good decisions
my whole life. [ Laughter, cheers, applause ]
So I don’t have any — I don’t, I don’t, I don’t. I wanted to participate,
but I didn’t have — I just — You know,
there’s no bad pictures. -This must have been
so uncomfortable for you. -It was.
I was like, “Uh…” -You did so perfect.
Yeah. I want to talk about this,
’cause I was actually gonna suggest to you guys, like,
you should go to Europe or do something, you know,
to do — -We love Europe.
-Yeah. -You do?
I mean, but then I found out you filmed the show in Japan.
-Yeah. -Yes.
-It’s so magical. In my opinion, they’re some of
the most incredible episodes we’ve ever done.
-Really? -It’s because
our cultures are so different. And they’re just the most
beautifully kind and sweet and civil people.
-And organized! And on time.
And — -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -It made my heart sing!
-Yeah, it is true. Bobby, you were in your element.
-Are you a big deal in Japan? -No, nobody knew who we were,
which was kind of nice, because with the show, now
people kind of know who we are, so when we walk in,
they’re like, “Oh, Tan, dress me, and, Karamo,
don’t make me cry!” And so things like that,
and so — -“Don’t make me cry”?
-That’s usually what I get. -Yeah.
-“Please don’t make me cry.” -Dude, do people cry
when they run into you? -Oh, my gosh.
Literally, people come up to me on the street and immediately
they’ll start crying. And I’m like,
“Nice to meet you, too.” [ Laughter ]
-Yeah. -It’s really sweet.
But I like it. [ Laughter ] -Yeah, why not?
-Why not? -I love every segment
of the show. Each one of you do a great job, but Karamo,
while we’re talking to you… -Yeah?
-…is there anything you can tell our audience
and like…? ‘Cause you’re, like —
You get in — You’re like therapy for —
-Yes. -And could you give us something
that we can go out on. -Yes. Everyone, turn to your
neighbor and say, “Neighbor.” -Oh, he’s doing it.
-Neighbor. -“I am loved.”
-I am loved. -“I am beauty.”
-I am beauty. -“And I am worthy.”
-And I am worthy. [ Cheers and applause ] -I actually want to show a clip. Here’s the Fab Five
in season 4 of “Queer Eye.” Take a look. -Can I teach y’all something?
So go like this. Oh, y’all got it? Ay! -Karamo’s got rhythm.
He’s got spirit. -Ay! Now ay!
There you go. -He’s mayor of Rhythm Town. My other sisters — -I was just gonna follow her. -…are not mayors
of Rhythm Town. -Five, six, seven, move! One, two! ♪♪ -Oh, oh, oh!
Whoa! [ Cheers and applause ]
Don’t ask me. -More with the Fab Five
when we come back! More “Tonight Show”
Come right back, everybody!

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  2. Wow. Second interview I have watched in a row where Karamo is an arrogant douche bag. Like, "Oh here's my bad fashion pic where I look amazing, I don't make mistakes."

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  9. Think it was pretty bogus Jonathon didn’t give/consent to a photo of him with questionable style. Dgmw, I 💛 him, I 💛 all of them.

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