Quick and Easy Guide to Trench Composting 🍑🌱

Hello my names sally and im from Natural Spa
Supplies This video is about tench composting
I’m new to trench composting but i think it’s a fantastic idea
we love to grow our veg here but last year because we’re on a water meter
we ran out of all the water we had collected and our vegetables suffered as a result. so
trench composting where you actually put your waste into the soil to improve all of the
qualities of the soil, that really grabbed me, and i had to start doing it.
as i did my research i found that someone had done a fantastic blog on 99 things that
you can compost and there is all sorts of things in that list- um such as sort of left
over bread and dist bunnies and most kind of concerning food waste but ofcourse at natural
spa supplies we use the raw products of nature and admittedly if you’re washing your hair-
the clay will go down the drain and you won’t see that again unless you’re collecting the
grey water, but some of the other products that we use- they’re perfect for composting!
Most people are just thinking about composting food waste but alot of your toiletries and
cosmetics- if you get the real raw products of nature can be added to your trench composting
and turned into your lovely healthy food. so there are different ways of organising
your trench scheme- i’ve got a diagram with a 3 plot system but because i want to enrich
the hole of this bed- i’m going to lay my trenches right next to each other. this is
one that i started six weeks ago- and thats just where i ended up last week- so i’m gonna
dig along here, and i’m gonna try get down about a foot- well thats a far as the soade
wants to go- but thats about a foot- that gives me – when i’ve got the trench- enough
room to put my compost in it and to cover it with atleast 4 inches of soil.
well that warmed me up so this trench will probably keep us going
for about 6 or 7 weeks. so then just tip your compostable food waste
into the trench plus any kind of un used raw cosmetics and toiletries. i’ll show you what
i mean in a minute. now you want to mix this in with a bit of
soil because it’s the soil bacteria thats gonna break all this down.
ok and then cover it wil atleast 4 inches of soil.
and then water it! ready for more compost now
now you might be wondering what sort of cosmetics and toiletries you can turn into food- i’ve
got a few things here the sea weed- thats my hair conditioner and
after i’ve got as much out of it as i can to condition my hair then this is fantastic
for the soil. we’ve got silk floss- we’ve got two types actually but this one is lovelyu
it comes in a glass vile, it comes with refills and all of the packaging could actually go
in your compost. i’ve got my beautiful olive toothbrush stick, its so fine and delicate-
it will reach any where in the mouth, carry it round with you, we send them out like this-
there is no plastic in the packaging- that could be composted too. this sponge is still
going but eventually it will end up in my soil, it will be full of silica which will
be good for the soil. and my amazing cotton scrubby thats as hard as gypsum- thats still
going i’ve washed it, ive used it, ive washed it, ive used it…. but eventually i’m hoping
i’ll be able to chop it up into little bits and that will go on my compost heap. we will
put a full list on the blog of all of our products that you can turn into food and infact
any of our packaging will be great aswell- all the envelopes we use they are all filled
with paper and that be great for you compost because you need a hole mixture of different
materials in there. so look for that list. i wonder whether you might be curious like
me to have a little look and see what is in my tench maybe from 3 weeks ago- see how its
breaking down, come on i think this is about 3 weeks old this part
here so i’ll just dig down, lets see what we’ve got.. well that is pretty impressive,
well you can see that there is really very little thats recogniseable- that might be
bit of sweed or a turnip peeling but that will rot down. i mean thats only 3 weeks old
if you consider what went into my fresh trench and what happens in 3 weeks its quite astonishing.
All the work that the soil bacteria is doing. i want to attrack some worms into the garden
because as you might have noticed as i dug through this poor soil we didnt see a single
worm, and i think it’s because the soil dries out too much and thats princably what i’m
addressing with the trench composting,so hopefully this time next year when i investigate these
trenches they will be full of worms because they do a tremendus job breaking down the
compost and really boosting the nutrients level of the soil and the drainage and they
do all sorts of amazing things. the worms that i am paticually interested in are called
earth workers. so remember i started this here about 6 weeks
ago and about 2 weeks ago i started actually planting with potatoes up to this point, and
i think here because so much of the rotting and such has gone on , i think this is ready
for a potato. its really crazy to think with these soap
nuts- i’m using them for my washing up, my laundry, and all sorts of household cleaning-
you can use then for washing the hair or washing the skin if you like- theyre just a dry tree
fruit with is full of natural soap- natural sapins, but it’s so crazy to think that i
can turn my washing up liquid and essentially my laundry powder into potatoes!
i hope that you’ve found the video useful, do have a really good look at the blog because
i’ve explained in detail how this is far better than sending things to the landfil- because
in land fill your food waste and all you cosmetics and toiletries waste is going to create methane
where as when you do it in the soil you do not create methane, its bacteria doing the
work, you’ve added air into the soil so it’s the right sort of bacteria doing the right
sort of work. so it’s just a another thing you can do not only just to make better healthier
food for yourself and to imporve the quality of the soil but it’s a much better thing to
do if you’re concerned about global warming, if every did these little tiny things- everyone
including the big businesses- the planet would have a far better future.
so please do try these toiletires and cosmetics or cleaning products, natural products that
can be added to your soil because there are all sorts of benifits to using them and its
also very cost effective as well and i do hope that you find this video really usefull
and that you will be out there in a jiffy with your spade digging a big trench but before
you do so please do share our video because thi si the way we can help and kind save the
planet bit by bit like that and please share our video and subscribe so you can see our
other nature based videos in the future..

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