100 thoughts on “Quit Your Job and Farm – PART 1 – 10 Small Farm Ideas, from Organic Farming to Chickens & Goats.

  1. I love the Organic growing of Veg.. How do the keep the ants out of the making of worm dirt ? because all of the making of the worm dirt  they use has food  in it being broke down . This will draw in ants…if Organic what do they use to stop them with out breaking the organic regulations. If I could figure this out I would go into Farming.

  2. I raise chickens, this video is pretty spot on. Buff orpington is the most docile breed, they are the dogs of the chicken world. The only thing I find fault with is that these farms are all near towns and have water piped in. Make sure you have a water source because e.g. cows drink 10-20 gallons each per day.

  3. Goddamn this is the longest top 10 I've ever seen, but hey ad revenue is important so why make a 10 minute video when you can stretch the entirety of the video to an hour and make a sequel. 8 ads in total I don't think you'll make too much bank from these videos, you need 8 ads a video to truly make your money's worth. But I must say the cinematography of this video is better than the 911 video which I find surprising because that's a government official video shot by George himself.
    A thanks to big money salvia, Tom Cruz is the zodiac killer, love.

  4. Dont listen to this. Farming sucks right now. Atleast for for wheat farmers. Prices are down land is expensive and the cost for production is going up while the reward is small. Luckily we should get by while our neighbors are going bankrupt. Its not worth working your ass off to get nothing.

  5. Thanks for the video. It's very informative. I personally have a fish farm and the goal is to live a sustainable life and make healthy products for people.

  6. I am Ashok Das from West Bengal. I have 20 years experience in organic farming, vermin compost, IPM, multiple cropping, diversified farming, rain water harvesting, liquid manure, Soil health management etc. I would like to training / workshop /demonstration to rural poor farmers community for their economic developments. I would like to engage this type of development activities in different parts of India and Abroad also. my phone. 9007673262. email. [email protected] .

  7. DUDE !!!!I literally live like 30 minutes from this chicken lady and work 20 minutes from Savannaha, Georgia. This video was great though. Appreciate the info. I'm practically guaranteed to meet the chicken lady in my venture.

  8. I am a sales person at a furniture store. I must say at least a few times a day "I would rather be working with farm animals". Our lives have been stolen from us by these corperations. They act like they own us after they hire us. They dont give a damn about us. They only care about profit margins. These corperations have a lot to do with the failed family statistics. They either demand the bulk of your time and pay verey little for your efforts or cut everyones hours to avoid health insurance cost and still pay you to little to survive. There is a direct coralation between having to work way to many hours or working two jobs trying to barely survive and not being able to raise our children properly. You cant teach them if your not home because you have to be at work. More and more Americans are waking up and realizing the system is set up in a way that most of us will never reach the comfort levels our parents had. We will always be struggeling so why stress our selves to death. It is far more important to spend our short time here with our loved ones than chaising the carrot they dangle in front of us. In other words the risk is not worth the reward anymore. Sorry corperate America but you can take your jobs and shove them up your greety tight ass. Dont forget you corperate idiots workers are also customers so when you pay us dog shit we cant afford to buy your products. We all lose in the end because of your greed.

  9. why did you show turkeys when mentioning how many people quit their jobs to become farmers. In RHode Island, the regulations would bring the initial investment to several million dollars where if someone sneezes within a square mile of the produce, you can't sell the stuff.

  10. awesome, hats off. and Thankyou.
    u make me thinking.

    just think where we are going. there is a big change in our lifestyle and opinion on entrepreneurs because the entrepreneurs are initiators to our bright future. encourage entrepreneurs and giving hope to the upcoming generation.

  11. I was working for a nursery school many years ago, we went to visit a lady who had a few chickens and a lot of goats. This was in the 80s.

  12. When I was a child there was a small plot of land in the suburbs that someone would have some cows every now and then. We would drive by going to the store.

  13. I want to have my own farm,so sad the food,water,our products and medicine.. mostly poison unless you buy organic and grow your own..this is what they want,dumb us down,keep us sick..😣need to move to community that has organic farms

  14. 29:43 "michelle is actually a professional gambler…" I had to back up and make sure I heard right.
    🤔I didnt know someone could be that!🤯

  15. I live in Tanzania and wish to export coffee, piga, fish, cow feed. Can you find a contact for potential buyers there.

  16. I kept chickens for the first time last year in my garage and 9 of them survived out of 12, 3 died in the first week due to health problems, and we sold them and people said that they were the best chicken they ever had. So you do not need a lot of space, just take them outside everyday

  17. Shame!
    Sell your Wife rather than killing innocent creatures!
    Beware of Karma, You will be born as whom you do kill for thousands of life time,REAP WHAT YOU SOW👌

  18. We are at a time in history where people are increasingly concerned about the environment (global warming, pollution), about corporate ethics (governments, Enron, Wells Fargo) and about what they ingest (food supply). All of us contribute to the economy by the purchases we make. Buying your produce or meat or fish from guys like these shows the power we have right in our own pocketbook.

  19. Support your microfarmers and stick a middle finger to the big guys! nobody can make you eat garbage gmo food from the large food chains

  20. Goats are easy! And my male don't stink at all!
    I got 2 Hunter cats for 3 years now and the goat feed is safe !
    I love my mini farm and would never go back to the city life …. Not for a billion dollars

  21. No, chickens do not require a lot of grazing space.
    Yes, they do, if you do it the old way, of letting them run loose.
    But I've got 10 chicks I'm raising, in a small moveable pen in the back yard. Every day, they are moved to new grass.
    I know I'll be butchering off about 5 roosters from this batch, so I should be left with 5 layer hens.
    I can easily house 5 layer hens in a 6'x6', 2' high pen, covered with chicken wire and a tarp.
    They eat the grass down in their pen every day, which cuts feed costs by up to 1/4th.
    Every day, I move them off their pathogens, onto fresh soil. In a week, the sun has sanitized the patch, and the grass has regrown.
    So I can cycle the pen over the same ground every week. No spot goes bare.
    Instead, the grass is fertilized and grows more vigorously than ever!
    How much space does this take?
    A patch of grass 12 feet wide, and 24 feet long.

  22. The music doesn't make the video better, it just makes it hard to hear and understand what they say sometimes.

  23. What I saw on this videos makes me think about it because it's amazing from eggs to chicken I like it, but I'm getting my 👵 age grant can I start plz help &I'm also baking 🎂 to sell

  24. I quit my two healthcare careers two years ago tomorrow and self taught myself filming, editing, all without internet its been a fun ride, enjoyed your video new here

  25. That Mule got roasted, bloody hell is he that bad? XD That aside, a fantasies documentary, with a diversity of farming methods; some old and some new. Fantastic job.

  26. I would quit my modern life in favour of subsistence agriculture, but the way the government is in my country it's not actually a choice. Even if I managed to buy a piece of land I would need to constantly be paying taxes just for existing coz the land here is rented, not owned, even if you own it. Would also have to get government permission to do anything at all like putting up a greenhouse or building a tool shed.

    Would need to win the lottery and become among the richest people in the land in order to do subsistence agriculture; the basic lifestyle of homo sapiens sapiens.

  27. If u don't want flying birds to steal your chicks, let a duck mother them because it can fly well and get the chick back 😂

  28. That was cool. The people with the Aquaponics should use a hydroelectric generator on the back end to recoup cost of electricity.

  29. i'm 50 and still dream of finding someone that would like to make a living farming . i am one step ahead of the game , i have title to my great grandfathers homestead , only one quarter 160 acres and yet it would be enough land to grow and raise everything needed to live . with so many people in this world and most are to busy working just so living from paycheck to paycheck i wonder why it is so hard to find a good person to enjoy the rural lifestyle with . and the rest of the people are hooked on self medicating and only want to try and scam me to get the land for free . where are the good people lol .

  30. Step one: Have six figures in the bank
    Step Two: lol 999/1000 people can't do step one so it doesn't matter.

  31. Farming isn't hard. Making money with farming can be. Don't quit your job until you are already successful. It means working double for a couple years but you need more than just dreams you need security and marketing success too.

  32. I've planted a 5 acre food forest. I wish I could work just one less day a week at my job so I can give more time to the land

  33. The reason the mule is sour and unsociable is because he is on his own . They are herd animal , you need to get him at least one mate

  34. cnsider vegan organic crop farming.
    animal farming is just a disgusting and sick lifestyle of animal cruelty and animal products are toxic.

  35. I know farmers who farm 2000+ acres who have off farm jobs. their wives work too. Go get yourself 2 million in debt and get a $ 100000.00+ line of credit to plant a crop. pray for rain, not too much rain, no frost sunny days, decent prices, markets, and very few break downs, and be a mechanic, engineer, vet, bookkeeper etc etc. Yes you will make money…some years.. but some years you had better have a good savings account. Good luck with that idea. Can you actually sell enough eggs and chickens to make up for a $__ per hour job? you might if you live near 1 million people, but not if you live in rural nowhere.

  36. Selling pets is money making😆 selling chickens to farmers ….. they know where to buy cheaper hickens😆😆😆

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