Raising Dairy Goats : Kinds of Goats for Dairy Farming

So once you’ve been smitten with the goat
bug, you need to decide what kind, and how many. So there are numerous varieties of goats,
and they come from different places, and they’ve been adapted for different purposes. We started
out with the Nubians. And the Nubians are the ones with the big, floppy bunny rabbit
ears. And they give the best milk. The highest quality, highest butterfat milk. So we started
out with a Nubian who was with us until recently. In fact, our original goat mothered these,
this one, and they’re being bottle fed now. We bred the Nubian to the Boer, which is a
big, robust meat goat. And then we added Alpine, and Saanen. Alpine and Saanen both being excellent
dairy breeds. And what we’ve created here is a whole new breed, perhaps. Albosean, or
Albopian, we’ll have to find an appropriate name for it. As far as how many goats, that
really depends on what your purposes are. If you’re going to raise just a couple of
pets, well you’ll probably want to limit it to one or two dams, one or two does, and then
each year, you’ll get one or two kids from each one. Your housing capacity, your pasture,
your food and just what kind of goals you have with your goat herd will determine from
there how many to get. You absolutely need two goats though, they are social animals.
And you probably wouldn’t want to put one goat in a barnyard, she’d be lonely.

9 thoughts on “Raising Dairy Goats : Kinds of Goats for Dairy Farming

  1. That's called indiscriminate breeding. Breeds have specific traits and are known for different qualities of their milk. Just find a breed you like and look for what fits your purpose. Registered animals may also be shown both in ADGA and most county 4-H programs have opportunities for showing. It's a great experience.

  2. @daffodyllady Pigmy's tend to be Nubian sometimes, I have a alpine/sannen he is very quite, though you think the anglo nubians next door are dying when they do anything vocal they scream there heads off its ear piercing the Anglo Nubian are a dual purpose goat meant and milk though there very prone to getting sick apparently, I think sannen toggenburg British alpine all those sort of breeds are okayish with noise but if you want quite don't get a nubian.

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