RASPBERRY | How Does it Grow?

What’s the world whose delicate fruit? It just might be – the raspberry! Because a raspberry is so fragile, it’s only touched once by human hands. When a harvester picks it off the plant, it goes directly into the container you buy. But before we even get to harvest, we need to find out: How Does It Grow? Shirley Kline has been growing raspberries for nearly 20 years, and she’s a Cornell educated expert in Vegetable Science. Raspberry plants are called “brambles”, and Shirley grows hers in structures called “High Tunnels”, which retain the heat. These tunnels help produce two more months of fruit than outdoor brambles. Bramble roots can live around 20 years, but every year the roots send up new stems called “Canes”. They live for two years, then die. (Shirley): I’ve come up with a little mnemonic device…to help you…after fruiting, if the cane is green, let it be; after fruiting if the cane is brown, cut it down. When the brambles flower, natural pollinators get busy spreading the pollen. the pollinated flowers transformed into raspberries. They’re ready to be harvested, when they turn from green to red – or black – and pull easily from the cane. So why exactly is a raspberry so delicate? Because it’s really a cluster of more than 100 individual fruits! See, each juice bubbles – that’s a single fruit, called a “drupelet”, and contains its own seed. that’s why raspberries are so seedy. The fruits are fused by a web of microscopic hairs, which means that picking raspberries needs a super delicate touch. (Nicole): so I’m going to hold up here so it doesn’t break, right? (Shirley): UmHmm, and you’re going to pull it off. (Nicole): Okay…oh…it came right off…hope this is good! I feel like I’m not going to crush your raspberries… (Nicole): Oh it’s falling apart… (Shirley): There you go…Okay… (Nicole): It really needs the lightest of touches…wow. (Shirley): Yep. (Shirley): And you end up with purple fingers…(Nicole): Yeah… Now, to get to this point Shirley has battled leaf-eating spider mites and roof eating rodents. She used traps and natural predators…everything but pesticides. (Nicole): And why don’t you want to use pesticides? (Shirley): Well they’re poison! So here’s a cold hard truth: if she were shipping these to supermarkets across the country, then she’d probably have to use pesticides. Because if raspberries aren’t sprayed against mold, they will start to rot within to 48 hours of picking. Even certified organic farmers use approved chemicals against fungus. I know what you’re thinking…you’re going to wash your raspberries as soon as you get them home. Well, hold your horses… (Shirley): Never wash your raspberries before you’re ready to eat them. unless you want moldy raspberries… These days, we demand fresh food all year round, even when it’s not in season. But here’s the thing: our delicate raspberry wasn’t meant to travel very far. To stay fresh it needs chemicals…Now, imagine if we all had a Shirley, growing High Tunnel raspberries nearby…

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  1. Dear True Food,

    For a Dutch Kids Television Show on the Public Broadcasting Station, we are making a video about raspberry 'hairs'. For this video, we are looking for some images of raspberry flowers and your footage looks amazing. We would love to use some of your images for our item, would that be ok with you?

    All the best,

  2. in India, we have mulberries which are a lot like raspberries but a little bittersweet tasting and much tart too. but most of the fruits are never eaten as they fall on the ground themselves and are squished or damaged. most of these are eaten by birds. they grow on large trees and the trees are grown for the wood of the tree

  3. If she lived near me I’d be arrested all the time. And let’s just say she wouldn’t have any raspberries to sell

  4. "leaf-eating spider mites and root-eating rodents"

    Uhm. Spider mites don't eat leaves. They are sap sucking pests, but they don't "eat" the leaves. Also, rodents don't really eat roots, unless they're starving… They eat the stems and fruit. How did this girl get this job, anyway?

  5. "So, why don't you use pesticides"
    "Well, they're poison!"

    ……..So is water in sufficient quantities. Most pesticides target enzymes or insect hormones that humans don't even use. What is poison to us may not be poison to them and what is poison to them isn't necessarily poison to us. Chances are, she does "organic" gardening, because she can fetch a higher dollar at market. If she really has a doctorate in vegetable science or whatever, she knows damn well how most pesticides aren't a problem…..

  6. This Chanel very informatif and bring support to young people Will be Farmers .
    Because Farmers is nice job

  7. They are a blessing from God . I have one little plant , in a pot and I don't have a garden , so I wil try to keep it carefully on the balcony . It's warm , it's already grown so much , and I don't even have especial caring for it . I love them . Thank you for this beautiful video .

  8. Seriously why would anyone down vote an educational video like this, it’s insane what is there to download let me guess you didn’t receive free Raspberries.

  9. "…It needs chemicals."

    Um, EVERYTHING needs chemicals,
    and "is" chemicals.

    Raspberries, (and, you and I) are, at
    last count, are 100% chemicals.
    Spraying with water, is a CHEMICAL
    bath, as is air drying.

    Don't badmouth "chemicals." Hate
    BAD chemicals.


  10. These raspberries are so small and this growing technique is very strange! Most of the world raspberries are made in Serbia (and in Poland) under the clear sky, but there are also protective nets (mostly because of hailstorms).

  11. I love these videos because these are the videos that show the fruits that i have never tasted. This vid is so satisfying to watch

  12. I had a blackberry bush in my backyard that somehow survived and actually produced fruit but it was the year before we moved and it was amazing!!

  13. The word "Pesticide" is not synonymous with Fungicide. Those sentences were put together as if they were. Pesticides do not inhibit mold growth. You're using those terms interchangeably, incorrectly. ~ Otherwise, it was a pretty good video. It would have been complete if you had informed on the mold-inhibitor that is used on commercial raspberries that allows them to last to be taken to market.

  14. OHHH!! so that's what brambles are, I've read the word in stories and never knew what it referred to. Thanks for the new.

  15. At 3:26 "unless you want only raspberry" why we should not wash it before eating.. I didn't get her words..Kindly somebody tell me

  16. Why don’t we just pick as sell raspberries connected to a stem? That would make them last longer and isn’t any different than strawberries.

  17. "Why dont you want to use pesticides? Well theyre poison!" Its so simple. If everyone thought like that the world would be a better place.

  18. how does it grow? Ill tell you exactly how it grows. looking at your big hot titties makes it grow very quickly. hot woman.

  19. I've found that washing raspberries in a bubbly mix of vinegar and baking soda, effectively kills mold spores. Same goes for strawberries. Just leave it in there for 15 or 20 minutes, drain the mix, rinse with a bit of water and allow them to dry before putting them back in the fridge. Done.

  20. I have raspberries growing right in my backyard. It is so nice when they get ripe to go out and eat them right off the vine.

  21. That’s why I wanna subscribe yuor channel because I love watching it, I mean everything is here , and I love how yuo introduce us to different fruits and plants … more power to yuor channel

  22. good job keep it up . your youtube videos help to the farmers worldwide😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  23. Pesticides are poison love this woman wish everyone else growing understood the importance of healthy eating…

  24. In my hometown this Raspberry's are everywhere yellow, red, orange, purple and black. Everywhere in the forest and it's free

  25. Hi am from the caribbean. I am enjoying watching your show and would love it if you could tell me if any of the plants you talk about can be grown in my country.

  26. that fact only part true. if mason jar raspberry what called preserve or freeze as pie filling last year. but lot extra sugar.

  27. I learn so muc from these videos. I’m going to start incorporating these into my homeschool with my children.

  28. Old lady acting like she actually does work in this video. You know Mexicans be pickin' all that fruit and thinning all the canes. She is a slave driver.

  29. Hi Nicole, I love your programs! Will you make a video on olives? I'd love to know how people figured out how to cure them! Thanks.

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