Reducing food waste with worm farms

(father) This is my daughter and she’s a keen
gardener and circumstances caused her to move away from this area and she couldn’t easily
take the worm farm. So she gave me the instructions and asked me to look after it until she returned
to this area. But then I found that the worm farm was so productive I try and teach her
that she really gave it to me as a gift. A permanent gift, not just on loan.
(daughter) I can’t bear to take it back from you dad, I know that you like it.
(father) So this is a reasonably cold area especially during winter and so I’ve always
put the worm farm in the garage. It’s a little bit messy as you can see but none-the-less
it’s at least protected from the elements and we stand the worm farm in little tins
containing water so that prevents ants getting into the worm farm.
It has several containers and we put vegetable peelings, potatoes and carrots and things
like that and lettuce. We don’t put into the worm farm things like onion or citrus or hard
things say like a pumpkin peeling but everything else. I chop it up a little bit but not minutely,
cover it with newspaper of course and then pour water in the top and it seeps right down
and eventually produces the oil in the bucket there. I facetiously refer to it as worm wine
and I use that by diluting it and putting it on the garden. Roughly about a one to ten
ratio with water. Then that reduces the possibility of plants getting burnt I suppose. With a
more mature shrub or tree I suppose you can use it almost directly straight onto the plant.
I do that sometimes. MOTHER: Want to come with grandad? Lets go
and have a look. (father) Here are some in the shade.
(granddaughter) We got lots of these grandad. (father) Some nice …
(daughter) It’s great that dad has the worm farm because all the worm wine provides great
fertiliser for all the produce that he has in the garden. Throughout the summer and autumn
we’re the recipients of lovely baskets of food and vegetables and jams as well as dad’s
beautiful Dahlias which come in so many colours. FATHER: Gardening is certainly a hobby. This
is an interesting aspect of the hobby and of course gardening gets great joy about producing
a good crop of beans or in my case a good crop of Dahlias and it gives you a lot of
satisfaction and I have to give the worms some credit for the things I produce in my

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