Replace a Broken Toilet Handle

hello I’m Derrick and welcome to hindsight
101 where you’ll learn about things that will help you in everyday life I’m gonna show you
this fairly simple process on how I replace this toilet seat handle so stay
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the notification Bell to stay up to date so I need to replace this handle because
it’s been around since I bought the house it’s a little mushy now when I
flush it plus it’s plastic and cheap it was like
the five dollar one and I want something a little sturdier metal so right it
started now first you have to take this little nut off and it’s different it’s
not righty tighty lefty loosey like you’re used to you have to do it the
opposite way because when you flush it want to make sure it stays tight so
you’re actually going to do clockwise to take it off oops first you got to take
this little clip off just put it to the side for now
I’m screw this you
you off like so just slide this out now note this is square and then this is
square – so it’ll fit right in there and
is a lot heavier and sturdier than the one that was on there it’s mostly metal
like I said you’re gonna have to go counterclockwise to tighten it hand
tighten it then I would take pair pliers wrench
just do about a quarter of a turn don’t need too much
there you go and then now back on but this chain is probably gonna
be too long you want to make sure it doesn’t hit the tank shit but it’s gonna be a little too high
so and then I want to do is just unclip this I’m just going to make it a little
shorter you and then let’s see how that flush is perfect as you can see it doesn’t hit
the top we’re good to go that’s all it takes
it’s a very easy process but if you have any questions let me know also I’ll put
a link below so you know which one I used thanks for watching like and
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