Hi! Welcome back to my channel! I’ll introduce myself for new people: my name is Lucía And today’s video is a reset day The day that I recorded this video I was recovering from a flu I was in bed for A WEEK! That’s why my bedroom is a mess Well, you are watching it hahaha The first thing that I need to do to organize my life is organizing. Put everything back to their places In my opinion, my bed is not completely organize until I tidy my bed That’s my second step Tell me in the comments which are your basics to reset your life! The third step is cleaning I started recording this video at night so I continued it the day after If you feel motivated with this video I invite you to like this video and suscribe to my channel clicking the red button below First: dusting, second: sweepping and third: wiping the floor Everytime I finish cleaning, I need to take a shower Cleaning my body and hydrate it Then I need to catch up with some things like composting I didn’t record it this day but I have a video from other day to show you Remember that I’ve already showed you the step by step process in my Instagram The last but not least To organize my thoughts Making a to-do list from the more urgent to the least urgent It gives me clarity Finally I start working That day I have to work at my computer Remember: a lot of thinking without taking action is pointless! That’s all for now I really hope you liked it and feel motivated after watching it Tell me in the comments below if you want to watch more videos like this one Remember if you liked it please give it a thumbs up Share it with your friends! And please remember to suscribe! Hope to see u in my next video! Goodbye!

14 thoughts on “RESET DAY IN MY LIFE

  1. Hola Lu, podrías hacer un vídeo sobre reciclado, Instagram que recomiendes seguir también que hablen del tema. Ví en tus historias destacadas de Instagram que haces mención pero me gustaría que desarrolles más el tema acá en Youtube también… Besos 💋

  2. No sé si me pasa a mí solamente pero cada vez que veo un video de orden (mental o físico), me copa hacer lo mismo, me siento acompañada. Muy buen video!

  3. a mí después de estar enferma me da por ventilar todo, cosa que hago siempre pero si estoy en cama no puedo, cambiar sábanas, lavas el pijama, ordenar las cositas q hayan quedado x ahí: tazas, etc., limpieza general, bañarme e hidratarme la piel fundamental, es parte de la rutina diaria pero estando enferma sólo me baño, organizar en la agenda todo lo pendiente… y cuando me reseteo x otras cosas casi lo mismo pero seguro tengo menos desorden y no es necesario cambiar sábanas y pijamas a menos que toque.

  4. Me inspiro el video a ponerme a hacer mi lista de pendientes y sacarlo de una vez de mi cabeza ..
    No tengo insta…conta algun dia por aca lo del compost…me gustaria empezar con eso algun dia ….
    Cambiaste la presentacion del video…un aire nuevo le dio … ( me falto la musica de siempre pero nunca viene mal un cambio)

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