Review of Kitchen Counter Compost Pail

Hi. I am Shawna Coronado and welcome to my kitchen. Today I am going to be talking about a really
cool compost tool. You know, I am always telling you how you
need to get out and get the compost bin. And here is a really easy way to do it. set me this really cool composter. It is stainless steel and I have been testing
it out. I have used it for about two months now and
really love it. I think it is a great tool. Now the cool thing about the compost keeper
is because it sits right here on my counter, it is really easy to toss in all my extra
vegetable products, paper, egg shells, anything that I would normally compost. And I can take it right out to the big composter
outside. Now the real surprise – ta-da! – is the
inside of the lid. It has a charcoal filter so it helps to filter
out any of ucky smells that might come from this product. And as you can tell, I fill it all the way
up to the top. And because the stainless steal handle, it
is so strong, it is really easy to carry out and dump. Now, I keep my cutting board and my compost
keeper really close together. And the reason that I do that is all I have
to do is slice some veggie material – this lovely tomato which came from my garden by
the way. Another reason I really like this Norpro stainless
steel compost keeper is because it is so attractive. Look. It matches my stainless steel kitchen accessories. And that way it blends in with everything. It does not look like this horrible pile of
material sitting on the counter. So my review for this product – Gaiam, you
got it right. And best yet, it is green and good for the
environment. Come on people. Get out there and compost. It is the right thing to do. You can make a difference.

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