Rogers Report September 2019: Food and Nutrition

we are here in the College of Health and
Human Services and specifically we’re visiting the food and nutrition program at
Bowling Green State University and when I heard we were gonna do food and
nutrition I said let’s get it on and have some food welcome to this month’s
Rogers report so we are in the dr. Joe Willeford food science research lab so
dr. Willeford was a 35-year faculty member here at Bowling Green State
University and the space was named in his honor based upon alums that got
together to make a difference we want to hear a little bit more about the
research that’s going on in this space so we’re working with the tomatoes that
are grown in the aquaponic system the idea behind is that they’re grown in a
more sustainable manner but we want to kind of compare them to conventionally
grown tomatoes and see if there’s a difference between the two fish and
produce are grown in the same system the fish provide the natural fertilizer for
the plants to grow in and the plants provide a natural filter to clean the
water to circulate back to the fish will consumers buy a product a tomato as
you’re in the system does it taste different how do these compare to other
tomatoes and is this a marketable product so today we’re going to test
skin strength is it more thick than conventionally grown tomatoes and
they’re also testing distance that travels when it breaks the skin
essentially if you have like a less firm or a soggy tomato it’s gonna travel
further so you want like a more firm product more acceptable product so can
we try a tomato right now have you tried these yeah okay oh those are hard come
to Bowling Green State University try these Tomatoes they’re delicious taste testing okay it’s true and I have
to say how old I am how much do I weigh in kilograms and so
Jonathan tell me a little bit about your role and tell me a little bit about this
program at Bowling Green my role I am the nutrition science coordinator and
here most of our students in the food and nutrition program are are preparing
to become registered dieticians you know at Bowling Green would often talk about
being a public university for the public good and a part of that public good is
making sure that we have healthy communities and you you do some outreach
to the community we’re looking to use our sensor eating facilities here as a
service for regional companies particularly those that may not have the
in-house capabilities to do sensory testing that we’ve been offered that as
a service to help them in their quality and in the research and development tell
me a little bit about the program that you’re a part of here I joined the
nutrition science field just because I’ve had an interest in food I’m a
pre-med student so I plan to go to med school after next year and long-term
career wise what do you plan to do I hope to work on the community level I’ve
shadowed at a few food banks so you’re uh you said the public health I started out
in Dietetics um transferred over to public health I wanted to help and help
more than just nutrition quite a few of you were talking about the impact food
to communities certainly that’s part of public good to make sure we have a
healthy and vibrant community so I admire all of the great work and your
plans moving forward into the future I’ve been told that that I’m a good
taster is there any way to know if if in fact I’m a I’m a good super oh yeah like
a super taster well yes there is there’s a concept called super tasters which
refers to genetic variation and how taste is perceived so there’s a bitter
compound on here called PTC and super tasters will taste it as extremely
bitter okay super taster hmm what do i do so if it just tastes like
paper that means your non taster and are you a super taster I’m a I’m a
taster just mildly on my own I think I’m just ordinary okay well I have enjoyed
my time here in the College of Health and Human Services and talking to the
great students and faculty and the food and nutrition program but you know I had
that little piece of tomato and only a little bit of a chewy bar I’m really
hungry yeah wonder what they have here let’s take a
look boy I’m gonna get my fill hey we’ll see you next month on the Rogers Report

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