RSS takes to organic farming

��Following the footsteps of CPM, RSS
is also taking steps to spread organic farming. RSS is convinced that the CPM campaign
for organic farming has helped the party politically. The RSS’s Prant Varshika Baithak held in Kozhikode passed the resolution for organic farming. CPM has been trying to free farm lands
from chemicals and to bring back the days when vegetables did not contain the harmful,
poisonous remains of pesticides. The RSS resolution envisages that workers should lead activities like organic farming conservation of groves
and ponds (kaavum kulavum), planting of trees according to one’s birth stars and rearing of cows. Support from allied organizations of RSS has to be sought in this mission. “One of the resolutions is to ask the RSS workers and the society at large to carry out this work effectively” Even when RSS is announcing their green agenda, their stand on the proposed Athirappilly power project is unclear. “When we discuss such projects
(we should also think) how they are to be executed.” “When we discuss such projects
(we should also think) how they are to be executed.” “We view development as something
that is not harmful to the society; we are not against that kind of development.” RSS evaluates that CPM has gained considerable support with their organic farming initiaves. This has prompted RSS to raise the slogan Clean Kerala, Green Kerala, Beautiful Kerala (Swaccha
Keralam, Haritha Keralam, Sundara Keralam) and sow the seeds of green politics.

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