Russell Heights, Cherry Gardens, Kingston, Jamaica

Driving east on Barbican Road>>Hopeville Road>>>>>>>>>>>Russell Heights ends>>

17 thoughts on “Russell Heights, Cherry Gardens, Kingston, Jamaica

  1. Y yuh driving suh slow mon? U make all a dem other vehicles over taking yuh & honking @ yuh?😉😈😃
    Don't pay mi nuh mind…..mi jus ah trouble yuh😃
    Love, love, love all your uploads. Some of your clips, reminds me of old stomping grounds, when I was back home, especially, when I see some uploads & to see how much some of the areas I was familiar with has changed!
    In spite of and although i have been a sajourner in a foreign land (Canada) i look forward to the day that i can return & still enjoy a little bit of that 'garden' that is still called yard😎.
    Manners & respect to you & your crew for continuously putting out a good product. One love.

  2. i love when you dont drive fast cause if you did we would not see anything. slow is better i like it thst way.
    thank you for the ride i just love it😚😊

  3. Are they extending the Barbican Road project? Drove there the last time and saw work being done like they're extending it to 4 lanes towards Grant's Pen Road.

  4. Great to see Russell Heights again. Had to check the map as I had forgotten exactly where it was, but it looks just as it did 45 years ago. Barbican Road used to be just a two lane road when I last travelled along here. At the traffic light intersection at the beginning, I can remember a big police/JDF stop and search operation for guns at one time and when you are young it seemed really scary. Those were the days of some tough times with guns in Kingston.

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