RWBY Chibi, Episode 22 – Security Woes | Rooster Teeth

RWBY Chibi! Jaune: Let me guess. You guys are bored? Nora: I need to be entertained or my brain turns to oatmeal. The bland kind, not the kind with sprinkles. Ugh, now I’m bored and hungry. Ren: I was fine before all the head trauma. Does anyone else hear bells ringing? Jaune: Well hey! I know fun thing we can do. Nora: Aw yiss, does it involve hammers? Jaune: No hammers. Nora: [Grunts]
Jaune: It’s a super fun board game. Nora: Oooh! I love board games! How does it work? Tell me, tell me, tell me! So I can CRUSH YOU ALL! Jaune: It’s called “Compost King”. You play as a farmer collecting organic scraps for your compost heap. Whoever gets the biggest pile of mulch becomes…wait for it… The Compost King! Pyrrha: Hm, okay… Yeah… th-that sounds kind of like… Ren: The opposite of super fun… Jaune: Eh uh, what? No! Did I mention the mulching takes place in real time? A single game can last for days or even weeks. Nora: Oh no! My cows are being abducted by aliens.
Save the cute cows. Pew pew-pew! Jaune: Uh no, there’s no cows or aliens. Pyrrha: I’ll help you fight the aliens! Punch, punch, kick! Jaune: You are ruining the integrity of the game. Ren: Never fear! The Cow Protection Force is here! I’m sorry aliens, but I must inform you that these cows are under my protection. Any and all attempts to abduct them will be met with legal action. [Slam on table] Jaune: Guys, we can’t have any fun if you don’t follow the rules. Nora: Jaune, please help us fight the alien invaders.
Oh noooo… Jaune: I will not.
Nora: But Jaune!, the alien’s only weakness is… …compost! Jaune: Why didn’t you say so? Nora: Pew pew! You’re in trouble now alien cow-nappers. Jaune: Compost King to the rescue! Pyrrha: Board games were a great idea, Jaune. *BORK* Mercury: [Sighs] Shopkeep: [Grunts] Mercury: [Sighs] Shopkeep: [Grunts] Mercury: [Sheds a single tear]
Emerald & Cinder: [Sighs] Ruby: WAIT! The floor is lava! Weiss: I swear you’re five years old. Ruby: Weiss, this is a matter of life and death!
Tell her, Blake! Blake: Yeah… life and death. Weiss: Ruby…
Ruby: Look, I don’t know how it happened. But if you treasure your life, you must learn the ways of parkour, balance and gymnastics… Okay well, that’s just cheating. Ruby: Wait! Checkmate: The floor is lava. Yang: Oh. No foolin’. Ruby: Yes! Dear sister, if you value your life you’ll tread carefully. One misstep can mean certain doom or… Yang: *launches herself onto the top bunk* You guys are the worst. Torchwick: Time to meet your makers, huntresses!!
[Evil laughter] Ruby: Wait! Blake, Weiss and Yang:The floor is lava. Roman: Huh?
Ruby: Roman Torchwick!… …I know we had our differences in the past.
But please hear me out! The moment you pass through that doorway you’ll be burned alive! Roman: Oh for the love of… Alright, I’m killing you first! Ah! It burns, it burns! [Screams] Ruby: I tried to warn him. [BEEP] Ruby: Click here, if you wanna wear some stuff with us on it! And click here, if you wanna watch some stuff with us on it! ‘Cause, y’know, more us! Duh! We’re awesome!

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