Savage Stealth Evolution Review Test #2: Clay pigeons at 650 yards with 6.5 Creedmoor

howdy guys and gals I’m the social
regressive and I’m out here on the range to revisit the egg challenge and I have
a couple things going for me today first off I’m showing off a savage stealth
evolution this is the brand new model it just came out like a month ago or so you
can see that it is a thing of beauty just the way that this metal chassis
looks with all of its kind of rakish angles it really is just gorgeous it has
all kinds of really neat parts that you can configure to fit yourself your own
individual body great trigger has usual Accutrigger two pounds a nice smooth
action and we have this Horus or this is a Bushnell HDMR-II scope with a Horus
reticle this is an H59 reticle in here
wonderful reticle the total set up this is a lot like what I do with the GRS
last time if you want to see that egg challenge you can go back and check that
out I was able to hit four out of six eggs at 300 yards and that was just
single shots at those I wasn’t able to do any retakes that was that was a lot
of fun I am running suppressed today I have a yhm titanium since silencer out
here the ammunition that I’ll be firing is American Eagle 140 grain
open tip match this stuff has run really well in the GRS and in this rifle so I’m
expecting good things today it has a yeah 140 grain bullet these
things are really long and they they just seem to work really well they’re
very accurate good stuff now I did make a mistake today I did not actually bring
the eggs I totally forgot I brought the targets I brought all kinds of stuff and
I did however bring these which are supposedly according to the box as
fragile as eggs so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna put these out not at 300 yards
I’m gonna put these at 650 yards and I’m gonna try to tag these now also kind of
working against me today it is quite cold it’s it’s definitely well below
freezing so I’m going to be firing with some thick gloves perhaps I might
take it off just to the trigger time – there’s a little bit of wind today it
started out a little rough but actually it’s not too shabby right now so yeah
overall it’s gonna be it’s gonna be a real challenge but I think I can do this
I have five shots to make this happen I’m gonna go ahead and load my magazine
up they’ll because I’m gonna take some sighter shots to have a couple of steel
plates out there covered in white paint and hopefully even at this distance I’ll
be able to see my hits see how close I’m getting once I feel good about it I’ll
go ahead and start firing for record okay elevation is good well there’s a
lot more wind out there than it looks okay
I gave it a full milliradian of wind that’s looking pretty good let’s come up
now point two okay that’s the sort of shot I’m gonna need here’s the tough
part wind indicators are very very low today I have flags over here to my side
you’re not telling me much I’ve got a ribbon and a pink ribbon way out there
and really the grass isn’t moving because it’s all brown and dead and
there’s really just no Mirage there’s just not any sunlight out today so you
don’t get that temperature differential here we go here goes shut number one okay shot number one looks like it came
in slightly low oh what that jumped way up there all right I got one oh that was
just slightly left the wind must have died down on me I didn’t make it
oh we got one out of the five it’s a pretty tough shot but I do have some
more ammo so let’s just go back and see if we pick up a couple more of these
things except for that one shot all right really high these have all been
really close close misses it’s really just a matter of windage but that’s the
big problem you really just can’t see wind today next time I’ll have to bring out some
little flags or something so I can see what’s going on oh yeah and red castle
guys I will clean up everything I know I’m not supposed to be breaking these
out here but I’ll pick up all the pieces I promise
I have a little baggie out there oh the wind had died down a little bit I can
see a little bit of Mirage out there just a tiny bit but it’s very difficult
to read it’s uh-oh I think I hit it I can’t be
sure something kind of made some dust I think I might have hit it move on to the
next one just in case I’m not sure with that one way let’s go send a search party a bit of
ground is just absorbing them can’t see what’s going on there we go I sure hope
all these guys are picking this up because this is really fun oh I thought I was seeing the same
amount of wind I just realized where the Mirage is
coming from – and it’s not from the ground it’s from I throw my barrel I
feel kind of silly so I’m trying to use that to read wind let me see how I can
find something else you okay the wind has died out there oh that was right
behind it nope we kicked up just a little bit oh no I do have one left
I once not like come on let’s do it just a little too much wind alright here we go
there’s target number one it looks like I did indeed hit that on my second
string the second time I took a shot at that and that’s that’s good to know and this one is totally clean sad one of
these survived here you go I did clean up well thanks for watching
me sling some led that was a lot of fun even if I didn’t you know really meet
the challenge that first time out it is quite difficult to hit something that’s
roughly the size of your palm at at 650 yards now you can see that I did get one
on that first try I’ll go back and review the footage maybe I nicked
another one but I’m pretty sure that I just hit the one but yeah a lot of fun
even though I didn’t really nail these things down until went back and took
those extra shots the extra moments were fun though it’s nice to see these things
blow up and those use those champion Duraseal target holders that I
demonstrated in a previous video make sure you go check that thing out so yeah
a lot of fun today good performance and just you know talking about the rifle
I’m gonna do a full review on this thing later but I’m just gonna go ahead and
hit some of the high points now first off the thing is like a laser I’m
using you know factory ammunition that you know American Eagle it you know
it tends to be kind of on the cheaper side I’ve always had really good luck
with American Eagle this stuff is great but yeah the 6.5 Creemoor and this stuff
it groups very precisely I’m gonna have to make some actual paper groups
to show you what those things look like I don’t know I just get so bored with
paper I want to go hit stuff like clay pigeons and steel and stuff like that
but yeah ergonomics are wonderful the balance of the thing is actually
something that I was really surprised by if you want to you know carry this rifle
around there’s just that neat little hand hold right here
and yeah this sucker is balanced you have the wonderful Magpul PRS gen3
and the stock back here I do have this thing suggested fortunately how this
thing can raise them a good bit so that it kind of fits me a lot better or it’s
in a half inch length of pool for me right now
cheek riser all the way up and HDMR-II that I discussed before this scope
is just fabulous I love this thing and hopefully I’ll be able to check out the
XRS two coming out it’s a new scope but they’re going to be coming out with one
that has a Tremor3 reticle very similar to this and I hope to be doing a
full review on that pretty soon as well but yeah everything with very well today
had a great time with some good friends and I love red castle do you see the
berm behind those deer yeah that’s where my gun is back on the 600 yard line I
love that they have all these moving target I mean it’s cool to see wildlife
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31 thoughts on “Savage Stealth Evolution Review Test #2: Clay pigeons at 650 yards with 6.5 Creedmoor

  1. Try out tieing a 3 inch piece of yarn at the end on your rail and let it hang down..Its a great way to get a quick wind indicator without using a kestrel…Great video as always!

  2. I'd say this is a harder set of shots than the 300 yard egg challenge. Size for distance the difficult is fairly close, but at 650yds the projectile has much more time to be acted on by external forces and differences in velocity or BC become much more noticeable. Great video once again man, I continue to be envious of that rifle but not that weather, haha.

  3. Question, I just picked up a older savage 110 longaction. For my build to save money would it be possible to do a glass bed in the factory stock? Or should I just ditch it and buy a Boydโ€™s?
    Btw awesome channel keep up the work.

  4. Do you still have the 7mm08 axis that you built on a budget ? Just hard to beat those Savage rifles. I enjoy your videos !!

  5. Dude…… you have two of my favourite things a Bushnell HDMR2 with the Horus reticle and a beanie with the Silver Fern on it ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜

  6. I do the same thing i.e. shooting clays out to 540 meters using my Ruger RPR in 308 with a 24 inch barrel. My scope is the same as yours (I just love it, makes follow up shots so much easier and faster.
    Hitting a small target is a lot more challenging and the best way to test and improve your skills than shooting groups.

  7. Do you like as well as rpr and the new tc lrr. I really would like to order one this week. I do reload. How's accuracy compare also. Thank you for the video. Good job.

  8. I have one of these and Iโ€™m trying to remove the factory muzzle break. I have applied heat and I still cannot get this break off. Turning counter clockwise. Did you run into this issue? Any tips?

  9. Hi.

    I was considering purchasing one of these and I have a couple questios:
    1) What length cleaning rod do you use?
    2) What is your scope ring height? (I'm assuming for a 50mm bell they are 1.5")
    3 What is the M lock hole spacing for the picatinny at the stock forend? I'm thinking of a QD Harris adapter there.


  10. Love your videos, very well done and great shooting! Thank you for taking the time to do all this. I have one of these on the way to me now, thanks mostly to watching your videos lol. My only concern is how high the scope has to be due to the rail on top. I will be running a NXS 12-42×56 scope and it looks like I will need 1.25โ€ rings…and not sure if there is enough adjustment in the PRS comb for a good cheek weld. I think you said yours is all of the way up…any issue with this?
    Thanks again, God bless.

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