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K12 Public School Software: Travel Tracker
School Field Trip Management Arranging a school trip to the zoo is
likely to be a more chaotic… …and primitive experience… …than actually visiting animals at the zoo. With all the budgeting, staff communication, and approvals that
are required, it’s amazing that field trips ever make it. Better yet, on time and on budget. That is, it was a daunting task until the App-Garden came along. The Travel
Tracker app takes the entire field trip planning process and streamlines it
into one powerful and efficient application. The Travel Tracker can intelligently guide your trip
requests through the necessary checkpoints by connecting everyone involved in the
process through a single medium of communication… …from initial review and funding approval,
to cafeteria notifications, bus reservations and school board approval,
the Travel Tracker knows all the ins and outs of trip planning. And user customization allows it to fit
perfectly to your specific setup. Being a cloud-based software means that
the entire system can be instantly accessed via a simple web browser by any
staff anywhere. Never again will you have to deal with
lost documents, time-wasting redundancies, and costly chargebacks. Thanks to the Travel Tracker’s ability to
securely centralize all the processes from request to approval to invoicing Watch your school grow greener. With the Travel Tracker’s ability to
reduce wasted paper, and by sending clear requests to foodservice managers, they will make sure no food is
wasted either. And you’ll save tons of money by getting
everything right the first time. Save even more money by letting the
Travel Tracker’s district-wide reporting help you refine your administrative process. And by planning your trip with such an
efficient automated, and centralized system the Travel Tracker will help you get back
the most important respource of all: The time you need to teach.: Travel Tracker
School Field Trip Management: App-Garden
K12 Public School Software

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