40 thoughts on “Sean’s Allotment Garden 340: Compost and sunflowers | March 2016

  1. hi I am growing Sutton's giant yellow and Sutton's Ms Mars for sunflowers. The Ms Mars is meant to be red/pink. are you growing any of these. I love these daily blogs.

  2. I LOVE using good old John Innes compost too, both no1 for my cacti cuttings and no 2 and 3 for potting on all my cacti and succulents and mix it with extra sand and grit, WOW! What an INCREDIBLE and very BEAUTIFUL garden and it looks like a massive fantastic conservatory attached to the house too 🙂 such a FANTASTIC Vlog Sean thanks so much for sharing and have a wonderful evening XXXXX <3

  3. Hi Sean have never tried John Innes have found it a bit on the expensive side but will give it a try. Loved your garden I could just see my grand kids having a lot of fun in a garden like that beautiful wish you all the luck with it and can't wait to see how you develop it and make it your own 😀

  4. Great vlog as always,I use John Innes no1 too and I agree it is great .Your garden is fantastic and I love the secret alley way .

  5. Two years ago I grew sunflowers but found that they attracted every stinkbug (shield bug) in the area and my tomatoes and berries were all damaged. I must just enjoy them vicariously through your garden this year.

  6. You are SO LUCKY to have such a lovely home and garden! If you must live in the City, that is certainly a wonderful place to be! When you get the left side of the garden tidied up, it will be almost as much space as your allotment to grow veg! Great to have some of the trees out, but still plenty of pruning to do…. I do not envy you THAT job! You can give up your gym membership!

  7. What a lovely garden you have ! Shame you didn't your pond at the bottom to enjoy and at the same time leaving more room for your fruit and veg at the plot. Really enjoyed your vlogs this week Sean, thanks for taking the time to make them !

  8. lovely big garden…so much pruning to do. lol. my kids are coming tomorrow for Mother's Day to prune back for me and do a general tidy. love it when they all get involved. best present ever ! love the vlogs xx

  9. I just love your backyard garden. I hope you plan to show more on it as the year goes on. I love the little passages and corners. I am really enjoying your daily blog. I am glad to hear that you will be on the plot more. Even though the flower shows were nice to see, it is you, Vivi and Geoff that I tune in to see the most. Also I loved the little nursery you visited the other day. I would not get much done as I would probably be there drinking tea and enjoying the environment.

  10. Great ! As always Sean ,Your place reminds me of "The good life".I know its not Surbiton -But do you have a Margo and Jerry next door. You really need a Barbara about the place 🙂 .

  11. The house and garden are lovely, Sean. I hope you just take it very slowly and don't get overwhelmed; it would kill the fun. I have pretty big perennial gardens and can get overwhelmed with all there is to do some months. I've learned that even though there is a master plan in my head, I have to just accept imperfection, know that weeds are managed not cured and just take it a few square feet at a time, then move on to the next when I have the energy. Many cups of tea help. I'm rooting for you this year! Love the daily vlogs…love 'em. I miss watching Vivi, too, and hope to hear from her soon but know her wrists are still healing.

  12. Fantastic garden size. What direction aspect is it facing. One addition I would add to it………a hammock 😄👍🏻

  13. Great tip about using a good seed compost, I have skimped on that in the past, but it makes sense to give our plants the best start possible.
    What a great back garden you have. It's a wonderful size for London. Was it a co-incidence that you found a way to live so close to your allotment, or was it well planned?

  14. Being a bit of a nosy parker, forgive me, why do you need an allotment plot when you already have such a spacious garden at your home?

  15. I have seen compost that says 'with added John Innes' is that the stuff or is that something not as good? Is John Innes the brand or can you get John Innes compost by different brands? Love the space you have in your garden and the secret passage way 🙂

  16. Great info and discussion Sean. Thanks for the tour. The home garden is interestingly laid out . Always nice t get encouraged about spring from that side of the pond. Around Toronto, Canada we still have snow and cold temps, but we are on the backside of winter 🙂


  17. hey sean i saw you planted sarpo mira, are you growing them in your greenhouse? i've been unsure when to plant mine because i dont own a greenhouse and it was snowing the other day. do you think i should wait till next month?

  18. That's lovely big garden at the back of your accommodation. Needs gate to the allotments (hehe). All the Best. Chris.

  19. Never having planted garlic before, I did so last Fall in my raised bed. BUT I planted the ENTIRE bulb without separating the cloves. What should I do about it now?

  20. Sean, One of the things my wife and I enjoy are the sounds we no longer hear, Living in New England. You just mentioned the Blackbirds and Robins.
    We do have american Birds ,but the sound of those Birds reminds us of Home.

  21. Lovely back garden Sean , so much potential and I love the secret passage , so exciting. Good luck with everything . Marina :))

  22. Oh Sean….I love backyard garden areas like yours, so lovely. its hard to find this kind of intimacy in back yards anymore. The hidden passageway is a walk in someones history. Don't lose it my friend : )

  23. hi friends. could someone tell me what was the name of the sunflower variety that Vicki had last year ? tee grew so tall and 'multi headed' 🙂

  24. French subtitle available Sous-titrage en français disponibleYour back garden looks like so far away from the city, amazing

  25. Love the Garden Sean – quite handy for the Allotment !!! You must have some interesting wildlife there, looks good for Hedgehogs, but not many about nowadays. Good luck with the Spring and Summer, muchus workus !!

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