Secret Fertilizer Used in Ooty Rose Garden | ஊட்டி ரோஜா தோட்டம் உரம் | OOTY Flowers Show

Welcome to Homemaker360 Today we have came to ooty rose garden and as its march month they are preparing the rose plants for may month flowers show We have enquired about the fertilizer they use for the plants and also the workers share some tips for rose care which i will be sharing with you ooty flowers show is one of the events which happens in may month and it attracts more tourism come let see how they prepare the plants for May month flower show as you can see they have completely cut all the branches from the plant they have cleaned all unwanted plants its after 10-15 days from cutting you can see lots of new branches growing they said it very old rose plant nearly 20 years old still it gives the best flowers only on seeing the thorn we recognize its a rose plant after cutting they have applied some kind of paste which will avoid the stem from drying you can see small small new branches started growing this is another section of rose plants after 30 days from cutting as we can see there is more than 7 to 10 new branches and new new leaves they said they wont allow the plants to grow high ,they will cut them short so that there will be more new branches they told that fully grown plants should be of height 2 feet or below then only we will get more flowers in this area they are cleaning and adding the required fertilizers for plant growth as you can see they are adding full and full fertilizer for each plants We have talked to the worker here and asked about the fertilizer details they said the fertilizer consist of 60 percent cow dung and 20 percent goat waste and 20 percent mushroom waste Mushroom waste is nothing but mixer of waste mushroom and waste mushroom soil which comes from various mushroom farms We asked them that cow dung and goat waste will generate more heat will it wont affect the plants They said for the ooty climate this much of cow dung is required then only it can sustain the climate they also said for home plant we have to use very little cow dung for each plant after adding the fertilizer they spread them evenly they said this fertilizer helps the plants to have more buds if you visit it in may month this entire place will be filled with beautiful flowers after adding the fertilizer they are spraying water this are all mushroom waste from various mushroom farms When we asked about the route to rose garden local people suggest to skip that as there wont be any roses But they maintain seperate section of area in garden where this beautiful roses are they said the cow dung fertilizer will be used in 3 stages , once after cutting the plants Second they use after 30 days when the new branches starts growing last they add the fertilizer when there are more buds in the plants we asked them how they control pest and from diseases affecting the flowers They said they will be spraying panjakavaya once in 15 days Panchakaviya is nothing but the mixture of cow dung, cow urine mixed with curd, milk,banana and ghee and kept for some days to allow micro organism to grow then the panchakaviya is mixed with water and sprayed once in 15 days , its helps for getting more buds and prevent from diseases they said they are not using any chemicals i will try the mushroom waste for my rose plants and let you know the results in separate video you can see the shown area completely empty but when you visit in may month flowers show you wont find the same place this place is completely filled with cow dung and this entire area smell really bad we are posting this video just to make your eagerness to visit ooty in may month to enjoy the best climate Please subscribe for more interesting videos Thanks for Watching

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