Seoul Garden Buffet : Port ‘Makan Banyak’ Yang Super Best (ENG SUBS)

Okay, I’m currently at the Seoul Garden in Alamanda, Putrajaya. I have actually dined at Seoul Garden multiple times before. They offer a variety kind of food, that’s why I like to dine here. They got beef, lamb, seafood, vegetables (and many more). Another thing I love here is the 6 types of sauce they have. They actually offer more than six types of sauce. But the said six are the most popular ones here. These are some of the food that you can eat here. Aren’t these aplenty 😃😃 These are the two types of soup that I chose today. Here is the “Tomyam Kimchi”. A fusion between Thailand and Korea. The clearer one here is the “Ginseng Soup”. Before I grill the meat, I’m gonna put some seafood and greens into the Tomyam Kimchi Soup. The best thing about dining here is, you’re free to cook the food on your own preference. What ingredients you’d like to use and which one you’d like to eat first, it’s all up to you. The main rule is, don’t waste any food. There are so many options, I got dizzy trying to choose. The food quality is tip-top. And the most important thing is, Seoul Garden is certified HALAL by Jakim 👍👍 We let them simmer first in the soup. Now it’s time for me to start grilling. It’s the best part when dining here. The most sought-after ingredient here is the Coffee Beef. Those who are regulars here would be familiar with this beef. The Coffee Beef is my ultimate favourite. Whenever I dine here, I’d always have them first. The aroma has come out 😬😬 Can you hear the grilling sound? 🔥🔥 Wow. Look at that~ You don’t need to grill the beef for too long. Otherwise, it will become too dry and not as appetizing. I’m gonna eat this with the No.1 sauce I love at Seoul Garden. It’s the “SG Special Sauce”. Oh heaven. Spicy. It’s really good. This sauce has never disappoint me. A tad bit spicy. It got a bit of tanginess and sweetness to it as well. The seasonings they use to marinate this Coffee Beef is still the same. It tastes amazing 👌😎 FYI, you can now order Cheese at Seoul Garden (optional add-on). The price is RM3.70 (±USD0.90) for 100 gram of cheese. You can put it on top of the food you’re grilling (it’s up to you). Before I show you how to grill with the cheese… …I’m gonna have some of the Tomyam Kimchi Soup first. The ingredients are already cooked. Ah-ha. This is the main stuff. The crab 🦀 Wooow~ The aroma of Tomyum and Kimchi is really strong. Wahhh ha ha ha ha. Superb! The fusion between Tomyum and Kimchi is amazing. It has a bit of spiciness and mostly tangy. Ahh it’s hot~ Before this when I dine at Seoul Garden, I would only order either the Tomyum soup or the Kimchi soup. So for me, the combination of the two flavors is really great. I’m gonna grill the Terriyaki Lamb and put some cheese on top of it. This is my own style of using the cheese. Wow. Look at that~ I put a lot of cheese on top. I grilled the bottom of the lamb until it turns crisp while the top is still medium well. Wahhhhh Haha~ The lamb is super juicy. With the taste of Mozzarella cheese that melts on top. It taste magnificent! 😎👌 Okay, now I’m gonna try their “Ginseng Soup”. If you notice, there are actual Ginseng inside the soup. I can taste the Ginseng that they put inside (very mild). For those who aren’t accustomed to the taste of Ginseng. No need to worry. As the taste is not too strong. Here’s the crab. All the ingredients here are absolutely fresh. And I’d like to advise those who want to come and dine here, take only what you can finish. Oooh, it’s hot. Those who don’t prefer spicy food, may try the Ginseng Soup instead. After I enjoyed the crab and some Ginseng Soup just now… …I’m gonna grill some chicken and put some cheese on top. And then I’m gonna wrap them in lettuce leaves, just like the Korean style 😁😁 Those who are cheese addicts, just order 1 whole kilo. That’d be easier 🧀🧀🧀 LOOK AT THOSE CHEESE YOU HUNGRY HUMANS. Put the chicken on top of the leaf. Then, I’m gonna put some SG Special Sauce. It’s heavy. Hahaha. We wrap them first. And then we can gobble it up 👍👍 Splendid. What a mouthful. It’s totally satisfying! 👍👍 The combination of cheese, grilled chicken and the SG Special Sauce… …is beyond amazing. Ah-ha. Most of you must have probably tried this style. Cook some ramen and then put some cheese inside. This time I’m gonna cook the ramen in this Tomyam Kimchi Soup… …and then put some cheese on top. It’s totally mouth watering! We dip it just enough to let the cheese melt. Woooo~ Super gooey. 🧀🧀😬🧀🧀 Dining at Seoul Garden is totally enjoyable. There are a variety of other selections that I didn’t managed to include in this video. There’s no doubt you’ll end up with a full tummy if you dine here. All evaluation in this video are based on my own personal palate. If it doesn’t suit your palate, I truly apologize 😊 So what are you waiting for? Let’s all head to the Seoul Garden outlets in the Klang Valley! •SubtitlesBy😀Pyan’sWife• 😎👌 Padu Beb! (DOPE!)

100 thoughts on “Seoul Garden Buffet : Port ‘Makan Banyak’ Yang Super Best (ENG SUBS)

  1. aku dah 2 kali makn dkt SG dan dua kali jugak aku cirit birit..Rupernyer aku tak boleh makan daging bnyk sgt..specially daging grill..Alkisahnya aku dah stop visit SG😂

  2. seoul garden memg padu . rasa da dekat belas2 kali makan stemboat seoul grden kt johor ni. memg sdp harga x mhl x murah . pilihan byk sos memg padu .

  3. 2 hr lpas try SG paradigm jb,xbyk pilihan lh..xberbaloi ngn harga..seafood pun ada 3 jnis cmtue..udang,kerang n pelet ikan..hampa

  4. Aku x prnh prgi sini.. Ada niat nak msuk.. Tapi x tahu mcm mna nak order.. Mcm bbq steamboat ker? Ambik suka hati lpas tu bayar ikut badan?

  5. aku pernah makan kt seoul garden pastu aku pernah jumpa ulat bulu pada sayur dia.. dia mesti basuh xbersih… berhati2 la…

  6. Ya tempat paling best nak lepak and sedap sangat . boleh tambah² . haritu p sana nak celebrate budak practikal . makanan sedap tempat selesa . semua makanan dekat sana sedap² .

  7. Nk mintak tips sikit…mcm mana nk elak cepat kenyang klu mkn kt SG tapi kita lehh mkn semua mknan kt situ…adakah dgn xpyh ambik mee ??

  8. 1)Jap, aku sorg je ke yg x prnh nampak sos cicah tu, ke aku yg x prsn?… Prnh beberapa kali masuk soul garden, tp x prnh nmpak sos cicah tu

    2) soup garden alamanda je eh yg ade style separate grill n steamboat??… Ni first time aku nmpk soul garden ade separate grill n steambot ni

  9. Byk sos dah x de… lau yg mahal2 mcm udang, ketam & kambing nak refill blk lambat jer… ikan salmon pun dah x de… dl ok la skang semua kurangkan item…

  10. Hari tu kak aku belanja… Ya ampun.,mcm sebulan dia xmakan… 😅… Aku surender makan sini, kalau nak makan sini, kena puasa 2 hari dulu….😁🤔… Kalau x membazir…

  11. Korang kalau nak dapat murah lagi boleh beli voucher dekat apps or website ‘Fave’ berbaloi gila melantak kat SG ni.

    Makan sekali sekala tu ok. Kat hotel buffet sampai beratus. So aku recommend SG ni nak bagi satisfy tekak 😬

  12. Penah gak p sini . Masa tu kami plan kwan2 smua pakat tak makan 2hari. Minum susu n nestum ja . Skli kami mai bersidang. Menung owner kedai tu. 😂

  13. Then aku suggest kalau nk makan tempat cmni 1st perut mesti betul2 lapar . 2nd masa korang pilih lauk, pilih yg mahal2 mcm udg,sotong,ketam,daging n lain2 . Kalau boleh jgn amik nasi/mee/maggi sbb nnt korang cepat kenyang. Tak syok ah, Bayar mahal2 huhu

  14. Haritu try Seoul garden tapi tak best… Kecewa gak ah… Sbb banding ngan kedai lain ad yg lgi best… Tapi ikut selera memasing lah… Bgi aku xleh repeat ah sbb x kne ngan selera aku

  15. Menyesal aku tengok pian ni makan. 😢 meleleh dok air liok aku😬 kau memang padu lah pian👍#fromindonesia

  16. Sg ni mmang port best klau nk lepak ramai2 satu family.. First time n last time mkan tahun 2015,mmang puas hati.. Ank buah umur 4 tahun pun sibuk nk masak skli😂

  17. Seoul garden mmg best tp ak plg mnyesal g branch kt sunway piramid. Service hampeh, makanan pn xda taste. Plek ak. Padhl kt tmpt lain ok je.

  18. Aku pegi ou punya semua makanan tak topup, jenis2 fishball pun ada 2,3 jenis je, ketam pun takde. Sushi jgn ckp la ada satu jenis je. Sakit hati je bayar rm58

  19. Aku time nk mkn kat seoul wajib sehari x mkn, tu pun still nyesal sebab kalau boleh nk 3 hari x mkn baru dtg sini.. Mahal kot kalau x habis.. Sebab makanan dia mudah kenyang… Tp mujur la tempoh nk mkn tu xda limit..

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