Separett Compost Toilets – How It Works

We take for granted that we can go to the toilet whenever we need to. All we have to do is sit down and do our business. Then simply flush the toilet and the job is done. But when you have no access to water or sewage systems, the whole situation becomes very difficult. However, there is a very simple solution to this problem. Over the past 40 years, Separett have developed urine diverting toilets which are both practical and easy to use. There is no need for expensive sewage systems. All odours are eliminated thanks to the built-in ventilation system and the separation of the liquid and solid waste. Maintenance of the toilet is both easy and hygienic. The process is simple. As long as the user sits down, all the waste will end up in the right place. The solids land in a compostable bag which fills up in roughly 4-6 weeks for an average household. When the container is full, you just empty the bag into your compost bin. The waste is naturally broken down in the composting process, leaving a safe and nutritious matter. After a year has passed, you can spread this compost onto your garden and watch your flowers grow. The urine is even easier to deal with. One way is to direct the urine into the Ejector Tank which automatically mixes it with water. Your garden will thrive thanks to the nutritious nature of the urine. Just connect a hose and water your favourite plants with this nourishing tonic. Alternatively, you can channel the urine into a sewer or soak-away. Going to the toilet is easy with Separett and mother nature will love you for it. Please get in contact so we can help you find a convenient and sustainable waterless toilet. Find us at
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