Sesame Street: Mrs. Obama Plants Garden

ELMO: Oh, oh, oh! Hi! Elmo and his friends are here
with someone very, very special, the First Lady,
Mrs. Michelle Obama. MRS. OBAMA: Hi, everyone. We are here digging up
soil, because we’re about to plant a garden. ELMO: Yeah! Yeah, yeah. So we can grow our
very own food. MRS. OBAMA: Right. We’re planting vegetables, like
these right here, and veggies tastes so good when
they come fresh from the garden, don’t they? ELMO: Oh, yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah. MRS. OBAMA: Yeah. So now what we need to do
is plant the seeds. Who has seeds? ROSS: I do, right here. MRS. OBAMA: Great. What kind of seeds
do you have? Can you show us? GIRL IN PINK: I’ve
got tomato seeds. MRS. OBAMA: Ooh, tomatoes. There’s nothing like tomatoes
from the garden. Why don’t you go ahead
and plant them? That’s right, you
make your hole. That’s it, put them
in, cover them up. Good job. ELMO: Oh, cool. MRS. OBAMA: And, Ross,
what about you? What kind of seeds
do you have? ROSS: Cucumber seeds. ELMO: Mm! MRS. OBAMA: Cucumbers? I love cucumbers. ELMO: Yeah, Elmo loves
cucumbers, too. MRS. OBAMA: All right, you go
ahead and plant yours now. And what about you? What kind of seeds
do you have? GIRL IN BLUE: Lettuce. MRS. OBAMA: Mm, lettuce. That’s going to make
for a great salad. ELMO: Yeah. MRS. OBAMA: Go ahead
and plant them. And, Elmo– ELMO: Huh? MRS. OBAMA: You and
I, we are going to plant some carrot seeds. ELMO: Wow. Whew, look at how tiny
those seeds are. MRS. OBAMA: They sure are, but
these little seeds are going to make some great
tasting food. BIG BIRD: Wow! Did I just hear right? The First Lady eats seeds? MRS. OBAMA: Well, Big Bird– BIG BIRD: Ah, well,
I love seeds. I didn’t know you
ate them, too. Are you part bird? MRS. OBAMA: No, Big
Bird, I’m not. BIG BIRD: You sure? Ha, ha. You and I are both
really tall. Maybe we’re from the
same family. I’m sure, Big Bird. You see, I really don’t eat
these kind of seeds at all. BIG BIRD: Oh. MRS. OBAMA: But I do eat what
grows from these seeds. BIG BIRD: Oh. ELMO: Yeah, lots of carrots, and
tomatoes, and cucumbers, and lettuce. MRS. OBAMA: Like these
right here. ELMO: Yeah! BIG BIRD: Really? All those grew from
tiny little seeds? MRS. OBAMA: That’s right. All these seeds need to grow are
some sun, soil, and water. And you know what, guys? If you eat all of these healthy
foods, you’re going to grow up to be big and strong,
just like me. BIG BIRD: Yeah, and me. Well, I’m still growing. ELMO: Well, Elmo can’t wait to
eat the food we grow so Elmo can grow, too. GIRL IN PINK: Me too! GIRL IN BLUE: Yeah! Me too. MRS. OBAMA: Well,
you know what? I know you’re going to like
these vegetables, because in addition to being healthy,
they really takes great. LETTUCE: LETTUCE: Thanks, we
think you’re great, too. TOMATO: Let’s hear it
for the First Lady! ALL TOGETHER: Hurray! Yay!

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