Session 9: GROW BIOINTENSIVE: A Beginner’s Guide — Maintaining Your Garden

14 thoughts on “Session 9: GROW BIOINTENSIVE: A Beginner’s Guide — Maintaining Your Garden

  1. Excellent series of videos! I like the intro music too! On this video, there is a short audio problem from about 5:08 into the video until about 6:10. I can barely hear the young man's voice during this interlude. I had to turn the volume all the way to maximum.

  2. Don't like the idea of 2X a day must be in garden. I still prefer drip method over hand watering as less fungus forms. But each has their own method.

  3. Mulching doesn't work in all climates, and it's also a resource heavy method of gardening unless you have access to tons of tree debris like Paul Gautschi does.

  4. Just watched all your videos!!!  Please post more.  Love your gardening ideas.  I come from generations of farmers and love teaching my children how to garden.  :o)

  5. The final installment of my How-To series discusses the part that weeds and insects can play in a healthy garden, how to use water efficiently, and how to maintain your garden for optimal productivity. I've enjoyed sharing these tutorials you, and hope that they help you create an enjoyable and abundant gardening experience!  <3

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