Shoot The Person Behind The Door | 2 Story Edition!!

What’s up, you guys welcome to team edge today? We’re playing shoot the person behind the wall part two But today’s got a little twist two story addition and it twists It’s got two stories because we got scaffolding behind there so we can literally be on top down below You got to figure out where they are and today. We’re joined by my little big brother saw Keith Harmon Oh, you got bigger muscles than Brian (sarcastic laugh) much bigger For round one we have two people hiding behind the doors one shooter has 13 tries to get both people hiding behind the doors We have a variety of rounds in this as well. So make sure you stick throughout because we’re doing it different We’re gonna get in side boxes and shoot through em I’m gonna be inside that getting shot at The Trivia question for Joey is what never asks questions. What is often answered guys? I’m gonna think about this for a second make sure you comment your answers down below no cheating and gooing…gooing (laughters) Yeah, no cheating and doing a google search make sure you comment down below cuz I’m gonna answer the question after this round Let’s do this Marvin. You are shooting. Let’s do it, and you two are going to shoot him first I’m listening to a lullaby of ABCs right now. This is really popping me up right now So turn it up to where you can’t hear me talking.You can’t hear me talking Can you hear me talking?Good.Barely,I can’t really understand it. Okay,that’s good. Just keep looking over here. Oh This is the worst! Am I yelling? Oh, you guys can hide Can’t wait to hit someone so hard with this thing. They said not to go hard but hmm But when you’re good to go, you can start firing right now. Huh? You can start going come out come out wherever you are freaking Don’t like I can’t settle those shoes our decoys looking at me barf is reverse psychology for Decoy So I get to use it again. You’re gonna choose again You throw it too hard Whoa, you got a card, I’ve got 13 shots brian Dan no no here’s the thing this is my brother, so I really really want to help oh My guys hey He’s putting a lot of oomph on those and you’re here him ha and you’re here Brian can I hear brian yeah? No, good you suck ah? Hi, Brian. I know where you are now Marvin was able to successfully kill us in seven shots. I’m gonna try and get less than that I’m to be answering the trivia question what never asks questions, but is often Answered, but is often answered people answer it people a furby furby That is incorrect do any of you know found know what oh The answer is a doorbell who answers a doorbell you answer the door alright guys. I got a special song for Joey here I don’t know if you can see this I don’t really know if I’m gonna be able to shoot this bow that well because I crashed my electric Mountain bike shoutout the high Power cycles will give the treasure my shoulder. Can’t really pull on that bow so we’ll see how it goes. I don’t want this weekend I just realized my front is exposed. I’m just trying to give them some anticipation. Just shut up and shoot it. Oh Freaking me goodness. That was right by my face Alright He’s going with Gosh man haven’t Gotten anybody yet win see ya He doesn’t know where we are And then behind that wall are joking you got three more arrows? Where are them boys dude if I shoot all these arrows without hitting anybody? I deserve a prize. That’s like You know doing something really cool Rounds always don’t move they’re not even back there. Are they you were standing. Oh gosh, yorkie turd o-Cedar cheater pumpkin eater Before the next trivia question make sure you guys click that bell icon so you don’t miss our videos because for those first 30 minutes We comment back I prepare something really nice Alright Brian. I’ve attributed questions for you, who it’s trivia time Brian if you get this question correct you get to shoot two arrows on your first turn on round three What is so fragile that a Bobby? Is so fragile that? Even saying its name Will break it you guys comment down below what you think the answer is and make sure you don’t google it the cheat because on Team Edge we don’t cheat. We don’t like cheater honest yeah always Marvin and J fred you guys are gonna grab a box each Their answer Mike nope is he smart enough to go for this one right? Oh All right, J. Fred he wouldn’t be right in front of me All right guys before we reveal the answer to the trivia Question make sure you click that subscribe button especially if it’s red because that means you’re missing our videos And you don’t want to because we do on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays cuz it we stand there time. Oh yeah at 4 p.m. Brian what was your answer to the trivia question I’ll repeat it. What is so fragile that even saying its name will break it Bobby that is incorrect. Are you sure I am positive the answer is the word silence For this round we are having a duel All right, so the way this is gonna plan out-and-out pan out. Oh, they’re struggling with the words. He’s gonna be hiding I’m gonna shoot if I miss I go hide he comes out He shoots at me and it continues until one of us is shot I have my headphones on so I can’t hear je furt if he’s getting on top of the scaffolding You guys wanna hear the music and listening was that mariachis it was Hope you can hear me right now when you suck I still have my headphones on Joey sucking if you’re moving around, but you did that really quick So I’m assuming he climbed up there really fast loud noises guy luck no Can I luck not yet? What’s taking? So long good? Go ahead does he turn around turn you look? Doesn’t see me Who’s walking right behind you the old time I’ve had this side to my playlist is it good song. Why are you yelling? You’ll never know I shall kill you brian oh Then the face is so I went yeah, Earwax Joey you are ready to fire am I alright nobody up there? They’re not even behind there are they thank you punishment wait? Guys go watch that video right there that is Shoot the human behind the door part one you go watch that video right there. That is a giant shoe basketball challenge while we were wearing size 22 shoes See you guys at peace

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  1. Hey guys! What was your favorite part about Shoot The Person Behind The Door Challenge? Where would you hide if you were behind the wall? Let us know down below! Have you seen our Table Cloth PULL Challenge? Go check it out!

  2. I’m guessing it’s a phone call bc you answer it but it isn’t a question it’s the people who ask questions
    Edit: darn it😐
    Silence, I didn’t google it I’ve just heard it before
    After: YAAASSS

  3. Bryan: On Team Edge we don't like to cheat.
    Literally anyone who has watched 2 Team Edge videos: Says the biggest cheater.

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