Slow Jam Soil Erosion

Welcome back, one and all, it’s time for this evening’s news headlines. Where has all the soil gone? Erosion estimated to cost Iowa 1 billion in yield. Peaks oil threatens global food security. Yeah i was gonna make this a joke but, I don’t think this needs a joke. You know what I’m saying, Todd? Yeah Jackie, I think what you’re saying is you want to slow jam soil erosion? That’s right. I want a slow jam soil erosion, and I’m not the only one. Good evening. I am Rick Cruise and I too want the slow jam soil erosion Hit me three times! Iowa has some of the richest most productive soils in the world. (Love that fertility.) For thousands of years Iowa was covered in tall grass prairie which formed the amazing soils we have today. However, soils take quite a long time to form. Five hundred to a thousand years to form just one inch. (Wow earth you’re pretty slow.) I heard that our soil is endangered. That it’s being lost much more quickly than it can be replenished. That’s right Jackie. Soil is in danger it is being transported by wind and water in the process of erosion when soil is left bare it’s left vulnerable. (Vulnerable, you leave me so vulnerable.) Raindrops falling on the land can easily pick up loose soil particles in the process of sheet erosion and really rose (Are you for real?) According to the National Resources inventory, Iowa is losing on average over five tons of topsoil per acre acre each year. That’s about the thickness of a dime. So poor Rick, or should I say doctor soil. What takes five hundred to a thousand years to form, we’re losing in 20 years? (You say a dime each year, eats a problem, is clear soils being lost faster than it can reappear.) And that’s only part of the story. There’s actually a lot more Soil Erosion happening than the scientific models and equations that predict because of these models do not account for ephemeral erosion. Ephemeral? (That’s what she said.) Ephemeral refers to channels where water preferentially flows, otherwise known as gullies. Take a look around Iowa’s farm fields after a heavy rain. (Quite a gully wash) And you will see plenty of evidence of ephemeral gully erosion. Why gully’s deep, goal is gullies all around all the important places where grass water we should be found. Soil Erosion is a very real challenge. The soil that’s being lost is the cream of the crop, highest in organic matter and nutrients. As erosion occurs and topsoil thins, the land productivity goes down. Crop yields go down. Bad news is the demand for a product Furthermore soil is not a mobile resource. Eroded soil is transported to ditches, streams, rivers, lakes, where it becomes a pollutant. Sediment is the number one water quality challenge in Iowa. Iowa soil has been exported to the Mississippi River and Gulf of Mexico. The Raiders soil erosion is super fast. We got work to do if our land is gonna last. A waterway is buffers copper crops and no-till. Keep it grain and keep it real.) We need more conservation to prevent this commotion. And that is how we slow jam soil erosion. Oh yeah! (Music Ends) (Cheering) (Audio Ends)

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