Soil growers can’t handle this video!

My name’s Jeb and the music is back I’m building a wicking bed I put holes in the support rods to let air in This has a lot of peat moss in it I’m making sure the net cup wick has plenty of soil in it Super Greensand 59 percent Silicon Dioxide derived from Greensand This Super Greensand is an organic source of silica I’m going to add it to one of these and find out what happens Did that one already get that? Oh I’m putting it in one and not the other That’s how we do a comparison Right? This one doesn’t have any of the green stuff And this one does So if this one grows better Then we know something about that green stuff If nothing happens, well Maybe it doesn’t do too much Got to try this with some hydroponics too The rain isn’t going to over fill these totes Romaine Lettuce Day 5 Day 10 I’m going to put 20 grams of Super Greensand in one of these (hydroponic totes) Day 19 Germination was better in the bed with silica Day 23 My wicking beds are too dry So the lettuce isn’t growing well there The plants in the hydroponics are spoiled as usual Except for a little bird damage This one died because it didn’t get a root in the water fast enough Oops! Day 26 This bed closer to us has the Super Greensand It’ll be interesting to see if there is a moisture retention difference between the two The hydroponic lettuce looks real nice though Yum! Day 40 – I’m top watering both of these now This one (with the Super Greensand) is doing better though Day 48 There is quite a bit of pest damage on all of the lettuce I’m going to measure the usable and unusable and see if there is a difference Super Greensand Pest Damage 306 grams Control Pest Damage 420 grams Super Greensand Harvest 208 grams Control Harvest 204 grams All those fancy numbers got me hungry for some yummy lettuce And no I didn’t make the dressing myself Share with a Friend!

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